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  • D’Anna came to Oregon State from Lake Oswego High School.  A member of the women’s gymnastics team that has competed in the NCAA finals in each of the last four years and a double major in Business and Exercise Science in the OSU Honor’s College with a 3.97 GPA, D’Anna illustrates what can happen when a student takes advantage of opportunities and pursues her dreams and goals.   D’Anna has served as President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee this year, representing OSU and its student-athletes on the NCAA Certification Steering Committee and the Gender Equity/Diversity and Student Welfare Subcommittee for Certification.  She is also a Senator in ASOSU and chairs the ASOSU/Student Athlete joint committee.  As a member of the gymnastics team, D’Anna helped the team organize the Relay for Life the last two years and has given tirelessly to other community events.  D’Anna recently spoke to friends of the university at a President’s Circle reception a few weeks ago and expressed concern about pursuing a business career in these difficult economic times. All who heard D’Anna speak assured her she will do just fine.  I am also told she is a member of the Spanish Club, the Community Service Club, and the Rumbanana Salsa Dancing Performance Group! As a competitor, she has persevered despite a serious shoulder injury her first year.  At the NCAA Gymnastics National Championship this past April, when she was unexpectedly pressed into service on bars, she answered the challenge like a champion.  Although she had not competed on bars since the beginning of the season, she scored a 9.80 and set the stage for team success in this rotation.  She has also worked tirelessly for the Athletic Department and Oregon State University.  In 2007, for example, she helped organize OSU’s Title IX Celebration and directed the video presentation used at the event. Remarkably, during her OSU career D’Anna has been a walk-on athlete.  She competes for the love of competition, and the camaraderie of her teammates. In recognition of her academic achievements D’Anna has been selected a Scholastic All American by the national gymnastics association for each of her four years at Oregon State.  In 2006 and 2007 she was named to the All-Academic First Team, and recently she was chosen the Outstanding Major of the Year by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.   Not surprisingly, D’Anna has been nominated for a number of post-graduate NCAA and PAC-10 scholarships, including the prestigious NCAA Walter Byers Scholarship.   Currently she works in the OSU Athletic Department Business Office and will intern with Nike this summer.  We are especially proud that D’Anna has been accepted into the 2011 MBA Class at Stanford University. I told D’Anna that it is okay to work for Nike if she can get discounts for the athletics department. As someone with two degrees from Stanford myself, I look forward to calling her a fellow alum
  • Found Varco job through contacts he made through his International Strategy course in Norway. Is so highly regarded at the company, that when he indicated it may be time for him to move on his boss told him to give some thought to what it would take to entice him to stay. His answer – International travel and the opportunity to use his photography/videography skills. They developed a special position for him creating country-specific training videos.
  • For student presentation
  • Reference the Pie Chart handout
  • Reference “homework” handout
  • Reference the Pre-business core handout – other side of Pie Chart
  • Reference the COB Handbook handout
  • WR 121 is an alpha scheduled courseMTH is important to do during your freshman year – starting Fall termBA 101 can’t be taken in the fall – you will take it either Winter or Spring termMost of your freshman year you will be taking bac core classesTake a lighter load your first quarter


  • 1. Success in Business – Success in Life
    2009 Freshman Orientation
    Preparing Profession-Ready Graduates is our business!
  • 2. ,
    • NCAA Student Athlete with the Gymnastics team
    • 3. President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee
    • 4. Senator in ASOSU – student government
    • 5. Member of the Spanish Club
    • 6. Selected Student All American for all four years at OSU by National Gymnastics Association
    • 7. Named “Outstanding Major of the Year by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education
    • 8. Selected to intern with Nike summer 2009
    • 9. Accepted into the MBA Class of 2011 at Stanford University
    D’Anna Piro2009 OSU GraduateDouble major : Business with an option in FinanceExercise ScienceHonors College
  • 10. ,
    • Studied in Norway fall 2006
    • 11. Award winning fiddle player; accomplished videographer and photographer
    • 12. Wrote several articles for the Agder University school newspaper, “Unikum” (“Unique”)
    • 13. Top recruit of National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
    • 14. Hired immediately after graduation
    • 15. Business travel during first year of employment to Canada, Norway
    • 16. Created his own “Dream Job” within NOV
    Andrew Shelton2007 GraduateInternational Business
  • 17. ,
    Grew up in Canby, Oregon
    Accepted into the Art Stonehill International Exchange Program
    Studied abroad in Bad Mergentheim, Germany
    6 month internship for Würth Group in Germany
    Currently graduating as an Honors Scholar with an Degree in Business with an option in International Business
    Words of wisdom:
    "People need to follow what they really love. Don't worry about the job at the end of the road. It's good to experience new situations and get involved in things you wouldn't normally do.“ Jacob Cramer
    Jacob CramerSummer 2009 graduateBusiness Major with International Business option and majors in International Studies and German
  • 18. Agenda
    Successful College of Business (COB) Alumni
    Review Handouts
    Success slide
    Opportunities available to you as a business student
    Exchange program
    COB Student organizations
    Austin Family Business
    College of Business Requirements
    Business degree requirements
    OSU Bac Core requirements
    Pro-school information
    COB Progression Standards
    COB Communication
    Scheduling – for fall term and for tomorrow
    Freshman schedule
    Math placement tests
    Fall registration
    Ice-Breaker Activity
    START Check List
  • 19. Handouts
    Review START Handouts – found in the packet you got this morning
    Registration Information Handbook
    OSU Catalog
    START Check List
    On-line Registration Overview
    Review COB Handouts – what you just received from us
    Pre-business classes
    OSU degree requirements
    College of Business Handbook
    Common Terminology
    COB START Homework assignment
    START Quiz
    Student Organization Flyer
  • 20. What contributes to success…
    Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
    Believe in yourself
    Be passionate – do the work you love
    Be creative and open minded
    Ask quality questions
    Be persistent and follow up
    Network, network, network
    Set goals
    Work hard
    Show value
    Don’t give up
    Act responsibly and ethically
  • 21. Opportunities
  • 22. ExperientialLearningInternational Exchange
    Int’l Exchange
    Why study abroad?
    Footin the Door forjob interviews
    Understanding ofdifferent cultures; international business
    New Perspectives, new friends
    Why Select a COB Program?
    Classes taught in English
    Satisfies IB option
    Pre-departure class
    Financial Aid applies
    Fits easily into schedule
  • 23. See the World!
  • 24. Internships
    An internship is a combination of work & learning experience. You’ll work but will also have some or all of these opportunities:
    –Tour the facilities and meet with company executives
    –Complete a supervised project or specific assignment
    –Receive guidance, support and/or performance feedback
    –Participate in professional development and networking opportunities
    Compensation and Schedule:
    –Some internships are paid –some are not
    –Some are full time –some are not
    –Some are during the summer – some during the year
    –Locations vary (OSU, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, overseas)
    Academic Credit
    –You can get elective credits. Sign up BEFORE you start work!
    –Internships are not required, but are HIGHLY recommended.
    Check your handbook for more info on work & internships!
  • 25. Employment!
    Companies that hire our interns/grads include:
    Gallo Wines Hitachi Consulting
    Target Corp. PWC
    NIKE Weiden & Kennedy
    Cintas Intel
    Stryker Moss Adams
    Verizon Weyerhauser
    Boeing Jeld-WEN
  • 26. Get Involved!
    COB Student Organizations will help YOU…
    COB Student Organizations:
    • Stand out to future employers
    • 27. Meet College of Business Faculty and establish relationships
    • 28. Decide on which COB discipline(s) you will pursue
    • 29. Develop new skills, gain leadership experience & make lifelong friends!
    • 30. meet weekly and host a variety of events
    • 31. Sometimes provide free food
    • 32. Bring in guest speakers
    • 33. Sponsor trips and travel
    • 34. Provide many exciting opportunities to business students
  • Accountancy Fraternity
    Beta Alpha Psi
    Dean of the
    College of Business
    Ilene Kleinsorge, Ph.D.
    OSU Investment Group
    OSU Marketing Club
  • 35. Austin Family Business Program
    For students from families that own their business
    Classes, conferences, and activities with premier family business leaders
    Unique leadership opportunities
    Great networking events
    Since 1985
  • 36. COB Degree Requirements
  • 37. Degree Requirements
    Required Pre-business courses for all Business/Accountancy majors
    Required Pro-School courses for all Business/Accountancy majors
    Pro-School Business Core
    Pre- Business Core
    Business Disciplines
    Baccalaureate Core
    (BAC Core)
    2nd Bus Discipline
    Study Abroad
    B.S. Accountancy
    B.S./B.A. Business Admin.
    (secondary only)
    General Education
    Required of all OSU
  • 43. Baccalaureate Core (Bac Core)
    * To graduate you will eventually need a total of three science classes
    ** Pre-business student take both ECON 201 and ECON 202 – typically NOT in freshman year
  • 44. From Pre-Business to Pro-School
    Pre-Business Core
    Pro-Business core and discipline
    Pro-Business core and discipline
    Pre-Business Core
    Pre Business Core
    Intro to Entrepr.
    Bac Core
    Pro-Business Core
    Int’l Business
    Professional Dev’t
    Discipline courses
    Bac Core
    Pro-Business Core
    Capstone class
    Discipline courses
    Bac Core
    Pre Business Core
    Communication BA 101
    Bac Core
    Apply to Professional Program the term you will complete your last pre-business classes and meet eligibility requirements.
    Typically this happens spring term of your sophomore year
    Convocation Ceremony for those newly accepted into Pro-School
  • 45. COB Progression StandardsRefer to your COB Handbook for additional information
    Progression GPA:
    2.5 Overall Minimum
    “C-” or higher in COB Business core and discipline classes
    If need to repeat a class for business GPA?
    Check w/ an advisor first !
    We will use the most recent “take” of a class
    Transfer classes need “C-” or better to use for COB business core or discipline classes
    It’s your responsibility to:
    View and understand the COB Handbook, OSU Catalog, & Academic Regulations.
    Feel free to ask questions if you don’t understand
  • 46. How will we communicate with one another?
    Face to Face - examples
    Advising appointments
    Office hours with your professors
    Meetings with fellow students
    Telephone - examples
    Set up advising appointments
    Registration issues
    Phone advising appointments when necessary
    Electronic Communication:
    Blackboard for your class information
    ONID email account
    All communication should be done in a professional manner using proper language, spelling, punctuation, etc
  • 47. ONID Email
    Your ONID email is the NUMBER ONE way the College of Business will communicate with you. You are expected to read your ONID email DAILY.
    Examples of our communication to you:
    • New BA class offerings
    • 48. Changes to BA class offerings
    • 49. Class capacity issues for BA classes and what you need to know
    • 50. Pre-reqs not met for BA classes - if you don’t respond you will be dropped from the class
    • 51. Internship newsletter – job and internship postings
    • 52. COB events
    • 53. This fall term registration – we will check all of your schedules and if we see any issues we will email you using your ONID account
  • Scheduling
  • 54. Typical Freshman Year Schedule
    Avoid waitlists, enroll in open classes
    Freshmen will take BA 101 in winter or spring term
  • 55. Math Placement and Math Classes
    It’s important to take Math classes during your freshman year
    Math placement scores place students into math classes where students are most successful – placement scores are very accurate
    If you want to take a Math class below where you placed that’s fine
    If you want to take a Math class above where you’ve placed – this is VERY risky and we STRONGLY advise against it
    MTH 245
    MTH 241
    MTH 95 or MTH 103
    Algebra II
    MTH 111
    College Algebra
    MTH 65
    Algebra I
    MTH 241
    MTH 245
    Still possible to graduate in a timely manner if placed into Algebra I or II
  • 56. Fall Registration
    Go to 207 Bexell Hall OR 214 Bexell Hall (those that have an appointment with Carol) – come 20 minutes before your appt time
    Attend advising appointment
    Create fall schedule
    PINs are reissued every May
    Go to Bexell computer lab
    Register for fall classes; lab assistants will help you
    Turn in your checklist at the ID Centerin Kerr
    Bring your STARTMaterials to your advising appt. Tell advisor if any of these apply to you:
    NCAA athlete
    Weatherford Resident
    Have transfer credits
    Have AP credits
    Are in summer school
    NOTE:Tomorrow’s advising appointment will be short and will focus on Fall term ONLY
    NOTE: Parent’s will not be joining you for your advising appointment or in the lab when you register – decide where you are going to meet them about 1 hr after your appointment time.
  • 57. Please show up 20 minutes prior to your appt.
    Brenda Sallee
    Carol Leder
    Nancy Homan
    Jayne Andersen
    Tristen Shay
  • 58. Ice Breaker Activity
    The End
  • 60. Get into groups of 4 to 5
    The End
  • 61. Name
    Home town
    What were the three most interesting things you heard about today?
    Make a top three list for your group
    The End
  • 62. OSU START Checklist
    Advisor name –see your appointment card
    Advisor Location:Bexell 214
    Advisor phone number:541-737-3716
    Meet with your Advisor before:
    Halloween (October 31, 2009)
  • 63. THE END
  • 64. Key Points….The Bottom Line
    We are a Professional Program
    You will be taking some Bac Core classesin the fall – review the list and bring some course choices to your advising appointment
    You must maintain a 2.5 business GPA to stay in the College of Business
    See an advisor for next appt beforeHalloween
    Meet with an advisor on a regular basis
  • 65. How can I be successful ?
    Read your syllabi and understand course expectations
    Visit professor during office hours
    Form study groups with classmates
    Take a study skills class
    These classes have “ALS” heading
    Use other resources on campus on a regular basis
    EOP, Writing Center , Math Learning Center, Academic Success Center
    Know how to access your online advising report
    See your advisor at the first sign of trouble!