The Dream Lynx Group Media Kit


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The Dream Lynx Group Media Kit

  1. 1. Our Company 10 YEARS DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS Why We’re Different // Our staff is comprised of marketing specialists, advertisers, designers, writers, producers and media buyers. We come from all corners of the world, from metropolitan New York to rural Lakeland, Florida. We think locally and respond globally. Our diversified backgrounds, personalities, and creativity make us unique, but one thing ties us all together. We are committed to creating great campaigns that capture and convey our clients’ brand essence in a way that makes people sit up and take notice. What You Can Expect // You can expect a team of individuals that is dedicated to producing quality work that is rooted in research, development, and experience. We know when you invest in our services; you are investing in us, and expect results. Truth is, every company has different goals and expectations. We will work with you to discover and define what those goals are and then implement a strategy to achieve them. We do not accept mediocrity within our organization nor expect you to with our efforts and execution. Our Team // The “DreamLynx Team” relies on a collaboration of: efficiency, knowledge, creative thinking, and years of experience our clients have come to depend on. Our team’s diverse background drives our strong understanding of the global nature of business in the 21st century. Thanks to our international environment, we speak many languages and have a wide range of experience in business strategy, marketing, advertising, research, and technology — the pillars of our D.R.E.A.M.TM system. Each of us has a distinctive creative edge that responds to our clients’ needs to create a brand recognition that will make people notice and respond positively. The DreamLynx Group’ diversity creates a magnificent resource of talent and ideas that lead to superior promotional campaigns that integrate the latest marketing philosophies, advertising media, and online branding technologies — including social media, blogs and search engine optimization. Our organization stands out from the competition by creating competitive differentiation that applies knowledge, leadership and a strong sense of ownership for the work we perform for our clients. Our “Dream Team” of professionals will assist you in navigating through the creative process to achieve the optimal results according to your specific goals and objectives. The DreamLynx Group is proud of the creativity and knowledge that we provide for our clients — and it shows in every market strategy, advertising campaign, and creative product we produce. Global Footprint // Our strategies span the entire global arena. Below is just a sample of locations where we have assisted organizations with our international business marketing platforms. • Australia • Panama • Italy • Brazil • Russia • Puerto Rico • Bulgaria • South Africa • New Zealand • Canada • Spain • Ireland • Colombia • Switzerland • Scotland • England • USA • China • Germany • Venezuela • Japan • Mexico • Russia • Amsterdam Targeting Global Market // The DreamLynx Group can help your company migrate its marketing message and create opportunity.
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  3. 3. DreamLynx FX CREATIVE VISION, REAL IMPACT Effective Creative // Great creative should communicate many things. On a basic level, it should communicate four things: who you are, what your product or service is, why someone should buy your product or service, and how they can buy it. We believe that great creative should also do one more thing and we believe it’s the most important thing. Great creative should get results. Our team has been classically trained to produce creative that gets results. Even better, we have extensive experience in how to apply proven creative techniques to traditional and new media. From magazine ads to TV spots, websites to comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns, our creative team delivers results. Our team is always learning new ways to communicate in the most visually appealing way possible. Creative Solutions // • Advertising Campaigns • Brand Identity • Copywriting and Web Content • Corporate Communication • Design Services • Experiential Advertising • Guerilla Advertising • Interactive Development • Message Development • Publishing and Print • Social Media Development • TV & Radio Advertising • Web Design and Development • Video Production • DVD Production • WordP`ress and Blog Development • Viral Advertising • Bill Board Placement Developing Your Strategy MARKETING FOR SUCCESS Marketing // When it comes to building or realigning your brand, a strategic approach is absolutely necessary to set your company up for success. Our D.R.E.A.M.™ marketing process provides a proven framework that delivers quantifiable returns. You need to see the world through the eyes of your customer and through our research and experience The DreamLynx Group can help you do just that. Strategies // Our strategic approach can help your brand acquire, retain and nurture customer relationships, resulting in increased brand loyalty and providing your company with a better dollar value per acquisition. In addition, our background in multicultural and international marketing gives us an advantage over other agencies. Our experience enables us to successfully migrate your message and engage other cultures with your unique brand. Additionally, our marketing campaigns have been successful with markets around the globe by focusing on the unique behaviors of local buyers. From your sales campaigns to branding needs, you can rest assured that our team will successfully identify, track and develop an effective marketing strategy to bring the results your company needs. Experience // Over the last 10 years, our team has had the privilege to work on projects from top companies in the following industries and vertical markets: • Animation • Arts • Automotive • Aviation • Banking • Books • Broadcast Media • Brokerage • Construction • Cosmetics • Dentistry • Distribution • E-commerce • Education • Energy • Engineering • Entertainment • Fashion & Clothing • Financial Services • Food & Beverage • Green Services • Healthcare • Hospitality • Industrial • IT • Jewelry • Law • Logistics • Medical Services • Music • Photography • Printing • Radio • Real Estate • Retail • Software Development • Sports • Staffing • Telecommunications • Tourism • Tradeshows • Training Effective Targeting COMMUNICATION THAT GETS RESULTS
  4. 4. Effective Advertising // Creative advertising needs to be effective and results driven. Only through research and constant iteration can we understand consumer behavior and market changes. We tailor your message precisely and place your creative in the best communication channels available. Now is the time to demand cost effectiveness and precision when making advertising decisions. This can be achieved through strong relationships with media channels and an excellent understanding of the way they work. At The DreamLynx Group, we utilize effective targeting produces results. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest design trends, technological tactics and eye candy that many creative agencies produce. However, if the strategy behind these efforts is weak or nonexistent, you can expect an ineffective advertising campaign. At The DreamLynx Group, the creative we produce is based on your overall branding strategy. This means that data from our comprehensive market research, in concert with our award winning creative team, contribute to the advertising we produce. Our D.R.E.A.M.™ process provides insight to our creative team, which enables us to match the marketing strategy with an appropriate creative strategy. Appropriate Communication Channels // Is your current agency selecting communication channels based on what they think will work or what they know will work? At The DreamLynx Group our media buying decisions are based on getting the best ROI for you. Producing results for our clients is our top priority. Social networking websites and mobile applications are changing the way we communicate, and as a result, how brands advertise. But how much of your budget should be allocated to these new methods of communication? Many of our clients have migrated a significant amount of their budget to target consumers in these communication channels, but none of them have jumped in blindly. At The DreamLynx Group we develop strategies based on proven research methods and facts to determine how your target markets are changing. We then show our clients how big the opportunities are, recommend specific tactics and deliver results. Media Placement // Our media placement department relies heavily on experience and research to select the most cost effective communication channels to reach your customers. Over the past 10 years we have developed strong relationships with the traditional mass communication media to guarantee the best reach and rates for our clients’ campaigns.   Meet The Executive Board THE DREAMLYNX GROUP MANAGEMENT Dan Serrano, A.C.E. – Chief Executive Officer, Production & Creative Director In the beginning; the company was only a small computer combined with one individual’s enormous amount of creativity. Dan’s love for films, movies, graphics and music was just a hobby until he realized his potential. His talent continued to mature and develop as he quickly learned the nuances of the production business. Dan rapidly gained a well respected reputation in the industry by building Websites, creating 3D Visual FX, as well as Video Editing. He continued his passion and learning endeavor by pursing a mastery of the digital arts. As his notoriety increased he was asked to begin working on production, marketing and graphic projects for some very large and well respected organizations. Dan continued to expand his infatuation with the industry and moved into high level digital arts and graphics. These expanded areas include: Adobe, Maya, Avid and Apple just to name a few. Dan has amassed a comprehensive set of qualifications and certifications that creates a unique vantage point for a post-production specialist in the ever expanding world of digital arts. This set of qualifications allows Dan the ability to comprehend and participate in every aspect of projects committed to The DreamLynx Group. Dan has worked in the Digital arts arena for almost two decades and brings that wealth of expertise and knowledge to propel any project or company to a new plateau. He can enhance every aspect of an organizations creativity and identity, from business cards, logos, independent films, or just a new corporate identity. Dan has developed a process that provides Hollywood class results without the Hollywood price tag often associated with this level of quality. He has provided services for organizations know worldwide and many fortune 500 companies. Some of the organizations that have utilized his services are: Universal Studios, Disney Corp., Time/Warner, MGM, Hampton Inn Hotels & Suites and Chick-Fil-A. Dan continues to enhance his skill sets while expanding his organization with individuals of an equal caliber to continually enhance the products and services his customers receive. Dan is a certified trainer in: Avid, Final Cut Pro, Autodesk, Adobe, Dreamweaver, Swishmax and many more titles. He is happily married to his wife of 10 years Tanya and they have one son Devin. Kevin E. Rushing – Chief Operations Officer, ABD, MSM Kevin came very highly recommended to The DreamLynx Group due to his education, experience, and integrity. He has been in the financial and advertising arena for over two decades. He has worked for the United States Army, Bank One, Standard & Poors, Moodies, and many other Fortune 500 companies. His entrepreneurial desires have lead him to become involved in a
  5. 5. plethora of endeavors that have ranged from owning financial organizations, property management groups, construction management companies, consulting groups, reproduction companies, and productions companies. Kevin attended Cappella University at Minneapolis, MN for his doctorial studies in global business systems –summa cum laude, Kenan-Flagler Business School at Chapel Hill, NC – for the American Financial Services Association, Indiana Wesleyan University in Indiana for his Masters in Science & Management & Business Administration – summa cum laude, Command General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, KS for the United States Army, and numerous other professional and academic organizations. Colonel Rushing is in the process of retiring from the United States Army after 27 years of distinguished services. During his career Colonel Rushing was evolved in multiple campaigns and received numerous awards and accolades for his courage, commitment, and dedications to God, Country, and his men. He has received 2 Congressional Order of Merit from the United States Congress, and numerous other civil and professional awards and recognition. He is married to Pamela and they have 7 children and 4 grandchildren. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Company We Keep CLIENTS WE ARE PRIVILEDGED TO SERVE __________________________________________________________________________________________