SQL Storage Manager


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Comprehensive Solution to Simplify SQL Server Management Read more http://www.lepide.com/sql-storage-manager/

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SQL Storage Manager

  1. 1. Lepide SQL Storage Manager Comprehensive Solution to Simplify SQL Server Management
  2. 2. What is Lepide SQL Storage Manager (LSSM) ?Lepide SQL Storage Manager is acomprehensive tool for SQL managementthat lets the user analyze the storage andperformance structure of SQL Server. It is acomplete solution that enables the users tomanage SQL server objects, work on thedatabase schema and get a clear idea aboutthe performance and storage managementof SQL Server database
  3. 3. Need of Using LSSMAs more and more companies are now using SQLServer for their database management, there is ahigh demand for solution that can simplify theprocedure of SQL database management. Also, asdatabases continue to grow in size, manyenterprises are looking for the most appropriatemethod to manage and control their use. As aresult, there is a need for a proper system thatcould not just streamline the SQL databasemanagement but also reduce the costs associatedwith implementing efficient databaseadministration. All these can be achieved by usingLepide SQL storage manager
  4. 4. Use of LSSMLSSM helps the administrator in gaining a clear view ofsize, usage, growth and performance of SQL Server. Inaddition to providing clear details about theperformance, storage management, and database schemaof SQL Server, it also keeps the administrator notifiedabout any performance issue of SQL database. With thistool, user can efficiently analyze the requirements ofSQL database, evaluate the performance and plan forfuture expansion
  5. 5. Key Functionalities of LSSM Allows defining of threshold to get automatic alerts when any instance, database, file or filegroup actually needs defragmentation and lets you schedule defragmentation accordingly  Make more space out of the same storage space by shrinking database, file, file groups with LSSM’s simplified database shrinking facility Improve data manipulation and search performance by reorganizing heaps and indexes and eliminating the need to carry the tedious steps and complex procedures of rearranging fragmented data in a database. Advanced partition management to help you quickly and conveniently Create, Switch, Alter and remove partitions from Tables and Index level without using complex native services. View disk status and know storage details like database overview, storage usage (available and used space) and performance statistics, disk I/O rates and Instance memory. Also know about the storage status i.e. Critical, Warning and Normal.
  6. 6. More Functionalities… Manage partition more effectively by automating the process of partition management for new data by creating Sliding Windows scenario Get real time alerts on SQL events and database performance and get notified when something needs your immediate attention. Set alerts for a varied range of situations and occurrences and take required initiatives on time. Analyze current growth pattern of database size and forecast future growth for selected Databases, Instance, Tables, and Indexes. Plan for the future disk space requirements by managing space accordingly Schedule jobs such as Database Defragmentation, Shrinking, and Sliding Window Partitioning etc. to get the job done in time without manual intervention. Also, get alerts when a certain job is completed successfully Set email alerts and get notified through email to verify whether a scheduled job is executed or not
  7. 7. Benefits of Using LSSM Provides comprehensive overview of current performance of SQL Server database and generate reports to ensure that the database components keep operating constrained by resource capacity limits Facilitates Storage management at server group, instance, and database level Provides modern diagnostics at affordable price and eliminates the need of expensive consultant to manage SQL database Provides user friendly wizard to perform SQL Server administrative tasks effortlessly Offers instant installation and easy to use interface
  8. 8. What Makes LSSM Better than Competition Effective report generation facility of LSSM provides administrators with detailed information about the performance and storage of database and its filegroup. With the help of detailed reports administrators can conduct all essential storage management related tasks more effectively and at right time. The Database Shrinking facility offered by Lepide SQL Storage Manager helps in improving database storage capacity and frees up unused space at the end of the file. It offers different shrinking options to let administrator effectively shrink and free up the disk space. LSSM offers an easy-to-use interface for object partition management. The wizard provided by the software helps in creating, merging and splitting, converting partitioned tables and indexes, and switching partitions from one table to another In addition to enabling the administrator to define fragmentation threshold and schedule database fragmentation, LSSM also provides object fragmentation report and helps in conducting a proper analysis of fragmentation of database objects
  9. 9. LSSM – Worth Buying Proper usage of Lepide SQL Storage Manager can simplify database management tasks as well make it possible for admin to easily manage the SQL Server objects and native services. It is a cost-effective tool that can make it possible to analyze current disk usage as well as forecast future disk space requirements. It helps in simplifying SQL Server management and reducing storage cost significantly.
  10. 10. Download Demo VersionLepide SQL Storage Manager is available as free demoversion. To explore the potential of the software beforepurchasing it, download the demo version of the tool.Visit - http://www.lepide.com/sql-storage-manager/download.html
  11. 11. For more information about Lepide SQL Storage Manager Visit - http://www.lepide.com/sql-storage-manager/ For any queries , contact our support Visit - http://www.lepide.com/support.html