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C 6

  1. 1. Introduction to Computers CLASS 6
  2. 2. Peripherals What’s a peripheral? Name the types of peripherals. What are these? Match the pictures with the words. Mouse Monitor Keyboard Printer Earphones
  3. 3. More periperhals Here are a few more peripherals. See if you can match the words with the pictures. speakers scanner barcode reader joystick microphone*Remember the word “barcode” - you’ll see it again later.
  4. 4. More periperhals Here are a few more peripherals. See if you can match the words with the pictures.microphone joystick speakers barcode scanner reader
  5. 5. Input and outputinput devices output devices
  6. 6. Wikiquestions Where does the word “Wikipedia” come from? When was Wikipedia started? How does Wikipedia make money? How popular is the Wikipedia website? Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information?
  7. 7. Wikiquestions Where does the word “Wikipedia” come from?  “Wiki” and “Encyclopedia” When was Wikipedia started?  2001 How does Wikipedia make money?  Donations only - no advertising. How popular is the Wikipedia website?  Currently the worlds’ 6th most popular website. Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information?  Studies show that Wikipedia is as reliable as major encyclopedias [1]. You should still check with your teacher.
  8. 8. Internet Explorer is not good IE - it’s no good! If Microsoft didn’t include this web browser with each copy of Windows, most people wouldn’t use it. For today’s lesson, I will need you to check if you have the Google Chrome browser. If you don’t have this browser, take a minute and download it. Don’t know how to download it? Google “Google Chrome”, silly!
  9. 9. What is this?Have you seen thesepictures before?What are they?How can you use them?
  10. 10.  This is called a QR code.  Most stores use a barcode systemQR codes like this:  QR ( Quick Response) codes can hold much more information, and anyone can use them.  QR codes were created in 1994 by a Toyota company to help track car parts inside the factory.
  11. 11.  Barcodes can contain basic information that can be read fromQR codes side to side.  QR codes contain information that runs up and down. Barcodes can only hold a few characters of data, but QR codes can hold thousands of characters.
  12. 12.  With all the data that QR codes can hold, they are being usedAll that data everywhere. Nearly all smartphones (like the iPhone or Android phones) have software that can read QR codes.  Advertisers love to use QR codes because they can put URLs in them, and get people to come to their websites.
  13. 13.  You can see QR codesWhere can I everywhere:see them?
  14. 14.  Go to qrcode.kaywa.comMake yourown!  Choose the kind of QR code you want to make.You can makeyour own QRcodes online  Download your finished QR code. You can send it in email, post it on FB or Twitter, or do whatever you want with it.  If your phone has QR software, check to see if it works!  Try this link: http://blog.qr4.nl/Online- QR-Code_Decoder.aspx
  15. 15. Twitter reviewHashtags mark topics.Hashtags are marked by users to make them easier to find.Retweets are like forwarded email.Retweets help messages spread between different groups of users.Current popular topics are listed to the right of your timeline.
  16. 16. This week: Give yourself a fancy new background:1. Click on your head icon2. Click on Settings3. Click on Design
  17. 17. New Background Choose one of the designs Twitter provides, or try out Themeleon. If you want to try uploading your own image: Click Choose File to upload your own image.There are lots of companies that provide images for twitter backgrounds. They will even offer to install them for you. BE CAREFUL.
  18. 18. Why not let others see what I’m doing? Websites that offer things like free backgrounds, smilies for chat, toolbars and other extras don’t usually do it because they are nice. Companies exist to make money. Some companies make money honestly, others don’t. Let’s look at one example:  twitrounds.com offers free background pictures for your twitter page.
  19. 19. Yay! Free stuff! I choose my favorite (so cute!): When I click on it, they offer to install it for me:  If I choose this, they will:  send a tweet to all my followers  make my account follow them  send junk mail for other sitesThis site is honest because they at leasttell you directly what they will do.Other sites can be much, much worse.
  20. 20. You Try Change the background of your twitter page. Do It Yourself - don’t let the webpage sign-in for you. You can use themeleon or some other place to find a background (hint: search on google!) Find the one you like, add it, and let me see it. Remember - don’t sign up for anything, and try to not download anything to your computer.