Vietnam Youth to Business Forum July 2013 Report


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Vietnam Youth to Business Forum July 2013 Report

  1. 1. Event Report National Y2B Forum – July 2013 – Ho Chi Minh Powered by National Partners
  2. 2. 1. Introduction 2. Agenda 3. Audience Profile 4. Keynote speech 5. Workshops 5. Panel Talk 6. Testimonial 7. Key moment 8. Media 9. Our Partners 10. Next Edition – Hanoi 11. Contacts Index 2 Powered by 03 04 05 26 28 23 10 4.1 – Education to Employment 4.2 – Technology Innovation 4.3 – Responsible Entrepreneurship 07 08 09 30 31 32 33
  3. 3. Vietnam Youth to Business aims to connect young leaders and businesses around relevant topics to Vietnam and the world, generating actionable ideas and thoughts about the future. The uniqueness of the event is enabling a platform for dialogue and an exchange of ideas between young people from all over the country and great minds among business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. This event is the national edition of more than 160 forums realized yearly in 113 countries and territories. Youth to Business Forum is an initiative powered by AIESEC, the largest student run organization in the world. Introduction 3 Powered by
  4. 4. Agenda 4
  5. 5. 1st – 18% 2nd – 32% 3rd – 25% 4th – 14% 5th – 1% Graduated – 9% Year of Study Business – 42% Interior design – 3% IT – 3% Finance – 22% Marketing – 14% Accounting – 2% Language – 5% Others – 10% University BackgroundUniversity Background Audience Profile Highlights A big part of audience has background related to business management (42%). Besides that, major related to finance and accounting also reach to 24%, marketing is 14%. In addition, Y2B attracted 3% Interior design. 3% IT and over 10% student from other majors. 55% of audience is still on 2nd and 3rd years of University life and 24% is ready for graduation. 5
  6. 6. Three Guest Speakers share their ideas or experience around three main topics with the flow: what-why-how to give main ideas about those topics based on current issues in Vietnam. Keynote Speech Partners 6
  7. 7. Mr. Henry Nguyen Bao Hoang Managing General Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam “‘Staying positive and keeping following your dream no matter which steps you take was what really inspired me to move on even though my major at university does not suit me well. Your story was of great values to those who are seeking direction like me.” Audience FeedbackSpeaker 7 Education to Employment Content The big gap between companies’ needs and what are being offered at our formal education system and how youth come up with ideas to connect business in youth development
  8. 8. Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai CEO of Becamex Technology and Innovation Center “Listening to his experience about starting and running his own company inspired me for striving for excellence.” Audience FeedbackSpeaker 8 Technology Innovation Content An overview on how technology environment in VN, the important role of technology as well as the challenges in technology we meet
  9. 9. Mr. Tran Vu Hoai Vice president of Corporate Relations Manager, Unilever Vietnam “This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to deeply understand how a business like Unilever is demonstrating its responsibility towards environment and society via its entrepreneurship. It would be even greater if we could discuss further how to create the mindset of responsible entrepreneurship for each employee at Unilever.” Audience FeedbackSpeaker 9 Responsible Entrepreneurship Content Entrepreneurial leadership with the consistent social responsibility and USLP General Concept
  10. 10. Workshops Powered by 10 Partners
  11. 11. Ms. Dinh Hong Van Marketing Director – Oral care business “I could know what Unilever has been doing to bring their products to life of many people around Vietnam, raising their awareness of protecting their health..” She talked about proactive entrepreneurial behavior with optimizing risk, innovating to take advantage of opportunities and the consistent social responsibility and Lifebuoy USLP Concept Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme Entrepreneurial leadership with the consistent social responsibility 11 Yes Are you satisfied with the content? Acceptable - 60% Good – 40% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 20% Good – 60% Excellent– 20%
  12. 12. He presented the nature of Responsible and Sustainable Company, How a Responsible Company can grow sustainably? And The entrepreneurial thinking of employee about Sustainability Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme How a responsible business to the development of community can grow sustainably? 12 Mr. Nguyen Vu Hao Head of Sales - Akzo Nobel “The best moment that I had experienced was that when we had a team discussion. As a surprise, we won the second prize and was one of the two winners who will have a chance to have dinner with CEO of Azkonobel, which is amazing.” Acceptable - 38% Good – 50% Excellent – 13% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 25% Good – 50% Excellent – 25% Are you satisfied with the content?
  13. 13. He showed us How is Real Estate relevant in building lives worth living? What make a Career and Business in RE? And How would carry along to achieve mission? Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme Entrepreneurship…"to build lives worth living" 13 Mr. Tran Phuc Thanh Managing Director of Todd’s Realty “The beginning part and Q&A. Mr. Thanh really attract me and inspire me a lot. By the way, he was easy to get close and funny.” Acceptable - 40% Good – 60% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 50% Good – 40% Excellent – 10% Are you satisfied with the content?
  14. 14. He gave us an overview on how tech startups environment in Vietnam, the challenges in technology start up in Vietnam Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme Vietnamese startups in technology 14 Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai CEO of Becamex Technology and Innovation Center “Getting new view about startups in technology in Vietnam. I was inspired by Mr. Hai. I can feel his passion in this industry.“ Acceptable - 27% Good – 60% Excellent – 13% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 40% Good – 53% Excellent – 7% Are you satisfied with the content?
  15. 15. He gave students opportunity to know what learned from university and what learned from personal experience? And How to write a good CV with STAR approach. Audience Feedback Speaker Workshop Theme Passion Bridge 15 Mr. Le Canh Phuc Head of Human Resources- Lien A “The event last for one day long, but time flies so fast when you're having fun and receiving so many useful knowledge. My direction were really blur before, but now after join the workshop of Liên Á , I know that I am the master of my own life! Once again thank you AIESEC and Liên Á” Acceptable - 11% Good – 67% Excellent – 22% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 67% Good – 22% Excellent – 11% Are you satisfied with the content?
  16. 16. He presented Vietnam Labor Market Findings with many useful information about Vietnam compared to SEA countries, what do employers want from candidate and helped students to know how ready are Vietnam candidates/fresh grads? Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme Growing gap between what business needs and what education provides 16 Mr. Justin Tran Account Manager at “I really liked the case because I might be in the shoes of the character in the case. The guest speaker gave me useful pieces of advice and I appreciated for this.” Good – 67% Excellent – 33% Workshop Case competition Good – 67% Excellent – 33% Are you satisfied with the content?
  17. 17. He helped students to understand the major concepts of professional communication and a major tool or technique for being more effective is the “agreement frame Audience Feedback Speaker Workshop Theme The 7 secrets to influence - How to communicate like a professional when transitioning from university to work. 17 Mr. Michel Le Quellec CEO of WallStreet English South East Asia “The content was very useful and the immediate examples allows us to apply right away the knowledge. The speaker also made us laugh a lot and thus making the workshop more interactive and entertaining. All the coordinators and speaker did their best to please the attendees and they all were very dedicated to the workshop. Great workshop.“ Acceptable - 20% Good – 60% Excellent – 20% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 67% Good – 22% Excellent – 11% Are you satisfied with the content?
  18. 18. He gave students the overview about the important role of technology innovation nowadays and the revolutionary technology with banking. Audience Feedback Speaker Workshop Theme The influence of technology innovation in business growth 18 Mr. Raja Sridhar Athreya (Sai) Head of Business Banking Division Techcombank “The content and the structure of the workshop are quite vast and pretty hard to get.“ “I like this workshop. Although it’s a little bit hard, I think it’s okay because I am the one seeking for challenge.” Acceptable - 33% Good – 67% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 33% Good – 33% Excellent – 33% Are you satisfied with the content?
  19. 19. She gave students an overview about CSR and why should we have CSR in organization nowadays Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme Responsible Entrepreneurship 19 Ms. Nicola Connolly General Director – Adecco Vietnam “Living in a country where the ‘unusual’ things become usual, we, the young generation, are aware of being responsible for changing the situation. What Adecco is doing could be a role model for us to follow.” Acceptable - 38% Good – 44% Excellent – 18% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 38% Good – 50% Excellent – 12% Are you satisfied with the content?
  20. 20. He gave students an overview about start up with CSR and how youth would approach to make impact? Audience Feedback Speaker Workshop Theme CSR for startup-Can the business itself be responsible 20 Mr. Hua Hoai Nam Founder, Chairman and Director at ADP Architects “I love this workshop so much because of its attractive and practical topic to business lovers like me. Joining this workshop, I was told about 3 typical examples of startup companies. I have gained many things not only about business but also about society. Moreover, I had a chance to work as a team with some strange but lovely young people coming from different universities and at different age. My team was full of excitement and laugh.” Acceptable - 44% Good – 33% Excellent – 23% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 44% Good – 34% Excellent – 22% Are you satisfied with the content?
  21. 21. He gave students an overview about Students’ difficulties in workplace and 9 golden rules for success Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme What skills you need to kick off your career. How to bridge the gap between university and workplace. 21 Mr. Truong Minh Tu Trainer at Dale Carnegie Vietnam “I was a little bit overwhelmed when listening to my peers sharing their thoughts about potential obstacles when stepping into business world. However, “6 leverage of success” of Gennext is impactful enough for better career preparation. “ Acceptable - 42% Good – 50% Excellent – 8% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 50% Good – 50% Are you satisfied with the content?
  22. 22. He gave students 12 things needed for students’ life-long success, which they cannot find in their universities Audience FeedbackSpeaker Workshop Theme 12 things they don’t teach you in universities 22 Mr. Truong Quoc Huy Client Services Manager - Profiles International Vietnam “Actually, the 12 things that they told us were something were very familiar but we have forgotten for a long time. So it was easy to understand what he delivered. But I hope to see something more specific and more special.” Acceptable - 40% Good – 40% Excellent – 20% Workshop Case competition Acceptable - 40% Good – 60% Are you satisfied with the content?
  23. 23. Four invited speakers shared different opinions in a “Round Table” discussion. Ignited by the event’s theme, the speakers had a deep discussion about the significance of responsible learning creating responsible business. Panel Talk 23 Supporters
  24. 24. Panel Speakers 24 Ms. Nguyen Phuong Loan Vice President of Human Resources, Unilever Vietnam Mr. Raja Sridhar Athreya (Sai) Head of Business Banking Division Techcombank Ms. Nguyen Huong Quynh Director Of Retail Measurement Service Nielsen Vietnam Ms. Mai Thi Hanh Former President of AIESEC Vietnam Ms. Cao Phuong Ha (Host) CEO/Country Manager, Vietnam
  25. 25. Panel Evaluation 25 86% Of delegates evaluated discussion content as excellent or good. Of delegates evaluated theme as excellent or good. 86% Panel Theme Panel Discussion Excellent – 31% Good – 55% Others – 14% 53%37% Excellent – 37% Good – 49% Others – 14% 44% 39%
  26. 26. Testimonial 26 “Generally, Y2B forum was organized well, from the stage of marketing, tickets delivery to the end of the event. I had many happy moments and learnt many lessons from the forum. Thank the Organization Board for bringing this helpful event for young generation. So proud of you! Hope you can make better and better events like this for students to learn and experience!” “I am a fourth year student, and I study at a university which have never heard any information referring AIESEC. Luckily, in the end of 2012, a staff of Kimber Clark company invited your organization to me and I found you on Facebook. I started to attend activities from AIESEC at that time, such as: cover letter competition, job fair recently and this forum. To be honest, your members and your organization really impress me, all of you are so great. I wish in future AIESEC can expand network to those university which teaching technology, yeah I mean that at University of technology or university of technical education, we rarely have any your information, your survival. All best wish for AIESEC.”
  27. 27. Testimonial 27 “This is the first time I've been to such a big event. I really like it and hope it will occur annually. I will definitely come back again next year.” “Y2B isn't about business its all about encouraging. Nice forum and conference. Doing more and better for future. Success for All.” “I have attended many workshops/conferences, and seems feel familiar and somehow bored of this kind of event. But Youth to Business 2013 has made me surprised, then amazed, and enjoyed. Thanks Organizing Committee for your great effort and passion.”
  28. 28. Key Moment 28
  29. 29. Key Moment Vietnam Youth to Business Forum’s photo gallery: Flickr (click link to access) 29
  30. 30. Media 30  8ed8-4592-97d8-1f436710fa9b          Press Conference Date: 21st June 2013 Venue: 51 Nguyen Cu Trinh, ward 1, Ho Chi Minh. The conference gathered more than 40 online, offline and TV channels with the presence of nearly 80 journalists. Objectives, scale, format, participants of Vietnam Youth to Business 2013 and AIESEC in general was publicized to all the presses. Press Release Media Partners
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. Next Edition Powered by Hanoi January 2014 32
  33. 33. Contacts 33 Powered by Nguyen Bao Khanh Organizing Committee President Mobile: +84 166 8393 992 Email: Nguyen Hoang Vu Nghi Special Event Manager Mobile: +84 946 851 859 Email: Le Dinh Thuy Linh External Relations Manager Mobile: +84 126 662 3017 Email: