Library Skills, Using of Table of Contents and Index
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Library Skills, Using of Table of Contents and Index






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Library Skills, Using of Table of Contents and Index Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Reading is the magic keyA journey to the world of BOOKS that takes where you want to be.
  • 2. Table of Contentsis defined as a list of abook or a document thatis arranged according tothe order of itsappearance or sequencein the book or document.Documents that havemore thanten pages usually have atable of contents.
  • 3. Table of ContentsIt includes the titles anddescription of the headersor sections of the book ordocument, and in booksthat contain works ofdifferent authors, theirnames are also listed onthe table of contents.The page numbers arealso indicated.
  • 4. Table of ContentsIt appears after the titlepage and copyrightnotices, before theforeword, the preface, andthe lists of tables. A goodtable of contents is onethat only has two pages atthe most.
  • 5. What is the importance of the table of contents?
  • 6. The importance oftable of contents isthat, it helps youlocate the exactpage of the topicyou want to find.It is also consideredas a table guide infinding a specifictopic.
  • 7. INDEXAn index, on the otherhand, is defined as a list ofwords or headings that areused as locators of usefulmaterials that arecontained in a book ordocument. It can be asmany pages as there aremany important items inthe document.
  • 8. INDEXThere are indexes ofauthors, articles, references, and others that arelisted alphabetically.It appears at the end ofthe book or documentcontaining particularwords, pages, andconcepts that areincluded in thedocument.
  • 9. What is the importance of the INDEX?
  • 10. The importance ofindex is that, it helpsyou locate the exactpage of the topicyou want to findthrough the use ofkeywords.It is also consideredto be used easilybecause it wasarrangedalphabetically.
  • 11. Let’s see what you have learned…Answer page 79, activity 1, numbers 1-2Provide what is asked, answer directly, write it on a 1/4 sheet ofpaper.
  • 12. Now to use yourtable of contentsand index you mustconsider thefollowing:1. Book being used2. Topic relevance3. Keywords4. Page number
  • 13. Let’s see what you have learned… 1. Nonviolent Communication Skill 2. Practice of stewardship/simpli city 3. Involving children in social action 4. Integrating prayer and social action 5. Violence in the community 6. Nonsexist family life 7. Examining our own prejudice 8. Television violence 9. Discipline consequences and punishments 10. Friends in our home
  • 14. Remember This:1.A table of contents is a list of the parts of a book or document while an index is a list of importantwords, concepts, and other useful materials in a book or document.2.A table of contents is located at the beginning of the document usually after the title page and copyright notices while an index is located at the end of the document.3.Only those documents that are more than ten pages must have a table of contents while any document can have an index. 4.The contents in a table of contents are arranged according to their appearance in the document or insequence while the contents of an index are arranged alphabetically. 5.There are many professional indexers while there are no professional table of contents creators.
  • 15. 1.Group yourselves into five.2. Find a book in the library where you can have it as areference in creating a 10-paged book with your owntable of contents and index.3. Do it as a word document and email it or message via facebook.With your names embedded on the first page.4. Deadline will be on Thursday.