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Intuit's Social Media Recruiting Journey Nov2011


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How Intuit Manages the Madness: where we started, what we learned, where we are going. Presented at The Recruiting Conference in Chicago Nov2011

How Intuit Manages the Madness: where we started, what we learned, where we are going. Presented at The Recruiting Conference in Chicago Nov2011

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  • 1. Our Social Media Recruiting Journey How Intuit Recruiting manages the madness The Recruiter Conference Nov 11 - @ghouston & @leslie12002
  • 2. Our Social Journey
    • Where we started
    • What we learned
    • Where we’re going
  • 3. Social used to mean in person meetings But conversations were moving
  • 4. Online communities were forming Recruiters needed to join or be left behind
  • 5. LinkedIn hit the scene And recruiters thought they had access to the world
  • 6. But social was much larger So we created a strategy to engage and enhance the experience
  • 7. We started with LinkedIn Company page, groups and personal profiles
  • 8. Looked for new ways to engage on Facebook Video chats, discussions, wall, jobs, blogs
  • 9. Created @intuitcareers Knew we had to do more than just post jobs
  • 10. We integrated YouTube Videos resonated with jobseekers and passive candidates
  • 11.
  • 12. As we looked for new ways to engage became our 5 th social channel
  • 13. Created social media bootcamp And trained our recruiters on how to be effective socially
  • 14. Social is only social if you have a conversation Social is only social if you have a conversation!
  • 15. We socialized jobs Where people were hanging out
  • 16. We found content to share Focusing on what our customers want to hear
  • 17. We stopped just shortening URL’s And discovered the power of the bundle
  • 18. We partnered with the business To bring their conversations online – events, speeches
  • 19. Went old school with a social twist Social recruiting should result with in person meetings
  • 20. Trying something new We are finding additional ways to engage on our channels
  • 21. We tried to make sense of the numbers Learning which numbers really mattered
  • 22. Added Google Analytics As we engaged in conversation our social sites rose
  • 23. We monitored our brand Realizing customer feedback is key
  • 24. Contributed to Intuit being recognized #2 Most Social Company
    • In the presence of companies like:
      • Adobe (#4)
      • Amazon (#6)
      • Google (#8)
      • Microsoft (#9)
      • Walt Disney (#11)
      • Apple (#15 - tie)
      • eBay (#15 – tie)
    By encouraging a social culture
  • 25. We are exploring our future
    • How are they using social?
    • What do they want to talk about?
    • Who do they want to hear from?
    • What will prompt them to engage?
    By talking to the customer
  • 26. Redesigning our sites By asking our customers what they want
  • 27. Finding ways to move culture & jobs From the water cooler to employee’s online network
  • 28. We are checking out the new sites Is this the new Facebook or a disruptor?
  • 29. And finding innovative ways to use tools Like QR codes to enhance the experience
  • 30. Social is not just about the latest new thing
    • Social is not a fad
    • It’s everywhere
    • Our customers are using social – ask them how
    • You don’t own your brand
    • Create a social culture
    • Influence your brand
    • Social is about conversations
    • Social is evolving
    • Join the conversation
    It’s about enhancing the overall experience for our customer
  • 31. Our challenge to you Join in the social journey, explore ways to engage with your potential applicants and have a real conversation with them
  • 32. To continue the conversation, connect
    • +Leslie Mason - Senior Recruiter
    • @leslie12002
    • +Gail Houston - Social Media Program Manager / Sr. Recruiter
    • @ghouston - @intuitcareers