How Social Media Agency Service Has Shifted in 2009


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This is a presentation I prepared for the Integrated Marketing Summit in St. Louis, where I was joined by:

Ekaterina Walter Social Media Strategist for Intel, (Portland, OR) Leslie Bradshaw, Director of Engagement | Public Affairs New Media Strategies (Arlington, VA) Allison Collinger, President of AHC Consulting ( St Louis, MO) Aaron Kahlow Chairman and founder of Online Marketing Summit (San Francisco, CA) Moderated by Ellen Sherberg of the St Louis Business Journal (St Louis, MO).

The focus of our panel: Social Media Best Practices with various lens... mine lens was that of an agency, Ekaterina covered the brand perspective and Aaron + Allison as online evangelists.

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How Social Media Agency Service Has Shifted in 2009

  1. How Agency Service Has Shifted in 2009(and will continue to do so)OR3 Things I’ve Learned This Year (working on 25 client projects in 6 verticals)<br />Prepared for:<br />Integrated Marketing Summit<br />St. Louis, MO | December 9, 2009<br />Developed by:<br />Leslie Bradshaw<br />Director of Engagement | New Media Strategies<br />
  2. Lesson #1<br />Tactical enthusiasm is no replacement for objective-driven strategy<br />
  3. State of the Union:<br /><ul><li> Enthusiastic, but scattered
  4. Uneven content, participation
  5. Missing trends, opportunities
  6. Some still apprehensive</li></ul>“Twitter? Yeah, we’ve got the intern on that.”<br />“Facebook? Yeah, we’ve got a feed from our blog set up.”<br />“Video? Yeah, we just re-post our commercial content online.”<br />You’re likely saying this…<br /><ul><li>Employees go “tweet, TWEET, TwEeT”
  7. Company accounts go “tWeEt, tweet, TWEet”
  8. Company-driven content
  9. Analytics often go unanalyzed
  10. Learnings often go unapplied</li></ul>…and probably doing this…<br /><ul><li>Images often left out all together
  11. If included, often left unlabeled / un-optimized
  12. Company pages go “feed, feed, feed”
  13. Analytics often go unanalyzed
  14. Learnings often go unapplied</li></ul>Then<br />
  15. A More Perfect Union:<br /><ul><li> Matching strategy with objectives
  16. Working from an editorial calendar
  17. Reviewing analytics weekly; recalibrating accordingly
  18. Establishing aspirational goals & guidelines
  19. Applying the 80% (them) 20% (us) rule
  20. small: “follow-up”
  21. LARGE: ORIGINAL POST</li></ul> Review analytics<br />A<br />A<br />A<br />A<br />A<br />Now<br />
  22. Lesson #2<br />“Learning how to fish” is the new <br />“having fish caught for you”<br />
  23. Agencies used to be in this business<br />
  24. Increasingly, agencies are in this business<br />
  25. Lesson #3<br />We are in the age of transparent, authentic intimacy… translucency is on the horizon<br />
  26. transparency<br />intimacy<br />translucency<br />anonymity<br />authenticity<br />Facebook overtakes MySpace in unique monthly visitors<br />Twitter is #3 most-visited social network<br />2010<br />1996<br />1999<br />2001<br />2004<br />2005<br />2006<br />2008<br />2009<br />184 million blogs counted worldwide<br />Blogging rises in popularity<br />Wikipedia is most popular reference site online<br />First online bookmark launched: iList<br />YouTube expands rapidly, acquired by Google<br />The first hosted blog tools launched<br />Social Bookmarking takes off<br />
  27. Agency<br />Consumer<br />Brand<br />Evangelist<br />Fan<br />Brand Manager<br />How this translates into expectations<br />
  28. Contact<br />Let’s stay in touch<br />
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