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  • Me parece muy interesante el trabajo que realizas, en pro de la construcción de un Planeta Sostenible que todos anhelamos!
    Un cálido saludo desde Bogotá.
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Mars Vapours Final

  1. 1. " To conserve the environment by joining hands with every mankind to blossom passion in heart, mind and body through inspiration, information and enabling for a better living today and tomorrow”
  2. 2. Value Addition by Mars Vapours. Enlighten Reduce Earn Additional Green Adherence Revenue Out Corporate Carbon Environmental Reduce Cost of Carbon Social Footprint Regulations Credit. Responsibility (CSR)
  3. 3. About Us Our Services Mars Vapours is a dynamic and flexible organization with a global vision and a local focus, as the  Undertaking Pre feasibility core team is having 10 years experience in various and Feasibility studies to related fields to provide a unique approach to the identify areas in any industry business of CDM and Energy Efficient Consultancy, where energy efficiency is Carbon Trading and Carbon Neutrality. Dynamic and possible dedicated workforce of the team Members has brought  Assessing CDM possibilities together a performance-driven and result oriented on the identified areas culture. Our strength lies in the consortium with whom we bring in plethora services to various sectors all  Bringing in competent aiming towards GHG emissions and striving energy companies which are our security. associates to carry out energy efficiency audits as well as implementation of the same. In the initial period the focus was mainly on  Act on behalf of our Clients research activities in the fields of energy, environment, as Owner's Energy Efficiency and sustainable development. The genesis of these Consultant to ensure that the activities lay in Mars Vapours, firmly believe that companies thus entrusted with the jobs complete the same as efficient utilization of energy, sustainable use of natural per the requirements of the resources, large-scale adoption of renewable energy clients. technologies and reduction of all forms of waste would move the process of development towards the goal of sustainability.  PDD preparation for CDM registration  Registration of the Energy Efficiency project at UNFCCC Mars Vapours has made aggressive efforts in the under CDM. above said direction, which takes the company towards a transforming phase. We are very clear, that what we  Arranging Buyers of CER's stand for – “aggressive consistent action towards our once implemented and CER's mission”. are issued by UNFCCC.
  4. 4. ● ● ● We will be glad to associate as an Owner Consultant to achieve optimum Benefits with our expertise. If you have any queries or would like additional information Call us  – 91-90367 95293 Contact Us. Mars Vapours Carbon Foot Print Pvt Ltd Mangalore India – 575005 Email: Associates Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata ● ● ● ● ● ●