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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Let’s go out tonight A role-play for an evening out.
  • 2. The Situation: • You and your friend have nothing to do. You decide it would be fun to go out for museum, and then to a restaurant. • Look at the different activities and choose which place you would like to visit. Then look at the map and choose a restaurant. • Ask each other: • • • • • • What place? Where is it? What is showing there? What does it feature? What is the admission fee? How do you get from the show to the restaurant? • Try to make the conversation as long as you can, and add your own words to make it more real.
  • 3. 1. Rimidi Hotel 2. Angelo’s Pizza 3. Plaza Hotel 4. The National Museum of History 5. Yamaha Sushi 6. Grand Park Aquarium 7. The Villa Hotel 8. The Cherryton Hotel 9. Ike’s Steakhouse 10. Kim’s Korean BBQ 11. The Planetarium 12. Brandon Hotel 14. The Museum of Natural History 15. The National Science Center 16. Greek House 17. Tamale’s Mexican Diner 18. Museum of Modern Art 19. The Central Hotel 20. Kung Pao Chinese Cafe 21. The National Museum of Art 22. Viet Noodles 23. Mark Burger 24. The Museum of Civilization 25. Cheesecake Restaurant 26. Fiddle Hotel 27. Neptune’s Seafood House
  • 4. Sample conversation (follow along on your map) A: Hey , let’s do something tonight. B: Sure. What are you thinking / do you have in mind / do you want to do ? A: Why don’t we check / We could check out / How about checking out the Museum of Modern Art? B: What are they showing? A: They are having a show on Impressionist Painters. It’s featuring Van Gogh. B: That sounds good. How much does it cost, and where is it? A: Let’s see. The admission fee is 12 dollars. Right now we are on the corner of Maple and 7th, so we’ll go down Maple till we come to Broadway. Then we turn right on Broadway. It’ll be in the middle of the block on your left. B: OK. And after that we can go to Neptune’s Seafood House. A: But I’m allergic to seafood… B: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. How about Yamaha Sushi? A: Didn’t I just tell you I’m allergic to seafood? Are you an idiot? B: OK – Jeez! How about Ike’s Steakhouse? A: Yeah, whatever. I hate you. Where is it? B: From the museum, go down Broadway and turn left on Oak Street. It’s between 6th and 7th Avenue. It’s in the middle of the block on the left.