Maltesers eindversie


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Maltesers eindversie

  1. 1. Trade Fair Lessius MaltesersKaat Sencie en Jolien Verbruggen
  2. 2. Structure The product Maltesers Some facts about Maltesers Some recipes Trade fair Lessius
  3. 3. What are Maltesers? Also pet food, drinks & other food products Maltesers: E.g. Royco, Balisto,confectionery Whiskas, Twix, … product Mars Incorporated Trade fair Lessius
  4. 4. How are they made? The dough is made & rolled out in a long sheetMix inside: malted milk, skimmed milk powder & salt The dough passes between 2 rollers to make the bubbles The balls are coated in chocolate Trade fair Lessius
  5. 5. By who and when were they created? Founder ofForrest Edward Son of Franklin Mars Mars Clarence Mars Incorporated Created in First sold in 1936 1937 Trade fair Lessius
  6. 6. Our product Maltesers„Malt‟ and „teasers‟Originally described as „energy balls‟Originally aimed at slimming women Trade fair Lessius
  7. 7. Slogans“The lighter way to enjoy chocolate” “The chocolates with the least fattening centre” “No ordinary chocolate”“Nothing pleases like Maltesers” Trade fair Lessius
  8. 8. Most popular in … TheDenmark United Australia Spain Ireland Kingdom HongCanada Poland France Portugal Kong Trade fair Lessius
  9. 9. Maltesers‟ range Maltesers Pouch – 135 g “Perfect for sharing” Maltesers Large Pouch – 230 g “More to share” Maltesers 3 Bag Multipack – 111 g Trade fair Lessius
  10. 10. Maltesers‟ rangeMaltesers 4 Bag Multipack – 148 g “Perfect for a snack at school” Maltesers Fun Size Bag – 214 g Maltesers Box – 120 g Trade fair Lessius
  11. 11. Maltesers‟ range Maltesers Large Box – 360 g Maltesers White Chocolate Single Bag – 35 g Maltesers White Pouch – 130 g Trade fair Lessius
  12. 12. Maltesers‟ range Maltesers Ice Cream Single – 60 g “Irresistibly creamy, temptingly crunchy” Maltesers Ice Cream Bar Multipack– 124 g “The perfect family dessert alternative” Maltesers Tube – 75 g “The perfect stocking filler” Trade fair Lessius
  13. 13. Maltesers‟ range Maltesers MaltEaster – 29 g “The MaltEaster bunny is the perfect little treat for spring” Maltesers Single Bag – 37 g Maltesers Big Bag – 58,5 g Trade fair Lessius
  14. 14. Maltesers‟ range Maltesers Treat Bag – 88 g Trade fair Lessius
  15. 15. Mmmm …MaltesersCupcakes Maltesers Layer Cake Trade fair Lessius
  16. 16. Some facts 5 1 They are so light In 1936 Forrest that they float on Edward Mars water created Maltesers In 2007, they made One of the over 10 bn Maltesers UK‟s top 5 in Slough 24 chocolate brands Original idea: deliver the taste of malted milk in a fun chocolate ball 3 Trade fair Lessius
  17. 17. Fairtrade & Maltesers 75 yearsThis year, Maltesers will carrythe Fairtrademark in the UK and in Ireland! We are pleased to say that Maltesers is celebrating 75 years. Trade fair Lessius
  18. 18. It‟s remarkable that …... Maltesers are a yummy treat to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They help create a healthier environment and promote healthy, active lifestyles. Trade fair Lessius
  19. 19. Nutritional information Maltesers Single Bag 37 g Energy: 782 kJ, 187 kcal Protein: 3 g Carbohydrate: 22,9 grams of which sugars: 19,7 g Fat: 9,2 g of which saturates: 5,6 g Fibre: 0,4 g Sodium: 0,06 g Trade fair Lessius
  20. 20. Some recipes Maltesers cupcakes “Irresistibly yummy”Take a recipe home to try it yourself ! Trade fair Lessius
  21. 21. As to conclude … “Let‟s eat some !” Trade fair Lessius