The highly effective library


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Digital presentation for the CDE's Highly Effective School Library Program

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The highly effective library

  1. 1. Foothills Elementary Green Mountain Elementary
  2. 2. Working in collaboration with teachers, we will prepare students to be successful both now and in the future by developing important 21st century skills:
  3. 3. We will create an environment and collection that attracts and welcomes students and inspires them to read for information and enjoyment
  4. 4. A Reading Rock Star Reading Buddies
  5. 5. Jeffco’s online tool that addresses the Colorado and Common Core state standards The standards for skills and knowledge that students need to live effectively in a connected and digital world
  6. 6. We use Google Apps to access, create and share information Google Sites was used to create a pathfinder for the 2nd grade Colorado weather unit.
  7. 7. We use Google Apps to access, create and share information 3rd graders used Google Presentation for their non-fiction writing unit 2nd graders made a Google Presentation about Colorado weather
  8. 8. We use Google Apps to access, create and share information 4th graders created a website with Google Sites for their Colorado unit Kindergarteners made an ABC book using Google Presentation
  9. 9. Other technology tools and reading instruction 1st graders used Voki in Social Studies K-6 use MobyMax, a math progress monitoring tool
  10. 10. Other technology tools and reading instruction 2nd - 6th graders enjoyed small group reading instruction 1st graders used Pixie for an interdisciplinary unit in science and writing
  11. 11. Other technology tools and reading instruction 3rd graders used Smart Notebook to make a pictograph in math
  12. 12. Other technology tools and reading instruction 6th graders used Publisher to make a colonial travel brochure
  13. 13. Colorado Children’s Book Award Voting
  14. 14. Read Across America Lively improv group led the assembly Local news personalities read to students
  15. 15. Student Broadcasting Students made an appearance on Rocky Mountain PBS Super School News Daily announcements from KIDS are heard around the school
  16. 16. Guest Speakers 4th grade had a special guest for their unit on Africa A librarian from Jefferson County Public Libraries visited on Literacy Night
  17. 17. Author Visits Local author Shane DeRolf Author David Greenberg Mike McQueen, boys’ reading advocate
  18. 18. Hour of Code Exploring computer science concepts was an exciting learning opportunity
  19. 19. Materials to support the curriculum Scholastic Book Fairs fundraiser Book vendor for Jefferson County Public Schools Follett’s “titlewave” analysis tool helps guide collection development
  20. 20. Grant recipient of 4 clicker sets Received $500 Westerra Grant to promote boys’ reading Scholastic Book Fairs Annual support for library materials Currently pursuing an iPad-mini grant
  21. 21. Carole and Jenny, Foothills Elementary Library paraprofessionals Lesa Higgins, Teacher-Librarian, Foothills and Green Mountain Elementary Schools Kim, Green Mountain Elementary School Library paraprofessional
  22. 22. Ipad mini image from Westerra logo from udy_westerra1.jpg Follett logo from /archives/follett_logo_detail.png
  23. 23. Titlewise Collection Analysis from html?caid=2168447&SID=3a115c8312dd57ad4f c91ba0d6c26009 ISTE NETS diagram from 07/05/iste_nets-srefresh.jpg CAL logo from JCIRA logo from Mobymax logo from All other photos taken by applicant.