Romeo and juliet


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Romeo and juliet

  1. 1. Romeo And JulietBy William Shakespeare Compiled by S.Wilkinson BBC Bitesize Images BBC BItesize Google Images
  2. 2. ·Romeo is a Montague·He is about 17 years old·He is pining for a girl called Rosaline·He loves her but she does feel the same way, this is known asunrequited love
  3. 3. ·She is about 16 years old·She is very pretty·She is a Capulet·She falls in love with Romeo as soon as they meet·She has a good relationship with her nurse , who hasraised her
  4. 4. ·He is like a father to Romeo·He gives Romeo advice·He knows Romeo very well·Romeo trusts him·He takes a big risk when he marries Romeo and Juliet·His actions lead to their deaths
  5. 5. ·She is like a mother to Juliet·She takes a risk, helping her·She wants whats best for Juliet·She is genuinely nice and caring·She advices Juliet to marry Paris·She doesnt realise how much Juliet loves Romeo
  6. 6. Benvolio ·Romeos friend ·His name means good wishes ·He tries his best to stop the fights between the Capulets and the Montagues
  7. 7. Lord Capulet ·Juliets father ·He is ready to fight the Montagues ·He appears friendly and welcoming ·He is a traditional father ·He arranges Juliets marriage to Paris and is furious when she disobeys him.
  8. 8. Lady Capulet ·She is not close to Juliet ·She does not have much to do with her, that is seen as the nurses role ·She does not take Juliets side but supports her husband - Lord Capulet
  9. 9. ·Romeos best friend·He loves to entertain and make fun of people·He plays around with language·He likes to pick a fight
  10. 10. ·He is an aggressive character·He only seems interested in fighting Romeos family·Everything he says is full of anger and hatred
  11. 11. OK here goes.......... ACT 1·Romeo is pining for Rosaline, he loves her but his love is not returned·Benvolio and Romeo discover that she is going to the Capulets annual ball·Benvolio tries to convince Romeo that there are more beautiful women in the world other thanRosaline·Romeo meets Juliet at the ball and they instantly fall in love·They find out that Juliet is a Capulet, this is a huge problem because Romeo is a Montague andthe two families are at war Is their love DOOMED ????????
  12. 12. Then.......... ACT II·The famous balcony scene·Romeo stays behind after the ball and finds himself beneathJuliets window, he gives her a rose as a sign of their love·Romeo and Juliet exchange their love vows and are determinedto marry·Next morning Romeo meets Friar Lawrence and persuades himto perform the secret ceremony
  13. 13. Oh No !!!!!....... ACT III·Tybalt, Lord Capulets bad mannered nephew is angry that Romeo and hisfriends have gate crashed the ball·Tybalt finds Romeo and starts a quarrel·Romeo has been married for only one hour·Romeo tries to be friends with Tybalt·Mercutio gets angry and fights with Tybalt·Tybalt kills Mercutio·Romeo avenges Mercutios death by killing Tybalt·Romeo is banished from Verona·Romeo has one night to meet with Juliet
  14. 14. Then what?.... ACT IV·Juliet seeks advice from Friar Lawrence·He makes a plan that involves Juliet taking a potion to make her appear dead·They plan that she will then be placed in the vault and he and Romeo willrescue her·Juliet agrees·Lord Capulet brings Juliet and Paris wedding forward to Wednesday!·Juliet takes the potion and Friar Lawrence writes to Romeo in Mantua, tellinghim of the changes
  15. 15. AHH !!!!!..... ACT V·Fate steps in·The letter does not get delivered in time·Romeos servant Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead·Romeo returns to the vault, he is grief stricken·Romeo drinks the poison he got from the Apothecary........he dies!·Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead she is devastated; she stabsherself with a dagger and dies........... The death of the two young lovers ends years of bad feeling between the two families
  16. 16. Now..... How much can youremember????? ACT I Romeo meets Juliet for the first time and they are attracted to each other ACT II The balcony Scene. Romeo And Juliet decide to marry ACT IIIMercutio is killed by Tybalt, Romeo comforts him as he is dying. Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished from Verona ACT IV Juliet seeks advice from Friar lawrence, he comes up with a plan. Lord Capulet brings the wedding between Juliet and Paris forward ACT V The plan fails and Romeo kills himself believing that Juliet is dead. When she awakes she is overcome with grief and kills herself