Basel II Risk Compliance Solution(Tasso ): Lera technologies


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Lera Technologies has expertise in understanding the geography-specific Basel II implementation
requirements and the associated challenges. We can help your bank gain from the implementation through
our Tasso - Basel II Implementation Framework

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Basel II Risk Compliance Solution(Tasso ): Lera technologies

  1. 1. Tasso -Basel I I Risk Compliance Solution Basel II Risk Compliance Solution Lera Technologies
  2. 2. Basel II Risk Compliance Solution Overview“The purpose of Basel II is to create an international standard that banking regulators can use whencreating regulations about how much capital banks need to put aside to guard against the financialand operational losses. The Basel II recommendations help banks to follow international standardsby creating regulations in risk and capital management.”Lera Technologies has expertise in understanding the geography-specific Basel II implementationrequirements and the associated challenges. We can help your bank gain from the implementation throughour Tasso - Basel II Implementation Framework. With an experience in implementing Basel II and other risk-based solutions across global banks, we developed a robust framework for enterprise risk management.Through it, we accelerate your compliance efforts and aid in meeting your stringent timelines and industryrequirements.Lera Technologies has worked with leading banks world wide in meeting their specific needs around variousregulations such as Operation Risk and Credit Risk to implement Basel II guidelines in their banks. Challenges in implementing Basel II - 3 PillarsBanks face huge challenges while implementing Basel II Standards. The major challenges include:Inadequate data spread across the organization and disparate systems & processes.ØMultinational Banks face huge challenges to implement Basel II, as their branches and subsidiaries areØsubjected to varied home/ host regulatory requirements.Adopting an advanced approach to get benefits from Basel II is a challenge to banks because ofØinfrastructure scalability and data credibility.Lera Technologies helps banks to Solvency - IIovercome these challenges and Pillar-I Pillar-II Pillar-IIIprovides complete guidance for Basel Minimum Capital Requirement Supervisory Review Process Market Discipline Capital Requirement for...... Regulatory Framework for Disclosure requirements ofII implementation process. Our Credit Risk Banks Banks ? Standardised Approach. ? Capital Internal ? Transparency forframework is based on industry best ? Foundation IRB Adequacy Assessment market participants Approach. process. concerning the bank’spractices and addresses key ? Advanced IRB ? Risk Management. risk position. Approach. ? Enhancedchallenges in end-to-end comparability of Operational Risk Supervisory Framework banks.implementation. ?Indicator Basic ? Evaluation of internal Approach. systems of Banks. Standardised Approach. ? ? Assessment of risk Advanced ? profile.Leras Basel II Risk Compliance Measurement Approach. ? of compliance Review with all regulations. ? SupervisorySolution enhances banks enterprise Measures.risk management processes, models Basel-II three pillars& systems, and integrates them withthe rest of the organization, providing a Fig: Three Pillars of Basel-IIcomplete view of banks risk exposure.
  3. 3. Basel II Risk Compliance Solution Why Lera Technologies?With a vast domain experience in developing solutions to Banking and Financial Services firms especially in RiskManagement, Lera Technologies has developed a dedicated team comprising of Basel II specialists.Lera Technologies framework helps banks attain greater benefits from our: M odeling Expertise & Risk Assessment Modeling expertise & Risk Assessment process which comprises various risk measuring techniques like KRI, Scorecards, Risk matrix etc followed by Risk Monitoring, Communication and reporting. S trong Data Management Capabilities Strong data management capabilities are supported by robust framework. Lera can handle complex and large data management programs, and also have a Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated for data management and business intelligence technologies. I ndependent Testing Services Independent Testing Services that focuses on providing dedicated Quality Assurance services which help you build test strategies that align well with business strategies. Risk Compliance Solution Framework Our comprehensive framework comprises the following: Pillar I Implementation Framework includes minimum capital requirements for operational, credit and market risk. Operational Risk Management(ORM) Framework includes Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Risk Monitoring and Risk Reporting. The key functionalities that includes in ORM Framework are Key Risk Indicators, Audit Trails, Issue Tracker, Loss Event Management, Action Plans, Quality Control Check, Heat Maps and Scorecards. Credit Risk Management(CRM) Framework includes Collecting Borrower & Loan data from external system through integration, computing credit risk, Monitoring and managing risk rating, Portfolio Management and Risk reporting. The key functionalities that includes in CRM Framework are data quality, rating models, stress testing and back testing. Pillar II Implementation Framework includes supervisory review & approval process, key performance indicators, internal capital adequacy assessment, risk capital performance assessments, alerts management etc.. Pillar III Implementation Framework includes reporting capabilities, ad hoc reporting etc. which is used to enhance the degree of transparency in banks public reporting to shareholders and customers.
  4. 4. Basel II Risk Compliance Solution Benefits of Basel II Risk Compliance Solution Improved capability for setting and monitoring risk limits. Ø Effective Utilization of capital with reduced risk. Ø Ø operational losses resulting from better controls and monitoring. Lower Experience increased market reputation and investor confidence. Ø Facilitates seamless integration with your systems Ø Solution can be customized to suit the efforts of your bank across the globe. Ø Framework allows banks to follow industry best practices, standards and processes to meet Ø industry benchmarks.
  5. 5. Basel II Risk Compliance Solution About Us Lera Technologies is a global IT Solutions and Services Company that offers a wide array of solutions especially for Banking and Financial Services. Starting from providing solutions for Risk and Compliance, Business Intelligence, Spend Data Management, Business Process Management, elearning to implement IT solutions for clients, Lera straddles this entire space. Our innovative solutions deliver measurable value through increased process efficiency thus helping businesses to take faster and better decisions. Clientele Contact Us USA EUROPE INDIA Lera Technologies Inc Lera Technologies Lera Technologies 146, Briar Lane, 229 Arc, Makarios, Plot #1, New SBH Colony, Norwich, 3rd Avenue, Meliza Court, West Marredpally, Connecticut - 06360. 4th Floor, Limassol 3105. Secunderabad-26, Cyprus. India. Tel: +1 (646) 915 - 0640 Tel: +91 40 27700000 Email: Email: Email: