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Lepton provides a location Intelligence platform , MarketPulse, that organize enterprise business information geographically and make it universally accessible and useful in a unified manner to entire Sales & Marketing ecosystem. It facilitate Connect with right people at the right time at the right place, Optimise people and assets, Make better decisions.

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Market pulse

  1. 1. Recipe for a Location Intelligence Solution • • Income, Age distribution, Amenities, Infrastructure GFK, Nielsen, TNS, Demographic IMRB etc. Visualize / Market Research Data Analyze Business Data • • • Location KPIs Intelligence • Sales • Revenues • Performance • Volumes Channels Customers Maps Data • • • • • Predict / Plan / Act Admin Boundaries POIs & Landmarks Navigation maps Land use maps Base map End user benefits
  2. 2. Recipe for a Location Opportunities for Intelligence Solution Enterprises • Customer segmentation • Customer quality analysis • Demographic benchmarking • Planning customized offerings Drill Down Whom to target? Where are they? How are channels doing? Predicting • Channel re-alignment • Predictive modeling • Best fit clusters Planning Monitoring What if? How am I doing? & Where? • Map distribution channels & hierarchies • Sales-force route planning and adherence • Target vs. achievement • KPI Analyses (Maps, Data & Charts) • Dashboards & Reports • Sales, Revenue, Customers
  3. 3. MarketPulse- Key Highlights  Channel/ Hierarchy Mapping - The solution has the capability to map any number of prevalent hierarchies in the enterprise.  Competition Mapping – Solutions enables users to map, visualize and compare competitors presence.  Distribution Gap Analysis - The dealer/retailer spread overlaid against potential market area .  Vicinity Analysis - Perform query to locate point features within a specified distance of another point feature.  Demographic Benchmarking  Ad-hoc querying for train of thought analysis  Route Rationalization for FOS  Customer Service as a differentiator  Target v/s Achievement Analysis  Rich Dash boarding/Charting Capability
  4. 4. MarketPulse- Benefits  Fully web based solution built on Google Technology  Requires single deployment at central location. .  24*7 Accessible – Any time, Any where and Any through Any Smart Device.  Performance, trends, operational inefficiencies, causal analysis, new expansion areas, market potential and benchmarking against competition – in minutes rather than hours!  Export and share important analyses across various stake holders with in the enterprise.  Automated analysis and data conversion leading to enhanced productivity.  Collaborative & accelerated decision making.  A flexible yet exhaustive & user-friendly way to search for regions with high market potential with favorable business/geographic and demographic environment.  Market Pulse solution has a configuration based approach, and can be implemented with very little programming effort other than modifications to reports and forms.  The flexibility to add additional processes as business grows or changes.
  5. 5. Channel/Hierarchy Mapping Effective visualization of related large data sets – e.g. thousand / lakhs of POS (Point of Sales ) across the geography Visibility into business performance at the inmost levels in terms of Geography and Resources
  6. 6. Competition Mapping Solution enables the user to visualize the competitors presence against own current existence in order to exploit opportunities and capitalize on strengths Superior knowledge of opponents offers a legitimate source of competitive advantage
  7. 7. Distribution Gap Analysis Analyzing current existence to the extent to which they can meet market demands The market research data combined with the spatial and time-series component can be really large.
  8. 8. Vicinity Analysis The process involves creating a buffer around existing network and identifying areas with favorable mix of various demographic parameters for expansion.
  9. 9. Demographic Benchmarking Identifying potential areas for recurring revenue, attractive profit margins, customer retention, grabbing new business Heat Maps for identifying the potential areas for market penetration and acquiring customers
  10. 10. Ad-hoc querying Solution provides an intuitive web-based interactive interface for business users to create or modify their queries/ reports. Asset to the decision makers to self-serve their reports instantaneously , who need to dynamically analyze data
  11. 11. Route rationalization for FOS (Feet On Street) Solution has the capability to provide suggestions such as node to node routing, shortest route calculation, isochrones construction and route optimization. Assigning , monitoring and Coordinating on Real time basis !
  12. 12. Sales force Tracking and Management  Field Force Tracking  Assign Beat Plan  Monitor Adherence to Beat Plan  Check-In/Check-out to the stores  Capture Store Information  Capture Competitors Information  Visit Planner
  13. 13. Customer Service as a differentiator Customer queries for the route to the nearest Dealer / Store / Service center etc. Share the driving directions with the customer - in real time !
  14. 14. Target v/s Achievement The solution enables the users to set targets for various KPIs across different levels within the mapped hierarchies and also benchmark the performance against those target values.
  15. 15. Dashboards & Reports Integrated with maps, these dashboards are invaluable in providing a bird’s eye view of the business spread over specific geography and across the key performance parameters. There are executive dashboards, operational dashboards and network dashboards that can be used to cater to different user needs and roles in the organization
  16. 16. Dashboards & Reports The module can be integrated with communication systems – e.g. sms/email – in order to send alerts/notifications to the user based upon thresholds set in specific dashboards.
  17. 17. Result of Analysis Map View • Overlays the result of the analysis on to the maps Data View • Populates the entire data for the analyzed KPI Analysis View • Relevant charts and Graphs for the analysis
  18. 18. Deployment Architecture
  19. 19. Bill Of Material (BOM)- Production
  20. 20. Bill Of Material (BOM)- SIT
  21. 21. Reference Innovation & Transformation Projects Overall Best IT Project For Airtel Google’s biggest deal worldwide for Enterprise Wide SingleGIS Platform deal for one of worlds biggest business houses spanning Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing etc.