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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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  • 1. Class 9
  • 2. a. 圓形的 ___ safeb. 理髮 ___ nylonc. 行李 ___ leatherd. 皮革 ___ haircute. 插座 ___ roundf. 尼龍 ___ suitcase / luggageg. 預訂 ___ outleth. 安全箱 ___ reservationi. 節日 ___ holiday
  • 3. a. 圓形的 _h_ safeb. 理髮 _f_ nylonc. 行李 _d_ leatherd. 皮革 _b_ haircute. 插座 _a_ roundf. 尼龍 _c_ suitcase / luggageg. 預訂 _e_ outleth. 安全箱 _g_ reservationi. 節日 _i_ holiday
  • 4. a b c d ef g h i j k l m n
  • 5. beige desert bagels woodchuck chefbalcony hangers Japan credit card hot spring toilet paper shower Australia pretzel
  • 6. Here are some words you might hear today:opinion-意見 projector - 投影機quality - 品質 yarn - 紗線antique - 古代的, 年代久遠的 yawn - 呵欠material - 材料 pooped - 精疲力竭的cotton - 棉花 stunk - 臭的過去式silk - 絲綢 skunk - 臭鼬cockroach - 蟑螂 stump - 殘幹disgusting - 噁心 loose - 鬆散的
  • 7. To describing things, you usually follow this order:opinion (意見) – nice, beautifulsize – big, small, medium-sized, etc.quality (品質) – handmade, high-quality, designer, etc.age – new, old, antique (古代的, 年代久遠的), etc.color – yellow, purple, beige, gray, etc.material (材料) – leather, cotton (棉花), plastic, gold, etc.Words such as gold, silver, silk (絲綢), and leather can be adjectives and nouns.We usually only use two or three adjectives together:A beautiful, beige, leather bag.A huge, disgusting, brown cockroach.
  • 8. 4.8.3 – (review) Work together and and describe the bagsin the exercise.4.8.4 – A) Put the sentences in the correct order. B) Check your answers with your partner.4.9 – Go the the Personal Job File on p. 72.Write down 5 words that you learned in this unit.Try to describe a bathroom in this hotel.Try to finish the conversation in Section 4.9.
  • 9. Review your Personal Job File words. Ask each other the words you have written in your books. Ask each other 10 words each. You can do this 2 ways:Example:_remote control_ Translation: ___遙控器__Q: How do you say 遙控器 in English?A: Remote control!Q: How do you say ‘remote control’ in Chinese?A: 遙控器! I am so smart!
  • 10. 5.1 Look at the pictures on page 24.What does each sign mean?Does this hotel have the same services?Look at the services in the pictures below.What are their opening and closing times?What times are the services available here?5.3.1 Complete the times on page 25.
  • 11. A B yarn [jɑrn] yawn [jɔn] bull [bʊl] bowl [bol] well [wɛl] whale [hwel] lose [luz] loose [lus] sit [sɪt] seat [sit]
  • 12. Do tongue twisters twist your tongue? Pooped purple pelicans.A skunk sat on a stump and thunkthe stump stunk, but the stumpthunk the skunk stunk.