2007 Campaign to Promote Chile's New Image in China


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ProChile (the Chilean government agency that focuses on exports) hired a Chinese marketing agency called BraiNet Communications to conduct market research on Chile's image in China and carry out activities to improve this image. My favorite slide is #8, which I have included in my own speeches. It might be interesting to anyone interested in China-Chile trade, exports, the wine industry, tourism, and nation branding in general.

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2007 Campaign to Promote Chile's New Image in China

  1. 1. Chile New Country Image Promotion Campaign In China May 16, 2007 Page 1
  2. 2. Agenda Brief introduction of China Scene Perception of Chile Before The Campaign Key Challenges & Our Strategy The Result Of Activities We Have Done Media Interview Chile New Country Image Launch Reception Surprising Chile Trip Chile Festival Page 2
  3. 3. China Scene Overview Page 3
  4. 4. The People’s Republic of China Area : 9.6 million sq.km Capital : Beijing Population : 1.3 Billion Family Households : 371 million Average HH size : 3.36 Per Capita Income : urban RMB 9421.6 (US$ 1177.7) Rural RMB 2936.4 (US$ 367.5) Page 4Source: China City Statistical Year Book 2005
  5. 5. Administrative Areas 4 Municipal Cities ( Beijing,Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing) 23 Provinces ( Including Taiwan ) 2 Special Administrative Regions ( Hong Kong, Macao ) 5 Autonomous zones 268 cities at prefecture level 374 cities at county level Page 5Source: China City Statistical Year Book 2005
  6. 6. 0 20 40 60 80 100 He 120 Million na Sh n an do ng Sic Gu huan an gd on g Jia ng su HE B Hu na n An hu i Hu be Gu i an gx Zh i ejiSource: China City Statistical Year Book 2005 an g Yu nn an Jia ng xi Lia on ing Gu He izh ilo ou ng jia ng Population by Region Fu jia n Sh aa Ch nx on i gq ing Jili n Ga Ne ns im u en gg u Xin jia ng SH BJ T Ha J ina n Nin gx ia Qi ng ha i Tib et Page 6
  7. 7. RMB 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 0 SH BJ Zhejiang Guangdong TJ Fujian Jiangsu Tibet Shandong Chongqing GuangxiSource: China City Statistical Year Book 2005 Hunan Yunnan Hubei Hainan Liaoning HEB Xinjiang Sichuan Neimenggu Jilin Shanxi Henan Jiangxi in Urban Residents by Region Shaanxi Anhui Qinghai Heilongjiang Gansu Guizhou Ningxia Per Capita Annual Disposable Income Page 7
  8. 8. Total Media Spending 2000-2006 Media spending keeps growing RMB: Million TV Newspaper Magazine 450,000 +22% 400,000 350,000 +21% 300,000 +32% 387 250,000 +42% Billion RMB 200,000 +42% 150,000 +22% 100,000 50,000 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Page 8Source: Nielsen Media Research
  9. 9. China Media Overview A huge number of consumer choices3,572+ TV Stations 1,049 Newspapers 93,889+ cinema1,414 radio stations 7,583 magazines Page 9
  10. 10. What’s The Perception Of Chile In Shanghai Local Citizen’s Mind? Page 10
  11. 11. White CollarsThey Said …(video) Percentage No 74.1% Not Much 21.7% Do you know Chile Yes 3.2% Geography 63.7% The way you Media(TV, Magazine, 29.2% Internet) know Chile Business Contact 5.1% Life experience 2.1% No special impression 44.3% Your Geography(narrow, in south hemisphere, remote) 31.1% impression Soccer (Salas & Zamorano) 12.4% of Chile Heat 3.6% Mature Male Mid-aged 35.2%Pls. describe Hard to say 30.1% Chile as a Female Adult 19.7% person An open-minded, handsome, passionate, young man 11.3% An outspoken young man full of vitality 6.2% Page 11
  12. 12. BusinessmenThey Said…(See attached folder: Local Chinese interview; File: BusinessmenDVD_2) “I prefer to do business to credible countries” “Korean people do not do business in the same way as shown in the TV series. They are not trustworthy. I will never do business with them again. “Economy is not stable in South American countries. I am worried whether I can cash their letters of credit .” “Chile, I traded fish powder with them. Nice people, straightforward.” “I did business with Brazil & Argentina. They were lazy. And the efficiency was very low.” “Indian people are clever when doing business. Their price is not flexible, but they are credible.” Page 12
  13. 13. JournalistsImpression No 76% impression of the Country Geography/resou 24% rces/Soccer Trade & No idea 82% businessconditions A little 18% Hard to say 79% Trade & business Good 21%prospects No idea 73% Media reports I know some 27% Trade & commerce 63% Future reportTravel & business 37% services Page 13perspectives
  14. 14. Unfortunately, They Don’t Know Chile Very Much Page 14
  15. 15. NegativeLatin America VoiceAnd… There Are Some About - “Economy Latin- Americanization” Economy Latin-Americanization refers to the unbalanced development of the Latin American countries In 2004, media & scholars brought up the issue. The topic aroused media discussion & set a model for China to avoid the trap Page 15
  16. 16. How To BecameA Well-Known Country Brand In Chinese People’s Mind? Page 16
  17. 17. The Challenges We Have To FaceBasically most of Chinese people know nothingabout ChileLow interest in a country far away from ChinaSome negative perception of South America Page 17
  18. 18. First Of AllWe Need ToEnhance TheGlobal Promotion MessageWith Local Touch Page 18
  19. 19. Chile, All Ways Surprising The Local Interpretation Chile is Modern, Open-minded, Reliable And PassionateWhere opportunity and entrepreneurship converge Chile hasworld-class infrastructure and an impressive record of success that can support achievement of ProChile’s goals and objectives Page 19
  20. 20. Page 20
  21. 21. It’s Not Only What Kind Of Country Chile Is But Also How To Promote It That Will Change People’s Perception Page 21
  22. 22. We Need To Build A Long Term Structure To Meet The Objective This Year … And Sustain It In The Years To Come The Public Officials Importers Investors Travel Analysts Agencies Media Page 22
  23. 23. PlanBranding ForChile Page 23
  24. 24. How StrategyToPromote Step Step ByIt ? Warm-up Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Media Notice Relations Knowledge ExperienceHand In Target Consumers Awareness Interest ExperienceHand Industry Professional s Influence Experience Page 24
  25. 25. A Full Picture Of The Campaign Dec15 06 - Jan 15th - Feb 28th Mar 1 – Apr 07 April - May 07 Phase Jan14’07 ‘07 Target WAVE 1 WAVE 2 WAVE 3 WARM UP Chile’s New Media Interview & Media Special Column Country Image Launch Chile Festival Surprising Trip with media Industry Chile’s New reporting by TV Professiona Country Image Broadcasting & l Launch newspaper feature articles Chilean product promoti on Targeted Palolo’s Sculpture Exhibition Consumers Page 25
  26. 26. Warm-up Objective: To Build Up A Positive Media Tone Via Media Interview Page 26
  27. 27. To Start The Country Image Promotionin China, We Built UpA Positive Media Tone First I. Visited & Communicated With : a) Latin America Department of China Foreign Affairs Ministry; b) Foreign Affairs Ministry Of Shanghai Municipal Government; c) Scholars from Latin America Study Of China Social Science Institute to collect detailed information of Chile’s economy, politics, society, culture, etc Page 27
  28. 28. I. Arranged One Round of Feature Releases Through Top 4 Chinese Economical & Financial Media: Beijing • 21st Century Herald - Circulation: 498,000 • The Economic Observer - Circulation: 600,000 • China Business - Circulation: 600,000 Shanghai • China Business News - Circulation: 428,000II. So As To Build Up A Positive Media Tone For Following Activities And Arouse Media Attention The key objectives & messages : 1. Establish Chile as a modern, open-minded and reliable country; 2. Deliver the key surprising messages to Chinese influential media, e.g. fast developing economy, transparent trade disciplines , great achievements in foreign trade, and fantastic agricultural products, salmon, wine and grapes 3. Raise the attention and interests of Chinese trading corporations through the media. Page 28
  29. 29. Execution MechanicsInterviewer IntervieweeBeijing: Nov14th’2006 Beijing 21st Century Herald Chilean Ambassador to China The Economic Observer China BusinessShanghai: Nov21st’2006 Shanghai China Business News Director – Chilean Commercial Office / Trade Representative to Shanghai Page 29
  30. 30. The ResultAll these 4 media published big and in-depth articles of theinterviews. Furthermore, these 4 articles are reshipped by otheron-line media as well.All these articles are positive and have delivered richinformation about Chile.It successfully gave a warm-up for the coming New CountryImage Launch event and inspired more Chineseentrepreneurs in going to Chile for business opportunities.Media interview report Page 30
  31. 31. The Economy Observer:Circulation: 600,000Business First,Then to Be Friends Page 31
  32. 32. 21st Century Business Herald:Circulation: 498,000Reyes Matta, New Chilean Ambassador to China, saysHuge Energy Plan in Chile Waiting for China’sParticipation Page 32
  33. 33. China Business:Circulation: 600,000FTA Business Opportunities of Chile Sample Page 33
  34. 34. China Business News:Circulation: 428,000Chilean Director CommercialOffice Trade Representative inShanghai says,Chile would like to be gatewayfor China’s entry into LatinAmerican countries Page 34
  35. 35. After Warm-up, We Also Further Inspired The Media Page 35
  36. 36. Wave 1 Jan 15 – Feb 15 To Inspire The Media Chile New Country Image Launch We Connected I. Chinese Elite Gifting ProgramWith Them In II. Online Quiz A Surprising III. “ New Image Launch Media Reception” Way • Part 1: Launch reception event • Part 2: Palolo’s sculpture exhibition Page 36
  37. 37. Chinese EliteGifting Program Page 37
  38. 38. Objectives & MechanicsObjectives Build up relationship with government officials, scholars, media, business partners and opinion leaders present Chile & its leading export products : Chilean wine Chilean salmon Chilean grapeMechanics Special Chile Gift: The target Chinese elite group will receive a premium gift pack from ProChile Shanghai office, with: A bottle of high-grade Chilean wine 2 well printed handicraft plates to introduce salmon and grapes Page 38
  39. 39. Target Groups Government officials from both Chile & China Relevant industries and businesses partners The target journalists from Shanghai Media Opinion leaders of local Chinese Scholars from Latin America Study institute or Fu Dan university Page 39
  40. 40. Gift Pack Page 40
  41. 41. Key Gift Receivers List– Media(58 Journalists) Page 41
  42. 42. Online Quiz Page 42
  43. 43. Objectives & Mechanics Objectives Lead media to a better understanding of Chile in an interesting way Encourage people to participate in the quiz with attractive awards Mechanics Upon receiving the invitation, media journalists sign up at the website with the website link , specific user name and password on the invitations Choose the answers to all questions Rank the players according to who using the shortest time to finish the game Award the top 10 players with prizes: Chilean products-- wine, Period: Feb 7-28, 2007 Target:Journalists of the key 56 media in Shanghai Participation Result: The journalists of the 56 media all participated in the online quiz & had a better knowledge & understanding of Chile Page 43
  44. 44. Website – Log-in Page 44
  45. 45. Website – Home Page Quiz PrizesInformation &about Chile Sponsors’ Introduction Page 45 Game Rules Player Ranking
  46. 46. Website - Quiz Page 46
  47. 47. Website – Information about Chile Page 47
  48. 48. Participation Summary The journalists of the 56 media all participated in the online quiz & had a better knowledge & understanding of Chile between Feb 8~28, 2007. Page 48
  49. 49. Chile New Country Image LaunchPart 1 – Launch Event Page 49
  50. 50. Objectives & VenueObjectives To officially announce and promote the New Chile Country Image Chile, All Ways Surprising! among the target journalists To deliver the key image message to the public through mediaEvent Venue Location: No.4 exhibition hall, 2nf floor, Shanghai Art MuseumEvent Schedule Time: 6:30 – 9:30 pm, Feb 13, 2007Target Groups Government officials from both Chile & China Relevant industries and businesses partners The target journalists from Shanghai Media Opinion leaders of local Chinese Scholars Page 50
  51. 51. Key Challenges1. How to fully utilize the feature of the 100 meter long exhibition hall to well demonstrate Chile - the longest country and its world leading export products, people & the variety of natural scenes2. How to surprise and deeply impress the participants from different ways & angles within 3 hours launch reception Page 51
  52. 52. Chile New Country Image Launch Reception Summary Result Page 52
  53. 53. Summary - VIP Guests The VIP guests from Chile Mr. Fernando Reyes Matta, Chilean Ambassador in China Mr. Richardo Vargas Zamorano, Chilean Consul General in Shanghai Mr. Ernesto Lagos de la Cuadra, Chilean Comercial Consul in Shanghai The Chinese VIP guests Mr. Fu Ji Hong, Vice Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal Government; Mr. Jin Liang, Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Industry & Commerce Mr. Huang Shikang, former Chinese Ambassador to Chile Mr.Zhao Mian Chi, Diector of the Shanghai Art Museum Page 53
  54. 54. 4 Key Successful Factors 1) Outstanding Creative designs 2) Quality & high standard production 3) Accurate & vivid information delivery 4) Careful & smooth execution & control Page 54
  55. 55. 1) Outstanding Creative Designs Big Big Big Screen Screen ScreenDesert Santiago Night view & Forest Andes Glacier Ocean Mountains Page 55
  56. 56. 2) Quality & High Standard Production Page 56
  57. 57. 3) Accurate & Vivid Information Delivery Focused on the key message: Chile, All Ways Surprising!, the whole event successfully delivered Chile’s new country image & the knowledge of Chile to the guests through the Ambassador’s surprising appearance through an Easter Island statue, the surprising parades, the surprising gift packs, Chilean buffet, & Palolo’s unique sculptures. Page 57
  58. 58. 4) Careful & Smooth Execution & ControlOpening speech by the famous TV MC Ambassador walking out of the statue Speech by Ambassador Speech by the Chinese VIP Video speech by Palolo Speech by Director of ProChile Shanghai Page 58
  59. 59. 4) Careful & Smooth Execution & Control Chilean Culture Dance Live band & salmon parade Wine parade “Penguin from Chile” Show Launch of Chile’s new country image logo Page 59
  60. 60. Chile New Country Image Launch Part 2 – Palolo’s Sculpture Exhibition Page 60
  61. 61. Objectives & Execution Details Objective Show Chile’s culture & art to the people in Shanghai by leveraging the famous Chilean artist and his works Period: Feb. 15~28, 2007 Location: Square & Hall No.4 of Shanghai Art Museum Promotions for the exhibition: Exhibition introduction & promotion on Shanghai Art Museum’s website Advertise the exhibition information on the huge outdoor signage outside the Museum building Free exhibition brochures for the visitors Page 61
  62. 62. Palolo’s Sculpture Exhibition Summary Result Page 62
  63. 63. Website Introduction & Promotion Page 63
  64. 64. Outdoor Signage Ad Page 64
  65. 65. Free Brochure for the Visitors Page 65
  66. 66. Exhibition on the Square & In Hall No.4 Page 66
  67. 67. Summary Result Total 38,000 Visitors Page 67
  68. 68. PR ExposureFor Both The Launch Reception & Sculpture Exhibition Page 68
  69. 69. PR Activities1. Pre-event Before the press conference, arrange a media gathering to pre-brief the key media. Distribute media invitation letters and invite media to participate in the online quiz.2. Ambassador Interview on the day of launch reception 3 top business print media and 1 TV channel interviewed Chilean Ambassador to China before the launch reception started.3. Total 56 major media in Shanghai were invited to attend the launch reception, including: • 42 print media (Newspaper & magazine) • 4 TV media • 4 radio stations • 6 website portals Page 69
  70. 70. Results of the PR Activities1. Pre-event Journalists from 10 key media joined the media gathering, and received in-depth information regarding the program background, key message and key activities etc.2. Ambassador Interview on the day of launch reception 7 articles were published, including 6 print clips and 1 TV clip.3. Chile New Country Image Launch Reception PR Report So far, 35 articles have been monitored. including 21 print clips, 3 TV clips, 4 radio clips and 7 website clips. Page 70
  71. 71. Wave 2- Chile Wedding Trip & Its Media Exposure Page 71
  72. 72. Objectives: To fully arouse media & young target’s attention by leveraging the specially planned “Surprising Trip” To demonstrate the “Chile—All Ways Surprising” concept throughout the whole programCoverage: Shanghai (as the core area) Page 72
  73. 73. Description Demonstrate the meaning of the MARRIAGE between China & Chile’s FTA taking effect by showing the wedding of a Chinese couple in Chile Present Chile’s people, places & products in multi- perspectives through the whole process of the wedding trip Attract public’s attention by the special ceremony & the surprising programs during the wedding trip Page 73
  74. 74. Summary Media Exposure Strategy Cooperated with 2 TV programs and 1 popular lifestyle newspaper to: Announce this exciting news & recruit candidates Report and broadcast the wedding trip Introduce the Chilean traditional food, salmon fish, beautiful landscape to the local audience Page 74
  75. 75. Summary TV Partner - Channel Young The most popular fashion and lifestyle TV channel in Shanghai. Full coverage in Shanghai (over 3 million households) & in almost all the cities in Yangtze Delta. Cooperated TV Programs: Style Today - The biggest and most influential fashion TV program brand in China. Program rating is ranked as top 2 among all programs at same timeslot in year 2006. Nice Wedding Day - The 1st TV entertainment program and TV information platform for marriage & wedding in Shanghai Newspaper Partner – Shanghai Times The most popular fashion and lifestyle for young and office worker newspaper with over 450,000 total circulation in Shanghai. Page 75
  76. 76. Summary Phase II-Wedding ceremony( Mar 12 - 19 )Arrival D1 – Arriving in Santiago Visited Pro Chile Santiago office and exchanged gifts with Mr. Guillermo Garrido. Visited famous Chilean artist Palolo’s home and his studio City tour in Santiago: Palacio de La Moneda, La Plaza de Armas, Cerro San Cristobal, Las Condes Financial District. Page 76
  77. 77. Summary Phase II-Wedding ceremony( Mar 12 - 19 ) D2 – Wedding Ceremony at Concha y Toro winery Wedding with Chilean top official Mr. Guillermo Garrido’s witness: wedding at Concha y Toro winery close to SantiagoCeremony with Chilean top official being the chief witness Wedding party: Hosted by Concha y Toro winery, the party brings the couple authentic Chilean wedding custom & Chile national dancing, wine and the traditional BBQ . City tour in Valparaíso City tour in Vina Page 77
  78. 78. Summary Phase II-Wedding ceremony( Mar 12 - 19 ) Honeymoon TripHoneymoon D3 - Puerto Montt Trip Visited seafood market Visited AquaChile Salmon Farm Page 78
  79. 79. Summary Phase II-Wedding ceremony( Mar 12 - 19 )Honeymoon Honeymoon Trip Trip D4- Puerto Varas Visited Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, Petrohue waterfalls German Town Page 79
  80. 80. Summary Phase II-Wedding ceremony( Mar 12 - 19 )Honeymoon Honeymoon Trip Trip D5- Santiago Visited the fruit company RIO BLANCO Had romantic dinner at a famous restaurant D6- Santiago Back to Shanghai Page 80
  81. 81. Media Reporting Trip Report TV Report NP Report Channel Young •ChileanTrip report Trip Story report “Nice Wedding Day美丽嫁期” Wedding 4/6 - + + • World leading export End Apr Trip Feature Release Channel Young products • Chilean food • Couple’s trip • Winery Style Today 今日印象 diary • Beautiful landscape Page 81
  82. 82. Summary1. Media report before the trip Total 7 releases have been monitored, including 3 TV clips and 4 print clips.2. Media report after the trip 5 TV clips have been monitored, including 3 10 mins long TV feature stories, 2 TV special reports on Chile seafood, winery and the German town. 3 full page and half page feature story on 2 most influential newspaper in Shanghai have been monitored. 2 reports on website have been monitored Page 82
  83. 83. Summary – Media ExposureNo. Headline Media Date Media Report In Shanghai (Before Trip)TV(3) Channel Young Chile Introduction & Candidate Recruitment 2007-2-23 --Nice Wedding Day Channel Young Chile Introduction & Candidate Recruitment 2007-3-2 --Nice Wedding Day Channel Young Contest 2007-3-9 --Nice Wedding DayNewspaper(4) Chinese Couple Invited to Chile to Hold the Shanghai Business Daily 2007-3-8 Surprising Wedding in Chilean Tradition Chinese Couple Invited to Chile to Hold the Shanghai business 2007-3 Surprising Wedding in Chilean Tradition Chinese Couple Invited to Chile to Hold the Surprising Wedding in Chilean Tradition— Shanghai Times 2007-3-14 Winners of the Surprising Wedding in Chile Revealed on Nice Wedding Day Chinese Couple Invited to Chile to Hold the Sky Weekly 2007-3-16 Surprising Wedding in Chilean Tradition Page 83
  84. 84. Summary- Media Exposure Media Report In Shanghai (After Trip)TV(5) Channel Young Seafood Market & Cuisine 2007-4-6 --Style Today Channel Young German Town & Winery 2007-4-7 --Style Today Channel Young Special Program of the Surprising Wedding in Chile -1 2007-4-6 --Nice Wedding Day Channel Young Special Program of the Surprising Wedding in Chile -2 2007-4-13 --Nice Wedding Day Channel Young Special Program of the Surprising Wedding in Chile -3 2007-4-20 --Nice Wedding DayNewspaper(3) Dance Cueca in the Southernmost Country Shanghai Times 2007-3-28 Romance of the Home for the Blue-blooded People Shanghai Times 2007-4-11 When Chilean Salmon Loves Lemon XinMin Evening News 2007-5-10Website(2) To the Surprising Wedding in Chile www.sohu.com 2007-3 Chile, All Ways Surprising—A Chinese Couple’s Wedding in Chile www.jwb.com Page 84 2007-3
  85. 85. Media: Shanghai TimesDate: 2007.3.28Page : 8C Page 85
  86. 86. Media: Shanghai TimesDate: 2007.4.11Page : B13 Page 86
  87. 87. Media: Xinmin Evening NewsDate: 2007.5.10 Page 87
  88. 88. Media: www.JWB.COM.CN Page 88
  89. 89. Wave 3- “Chile Festival” - Page 89
  90. 90. Chile Festival —Program Structure PR Supermarket Media Exposure Event Shopping sing n o Mall Core Event Adv portati Event Tra Public erti Su venPR PR ns bw t E ay Traffic Drivers Page 90
  91. 91. Chile Festival — Timetable Phase 1 PR Subway Event Supermarket April 2 - 8, 2007 Event Taxi Advertising Shopp ing April 2 – End of May 2007 g Mall sin Adv axi Event erti Su ven Shopping Mall EventPR T PR bw t E ay April 4 - 10, 2007 Phase 2 Supermarket Event May 2007 Page 91
  92. 92. Chile FestivalPhase 1 Activities Summary Page 92
  93. 93. Chile Festival Phase 1.1 — Subway Event PR Locations: Supermarket Major subway stations of M1 & M2 Event − High traffic Shopping − Cover Key areas of the city Mall g Event sin Period: Adv axi erti SuEvePR T PR bw nt April 2 ~ 8, 2007 ay Concept: Leaflet Distribution & Lucky Draw Page 93
  94. 94. Chile FestivalPhase 1.1 — Subway EventMechanism Information Board & Promotion Booth Leaflet Distribution: introduce Chile’s image, places, people & especially Chile’s products (wine, salmon & grape) Introduce the activities in the supermarkets & shopping mall, and invite people to join them Promoters all dress in traditional Chilean dressing to demonstrate the Chilean customs Page 94
  95. 95. Chile FestivalPhase 1.1 — Subway Event Mechanism Luck Draw: Place 3 lucky draw cases on the site. The lucky draw cases are specially designed to represent the 3 feature products of Chile Those who pick the right keys to the cases will get the surprising gifts and go to shopping mall to get the grand prizes Page 95
  96. 96. Chile Festival – Subway Event Page 96
  97. 97. Chile Festival Phase 1.2 — Taxi Advertising Target audience: PR Taxi passengers Period: Supermarket Event April to end of May 2007 Coverage: Shopping 1,000 Bashi taxies x 60 days Mall g Event sin Concept: Adv axi erti Su venPR T Chile introduction Video PR bw t E ay interactive game about the knowledge of Chile information board about the shopping mall activity The first 300 winners of the interactive game will win the prize of a bottle of Chilean Wine & will get the prize at the shopping mall Page 97
  98. 98. Chile FestivalPhase 1.2 — Taxi AdvertisingMechanism Chile Introduction Video: play a 1 minute video to introduce Chile’s image, places, people & especially Chile’s important products (wine, grape & salmon) Interactive Game: passengers touch the button on the screen to start the game and answer the quiz about Chile the first 300 winners who send text message to confirm the prize will win a bottle of Chilean wine winners will go to the shopping mall to get prizes Information Board: introduce the activities in the shopping mall, and invite people to join it Page 98
  99. 99. Chile Festival Information BoardPhase 1.2 — Taxi Advertising Chile Introduction Video Screen Reference Interactive Game Information Board Page 99
  100. 100. Chile Festival Phase 1.3 — Shopping Mall PR Locations: Supermarket Golden Avenue, Super Brand Mall Event Period: Shopping April 4 ~ 10, 2007 Mall Event g sin Concept: Adv axi erti Su venPR T PR bw t E onsite decoration & display to show Chile’s ay landscape & geographic features and introduce Chilean famous products Interactive games & prizes coupon redemption to increase public experience & interesting of Chile Venue: Super Brand Mall The biggest shopping mall in Shanghai. Daily Chilean culture performance to show Chile culturetraffic is around 150,000 to 200,000. A Famous & custom one-stop leisure centre in Shanghai Page 100
  101. 101. Chile FestivalPhase 1.3 — Shopping Mall 3D Layout Wine Grape Salmon Wine Page 101
  102. 102. Chile Festival – Super Brand Mall Event Page 102
  103. 103. Summary – Chile Festival Phase 11. Subway Event Total covered 3.8 million people at 7 subway stations for 7 days program.2. Taxi Advertising (1 min video + Interactive game + ad) Running Taxi advertising on 1000 Bashi taxi for 2 months covered 2.4 million people.3. Shopping Mall Event At Super Brand Mall For 7 Days Total influenced about 700,000 people in Super Brand Mall.4. PR Reports Of Chile Festival Phase 1 So far, 23 PR release have been monitored. including 11 print clips, 3 TV clips and 9 website clips. Page 103
  104. 104. Media: Xin Wen Wu BaoDate: 5th April 2007 Page 104
  105. 105. Media: Wan QuanShenghuo Shou CheDate: 18th April 2007 Media: Oriental Morning Post Date: 26th April 2007 Page 105
  106. 106. Media: Shuang Xiu RiDate: 25th April 2007 Media: Tian Zhou Kan Date: 27th April 2007 Page 106
  107. 107. Gracias! Page 107