Social Media for Family Physician Advocacy and Recruitment
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Social Media for Family Physician Advocacy and Recruitment



This is a presentation that I gave to the Florida Academy of Family Physicians in Jacksonville, Florida on October 24, 2009. The content is a general introduction to social media theory, with an ...

This is a presentation that I gave to the Florida Academy of Family Physicians in Jacksonville, Florida on October 24, 2009. The content is a general introduction to social media theory, with an emphasis on how the elements of community, authenticity, family and intimacy found in social media directly correlate to family physicians. Additionally, FAFP has been engaging younger doctors through their Facebook page and are looking to take this to the next level.



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Social Media for Family Physician Advocacy and Recruitment Social Media for Family Physician Advocacy and Recruitment Presentation Transcript

  • Opportunities for FAFP in Social Media Leslie Bradshaw Director of Engagement | New Media Strategies October 24, 2009
  • Why?
  • Advocacy works because real people are behind what is being said – the same goes for social media. Real people listen to real people. Information will be passed when the source is known and trusted .
  • You Target Targets You Friend Creating New Relationships and / or Deepening Current Relationships Connecting on the Phone and / or Over Email Connecting in Person Leveraging Relationships TAKES MINUTES: Adding Social Media to Your Tool Belt TAKES DAYS: Operating without Social Media Connecting in Person Connecting on the Phone and / or Over Email
  • Social media expedites and extends nearly every action. It’s like sending something FedEx next day, but without the extra charge. It’s like being in print, on TV and radio in a single move .
  • Key Audiences Organization / Spokesperson Key Audiences Two-Way One-Way Organization / Spokesperson Newsletter
  • Social media is a logical extension of what we’ve been doing for centuries. The technology and medium has changed … … but the same driving need to connect, learn, express, share and interact has not .
  • (In other words, tweets are the new hieroglyphics…)
  • (... Facebook is the new front porch…)
  • (… blogs are the new newspapers...)
  • (… and YouTube / Hulu / Netflix are the new TVs / movie theaters.)
  • More good news: We all own the means of publication .
  • Where?
  • Skim Paper during News Media Time Out Morning Lunch Midday Commute Evening Undivided Attention State of Mind Morning Talk Shows Check Headlines TV on in background AM Radio Radio During ride home Background TV during dinner * Source: National Journal Group Media Consumption in 2003
  • Glance at magazines Search the Web Radio during drive Weather Online Undivided Attention State of Mind Media Time Out Morning Lunch Midday Commute Evening Morning TV Scan Late-Night emails Skim email & Facebook Watch TV in office lobby Watch YouTube or Hulu Email & social networking Skim blogs at lunch Check email Radio during commute News and sitcoms during dinner Emails before bed Read before bed Mobile at stoplights * Source: National Journal Group Media Consumption Today
  • Social search is the future . Users want accurate, trusted and real-time results for their search queries. That’s why Microsoft bing, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and Google are doing deals .
  • Search Social Media Community Content Social Search
  • When?
  • YouTube expands rapidly, acquired by Google Facebook overtakes MySpace in unique monthly visitors 1996 184 million blogs counted worldwide 1999 2001 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 Wikipedia is most popular reference site online Twitter is #3 most-visited social network Blogging rises in popularity Social Bookmarking takes off The first hosted blog tools launched First online bookmark launched: iList 2010 anonymity transparency authenticity intimacy ?
  • ? A: Translucency. Q: What’s next?
  • Who?
  • 64% of doctors are now using smartphones 83% of doctors watch video clips online
  • Target Your Audience on Facebook
  • Social Media Skews Female Source:
  • How?
  • “ [Users] make their credibility-based decisions about the people or organization… … based upon the overall visual appeal .” Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 2002
  • The more you publish… … the more you appear. (but make sure to make it good )
  • Organization’s Website How Search Engines Rank Content
    • Lasting Resource
    • Emotional Connection
    • Ranks Well in Search Engines
    • Strong WOM
    • Trusted Sources
    • Easy to Consume
    • Positive Peer Pressure
    • Drives Traffic
    • Fast-Paced, Real-Time
    • Influencing the Influencers
    • Early Warning System
    • Social Search
    • Drives Traffic
    How to Build an Integrated Strategy Blogger Engagement Traditional Media (Events, PR & Media Buys)
    • Publish early and often. Create efficiencies by uploading photos to Flickr, tag for optimization (terms and people) and populate website via Flickr gallery.
    • Social media should be a part of every strategy. From communications and PR, to operations and recruitment. Allow social media to be the omnipresent gift it wants to be for every facet of your organization.
    • Empower your people. They tell your story in a way that no one else can. Get them comfortable with the medium, get them organized and in sync… and then let them test, measure and recalibrate.
    How to Make an Impact
  • Closing
    • You get out what you put in. Social media is a like a pet, not furniture. Nurture, don’t walk away.
    • The marketplace is now a conversation. Are you listening, do you have a voice? And like with any conversation, listening is key.
    • To make it work in the long run, you need infrastructure. In order to circulate your content and maximize what social media has to offer, you need to have a plan and multiple pathways. Start slow, integrate and don’t over-commit.
    You Give
  • You Get
      • Reduce transaction costs. Go further, faster with your target audiences.
      • Bypass mainstream media. Write your story, publish your own content.
      • Go big, go small. Unprecedented ability to scale and target.
  • “ Social media is bringing back humanity to all digital life. We are no longer users, consumers, shoppers. We are people again .” ReadWriteWeb, January 2009
  • Appendix – Case Studies
  • “ I bowled a 129. … It’s like – it was like Special Olympics, or something.” - President Obama
    • Organic Interest:
    • Media & Blog Stories: 7,000+
    • Twitter Posts: 10,000+
    “ The president made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics.” - Spokesman Bill Burton March 19 Jay Leno Show March 20 Story explodes March 31 Special Olympics launches social media campaign with help from NMS
    • Results:
    • 3.8 million Impressions
    • 55,000 Facebook users
    • 10,000+ Pledges
    • 16,000 video views
    • 100+ blog posts
    • 1,200 Tweets
    • High-Profile
    • Twitter Placements:
    • John Mayer
    • Rosalind Wiseman
    • Chicago Tribune
    • Fox5 (lead to on-air)
    April 1 - Today Conversation continues…
    • 110 targeted Facebook ads
    • Facebook group: 2,100+ members
    Tactics Results
    • Simple, enjoyable content
    • Gave online audience an asset to share
    Raised over 400,000 liters of water
    • 25 high-value blog posts
    • 191,489 impressions
    Media Sharing Blogs Social Networks Twitter
  • Contact Leslie
    • Leslie A. Bradshaw
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Longer form writings, thoughts:
    • In the moment:
    • Friends, family, colleagues:
    • Digital CV:
    • Industry PowerPoints:
    A Few Ways to Get in Touch with Leslie