Geography 7th gov types


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Geography 7th gov types

  1. 1. Types of Governments Grade 7 Social Studies Online Presentation
  2. 2. Blueprint Skill: Governance & Civics Grade 7Define the different types of governments(i.e., democracy, autocracy, oligarchy,monarchy, and dictatorship).
  3. 3. DemocracyIn a democracy, the government is elected bythe people. Everyone who is eligible to votehas a chance to have their say over who runsthe country. It is distinct from governmentscontrolled by a particular social class or group(aristocracy; oligarchy) or by a single person(despotism; dictatorship; monarchy).A democracy is determined either directly orthrough elected representatives.
  4. 4. AutocracyGovernment by a single person havingunlimited power; despotism (dominationthrough threat of punishment andviolence) .
  5. 5. OligarchyA government in which a few peoplesuch as a dominant clan or clique havepower.
  6. 6. MonarchyA monarchy has a king, queen, emperor orempress.The ruling position can be passed on to theruler’s heirs.In some traditional monarchies, the monarchhas absolute power.But a constitutional monarchy, like the UK,also has a democratic government that limitsthe monarchs control.
  7. 7. Dictatorship A country ruled by asingle leader. The leaderhas not been electedand may use force tokeep control.In a military dictatorship,the army is in control.
  8. 8. AnarchyAnarchy is a situation where there is nogovernment. This can happen after acivil war in a country, when agovernment has been destroyed andrival groups are fighting to take itsplace.Anarchists are people who believe thatgovernment is a bad thing in that itstops people organizing their own lives.
  9. 9. CapitalistIn a capitalist or free-market country,people can own their own businessesand property. People can also buyservices for private use, such ashealthcare.But most capitalist governments alsoprovide their own education, health andwelfare services.
  10. 10. CommunistIn a communist country, thegovernment owns property such asbusinesses and farms.It provides its peoples healthcare,education and welfare.
  11. 11. RepublicA republic is a country that has nomonarch.The head of the country is usually anelected president.
  12. 12. RevolutionaryIf a government isoverthrown by force,the new ruling groupis sometimes called arevolutionarygovernment.
  13. 13. TotalitarianThis is a country withonly one politicalparty.People are forced todo what thegovernment tells themand may also beprevented fromleaving the country.
  14. 14. Ready for a quiz? Play Government Squares
  15. 15. Inspired byA Game of X’s and O’s
  16. 16. 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9
  17. 17. Scoreboard 1 2 3 X 4 5 6 O 7 8 9 Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins
  18. 18. 1This form of government is elected by the people and everyone is eligible to vote.
  19. 19. 1Home Democracy
  20. 20. 2A government ruled by a king, queen,emperor or empress.
  21. 21. 2Home Monarchy
  22. 22. 3A country ruled by a single leader. The leaderhas not been elected and may use force tokeep control.
  23. 23. 3Home Dictatorship
  24. 24. 4Government by a single person havingunlimited power; despotism (dominationthrough threat of punishment and violence).
  25. 25. 4Home Autocracy
  26. 26. 5The government owns property such asbusinesses and farms and provides itspeoples healthcare, education and welfare.
  27. 27. 5Home Communism
  28. 28. 6A situation where there is nogovernment.
  29. 29. 6Home Anarchy
  30. 30. 7The ruling group that forms when agovernment is overthrown by force.
  31. 31. 7Home Revolutionary
  32. 32. 8A government in which a few people suchas a dominant clan or clique have power.
  33. 33. 8Home Oligarchy
  34. 34. 9A country that has no monarch, but isheaded by an elected president or officialis a ________.
  35. 35. 9Home Republic
  36. 36. ResourcesThe Democracy ProjectBBC Types of GovernmentWorld Population Under VariousGovernmentsDictator for A DayTypes of Governments