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Extreme Sports Extreme Sports Presentation Transcript

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  • PS: 此视频为电影《 X-Games : 3D The Movie 》的预告片
  • The Extreme Sports
  • Good morning eveyone.Today, we are going to introduce the latest youth fashion ,a new generation of sport : The Extreme sports. 大家早上好。今天我们要介绍的是时下年轻人最近流行的一项运动:极限运动
  • The Extreme Sports is a media term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger. 极限运动泛指各种危险性较高的运动项目,以追求惊险刺激为乐趣 The Extreme Sports
  • X-sports is always include Skateboading,BMX,Roller Skating,Rock Climbing,Surfing,Scuba diving,Alpine Ski Racing,Hang glider,Bungee Jumping,Parkour,and so on. 常见的极限运动包括滑板、越野单车、极限轮滑、攀岩、冲浪、潜水、高山滑雪、滑翔、蹦极、跑酷等 The Extreme Sports Skateboa r ding BMX Roller Skating Rock Climbing Surfing Scuba diving Alpine Ski Racing Hang glider Bungee Jumping Parkour ... ...
  • Today,we choose five of them to introduce for our student. 今天我们选出其中的五种极限运动来给大家做介绍 The Extreme Sports Skateboading BMX Roller Skating Rock Climbing Surfing Scuba diving Alpine Ski Racing Hang glider Bungee Jumping Parkour ... ... Skateboa r ding Roller Skating Surfing Alpine Ski Racing Bungee Jumping ⑤ ④ ② ③ ①
  • First,let me introduce you the Bungee Jumping. 首先由我为大家带来关于蹦极的介绍。 Bungee Jumping
  • Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. 蹦极是一种人们利用有弹性的绳索一边系著身体或足踝,另一边系著高处平台,然后从高台一跃跳下的活动 Bungee Jumping
  • The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge; but it is also possible to jump from a movable object,such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, that has the ability to hover above the ground. 高处平台通常是固定的,例如建筑物、桥;但也可以说移动的物体,例如热气球或直升机或其他设备。 Bungee Jumping
  • When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord snaps back, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the energy is dissipated. 当玩者跃下时,绳索会伸展从而吸收坠下的能量,绳索继而收缩把身体拉高,能量经过数次摆动而消失后,玩者的摆动会静止。 Bungee Jumping
  • On December 17, 2006, AJ Hackett, broke his own Guinness World Record of "The Highest Bungee Jump from a Building" achieved in 1987 from the Eiffel Tower at the Macau Tower . 2006 年 12 月 17 日, AJ Hackett 从澳门塔跳下,打破了他自己在 1987 年从埃菲尔铁塔跳下的蹦极记录 The Highest Jump The Macau Tower
  • By the way,Edison Chen also jumped from the Macau Tower with AJ Hackett at the same time.Edison Chen represented Macau Tower in the inaugural jump to bid for "The World's Highest Bungee Jump Facility". 顺便说一句,陈冠希也一同和 AJ Hackett 从澳门塔跳下。他代表澳门旅游塔创下世界最高商业蹦极设备纪录 The Highest Jump The Macau Tower AJ Hackett Edison Chen
  • Let's watch a Bungee Juming advertisement. 让我们观看一个蹦极广告
  • There is a wide spectrum of possible injuries during a jump. One can be injured during a jump if the safety harness fails, the cord elasticity is miscalculated, or the cord is not properly connected to the jump platform. 从高处下落的过程中很容易受伤:可能是因为绳子不安全,绳子弹性计算错误,或是绳子没有正确的链接到平台上 Safety and possible injury
  • Another major injury is if the jumper experiences cord entanglement with their own body. 另一种伤害多是因为绳索将身体缠绕住 Safety and possible injury
  • If you don't believe that Bungee Jumping is dangerous,let's watch a video. 如果你不认为蹦极是危险的,那让我们看下这个视频。 Safety and possible injury
  • Now,Zhang Chunlei will introduce another extreme sport - Surfing. 现在张春雷会为大家带来关于冲浪的介绍。
  • Surfing
  • Earliest surfing appeared in the late 19th century, 70 of the Hawaiian Islands beaches. 最早,冲浪运动出现在 19 世纪 70 年代末的夏威夷群岛海滩。 Surfing
  • Athletes stand at the surfboard, or the use of web, kneeling board, inflatable rubber mats, rowing, kayaking, etc. to control the waves of a water sports. 运动员站立在冲浪板上,或利用腹板、跪板、充气的橡皮垫、划艇、皮艇等驾驭海浪的一项水上运动 Surfing
  • Either way, the equipment, athletes must have a high balance of skills and capabilities necessary to be good in the wind and waves in the long-distance swimming. 不论采用哪种器材,运动员都要有很高的技巧和平衡能力,同时要善于在风浪中长距离游泳 Surfing
  • Let's watch a surfing video. 让我们看一段冲浪视频
  • Every player would like to surf goes to Hawaii at least once a wave washed. 每个冲浪玩家都希望至少去夏威夷冲一次浪 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii
  • Oahu Hawaii's main island, is the most important surf sites, making the island a natural shape of the island formed a four surf coast. 瓦胡岛是夏威夷的主岛,也是最主要的冲浪场所,岛的形状使得岛上自然形成了四个冲浪海岸。 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii
  • The Hawaiian Islands due to the impact of the monsoon in summer winds from the North Pacific Ocean waves, tend to make waves as high as 4 meters, and some waves even up to 8 meters or more, surfing can glide for more than 800 meters. 夏威夷群岛由于受季风的影响,夏季从北太平洋吹来的海浪,往往使海浪高达 4 米,有些甚至高达 8 米以上,冲浪者可滑行 800 米以上 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii
  • The second one is the South-West France . 第二个冲浪圣地是法国西南海岸 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France
  • Hollywood playwright Peter Viertel in 1956, will be surfing into French, and now the coastline of southwestern France has become a good place to surf. 好莱坞剧作家 Peter Viertel 在 1956 年将冲浪运动带到法国,现在法国西南部的海岸线已经成为冲浪的好去处 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France
  • In fact, in addition to surfing here, other value-added is also high, 事实上,在这里除了冲浪外,其他附加值也很高, The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France
  • surfing the end, you can also enjoy delicious wine and enjoy the sexy French woman, feel the ancient culture of France. 冲浪结束后,还可以品尝着美味的葡萄酒,欣赏性感的法国女人,感受法国古老的文化 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France
  • The third exciting surfing place is the Mentawai Islands . 第三个冲浪圣地是民大威群岛 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands
  • Mentawai Islands are located west of Indonesia's Sumatra Island, there are four main islands and numerous islets, forming a lot of the coast for surfing. 民大威群岛位于印度尼西亚的苏门答腊岛西面,这里有四个主要的大岛和数不清的小岛,形成了很多适合冲浪的海岸 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands
  • Southern Indian Ocean, where ocean currents converge at all, making waves here have a strong continuity, 南印度洋的各个洋流在这里交汇,使得这里的海浪具有很强的持续性, The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands
  • no matter what the wind blowing, here are certainly a place to surf, but also the big waves 6-10 meters. 不管刮什么风,在这里都肯定有地方可以冲浪,而且还有 6 - 10 米的大浪 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands
  • The last place is Teahupo'o. 最后一个是塔西提岛 . The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands Teahupo'o
  • The last place is Teahupo'o. 最后一个是塔西提岛 . The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands Teahupo'o
  • There can be only one in the world has the highest waves, which is Teahupo'o. 世界上只能有一处拥有最高的浪,这就是塔西提岛 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands Teahupo'o
  • There can be only one in the world has the highest waves, which is Teahupo'o,it is located in the South Pacific island of Tahiti. 世界上只能有一处拥有最高的浪,这就是位于南太平洋的塔西提岛 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands Teahupo'o
  • In the absence of the continental shelf of the block, where the waves directly face from the South Pacific, which is why the waves here are higher than in other parts of reasons. 由于没有大陆架的阻挡,这里直接面对来自南太平洋的海浪,这也是为什么此处的浪比其他地方要高的原因。 The Most Exciting Surfing Places Hawaii South-West France Mentawai Islands Teahupo'o
  • Surfing is an exciting event ,hope you’ll like it .Next ,let’s welcome Song Minghui to bring us the show of Alpine Skiing. 冲浪是一项刺激而惊险的运动,希望大家能够喜欢 ~ 接下来有请宋明辉给大家带来新的极限运动 ---- 高山滑雪。 Alpine Skiing
  • Good morning everyone, let me bring you to the world of Alpine skiing. 大家再次早上好,现在让我带大家进入高山滑雪的世界 Alpine Ski Racing
  • First, let's have a look at the history of Alpine skiing. 首先,让我们了解一下高山滑雪的历史 Alpine Ski ing
  • The Norwegian lives in the Arctic Circle used the skiing skills to hunt at about 3000B.C.. 在北极圈中生活的挪威人,他们在公元前 3000 年就以滑雪技术打猎。 Alpine Ski ing
  • Years later it was spread to northern Europe and Russia.Alpine skiing became popular in Europe and America in the 1850s.It was well known from then on. 后来传至北欧与俄罗斯等地。 1850 年代, 高山滑雪普及至欧、美等地。从此以后,高山滑雪就流行起來。 Alpine Skiing
  • These are the pictures of slalom. 这是一些滑雪里回转的图片 Slalom
  • During the skiing athletes will pass gates about 0.75 meters wide, 4 to 6 meters height. The male athletes will pass 55-75 gates,and women athletes 40 to 60 gates 在滑行中,运动员要经过多个约 0.75 米,宽 4 至 6 米的旗门。男子赛中的旗门多达 55 至 75 个,而女子运动员要经过 40 到 60 个旗门。 Slalom
  • These pictures are about downhill race 这是一些滑降的图片 Downhill Race
  • Athletes have to ski across the gates,Male athletes have to ski for and 800 to 1000 meters high from the beginning to the end, and female athletes for 500 to 700 meters. 男子运动员起点及终点海拔差距为 800 至 1000 米,女子运动员差距为 500 至 700 米 Downhill Race
  • At the end of my presentation,I'll show you a video. 在介绍结束的时候,来看一段视频
  • Bungee Jumping,Surfing,Alpine Ski i ng are X-sports occur in the nature,so what events we have in our daily life? 蹦极、冲浪、高山滑雪都是自然中的极限运动,那么我们日常生活中的极限运动有哪些呢? Bungee Jumping Surfing Alpine Skiing Roller Skating Skateboarding
  • Now let's welcome Ran Chaowei to bring us the show of Figure Skating. 现在让我们有请冉超威为我们带来轮滑的介绍 Roller Skating
  • There are many styles of Roller Skating sports,just as speed roller skating,figure roller skating,inline roller skate,recreational/fitness roller skating,extreme roller skating,free-style roller skating and so on. 轮滑有很多种形式,例如速度轮滑、花样轮滑、直排轮滑、休闲轮滑、极限轮滑、自由式轮滑等 Roller Skating speed roller skating figure roller skating inline roller skat ing recreational/fitness roller skating extreme roller skating free-style roller skating
  • Roller skating is a recreation and a sport of gliding over a surface on roller skates, which have wheels built onto a special boot. 轮滑是一种娱乐,是一种穿着轮滑鞋在平地上滑动的运动,在它的靴子上安装着特殊的轮子 Roller Skating
  • Formerly, roller skates were made of metal wheels attached to frames that were clamped onto conventional shoes. 早些时候,轮滑鞋由金属轮子和由螺丝固定的框架安装在传统的鞋子上构成。 Roller Skating
  • An adaptation of ice skating, roller skating is popular throughout the world, especially in North America, Europe, and Australia, and has increased in general popularity since the 1930s with the building of indoor rinks. 一种改制的冰鞋风靡全球,特别是在北美洲,欧洲和澳大利亚,并且从 1930 年开始在普通人群中流行,并且有了室内的溜冰场。 Roller Skating
  • The introduction in the 1970s of plastic, polyurethane wheels, which allow for greater freedom of movement and more intricate maneuvers, boosted the popularity of roller skating, both indoors and outdoors. 在十九世纪 70 年代引进的塑料,聚亚安酉旨轮子,允许更加自由的活动和更加复杂的技术,轮滑在室内外都很受欢迎。 Roller Skating
  • Manufacturers borrowed further from the design of ice skates to produce in-line skates, also called Rollerblades after a principal manufacturer of the equipment. 制造厂家通过生产同轴嵌入的轮子来开拓更加长远的冰上轮滑设计,并且以制造商的规则命名为旱冰鞋。 Roller Skating
  • The wheels on in-line skates are aligned in a single row, and the faster, more agile skates became popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s. 并且在十九世纪八十到九十年代初在每一单个鞋上衣条直线上的轮子是对齐的,变得更快,更加灵活。 Roller Skating
  • Let’s watch a video 看段视频先。
  • Many people can't distinguish roller skating from Skateboading,so Li Zhenzhou will show you the differences between them. 很多人会把轮滑和滑板弄混,所以让李振洲来为大家介绍一下二者之间有什么不同。 Roller Skating SKATEboarding
  • Finally my turn,I don't say "good moring" any more. 终于轮到我了,我就不说 " 早上好 " 了 SKATEboarding
  • Before ask what is Skateboarding,let's look a video 在问 " 什么是滑板 " 之前,让我们先看一段视频
  • Skateboarding can be a recreational activity, an artform, a job, or a method of transportation. 滑板可以是一项休闲活动,一门艺术,一个职业,或是一种交通工具 SKATEboarding a recreational activity an artform a job a method of transportation ...... SKATEboarding =
  • And as a Skateboarder, we offen say ,Skateboarding is an attitude. 滑手们也经常说,滑板是一种态度! SKATEboarding SKATEboarding is an Attitude !
  • Skateboarding was evolved from surfing. 滑板这项运动是由冲浪演化而来。 SKATEboarding
  • Skateboarding is a popular and ripe sports in some foreign countries,but in China,it is still young. 滑板在国外是一项流行且成熟的运动 , 但是在中国,它还很年轻。 SKATEboarding
  • On the other hand,more and more boys and girls love and join the skateboarding. 另一方面,越来越多的男生女生们喜欢并加入到滑板这项运动中。
  • Many Movie stars are also Skateboarders.Just as Xia Yu,Daniel Wu ,Essay Wang,and the most important one is Detective Conan. 很多电影明星也是一名滑手,例如夏雨、吴彦祖、王啸坤,还有最重要的一个是——柯南。 SKATEboarding
  • Now,let me show you some skateboarding actions, the first one is Ollie—the most basic action in skateboarding. 现在,让我给大家展示一些滑板动作。 第一个动作是 Ollie – 滑板中最基本的动作。
  • The second action is Kickflip. 第二个动作是 Kickflip ( 尖翻 )
  • The third one is Heelflip. 第三个动作是 Heelflip( 跟翻 ).
  • The last one is 360 flip. 最后一个动作是 360 flip ( 打乱 )
  • Because Skateboarding is not familiar to ordinary people,so many people always misunderstand this sport and the skateboarder,for that, I just want to tell you: 因为不熟悉的原因,很多人可能对滑板这项运动或者滑手有些误解,对于些人我只想说: SKATEboarding
  • We Are Not Bad Guys ! 我们不是坏人!