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  • 1. International School Cartagena CLASE Versión 00-12 Código FO-DC-01 Página 1 de 5Área: ENGLISH Asignatura: ENGLISH Curso: 3rdFecha: Periodo: I NºHoras: 12hr Semana: 1-2Tema: Alphabet Review:Capital-Lower Case Letters. DescribingPeople: Asking and givinganswers.Indicador TheStudentwill be ableto use Simple Present and Verbto be to describede Logro People. Exploración ¿Whatdoesshe look like ?Howdoeshe look like? Contextualización El estudiante sabe usar los adjetivos correctos, para describir personas, en el aspecto físico y emocional usando el Presente Simple- y Verbo To be. Conceptualización Alphabet : A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z. Lower Case: a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-z. DescribingPeople: Whenwe describe a person ,wesaysomethingaboutthatperson, could be aboutherphysicalappearanceorpersonality. Doesanyoneknowwhat adjetives are? Well Adjetives are describingones! Rememberthis :Whenwe are describinga person, place or a thing, we use adjectives. Then i asknow… Whatisan Adjetive?Describe,say a qualityorsomethingaboutthenouns. Givesyou more informationaboutthenounthatistheperson, Place orthing. Example: You are Smart He isIntelligent They are short We are Pretty Youhavelonghair. Positives Adjectives: Theseadjectivessaysomething positiveaboutthenoun. Examples: SheisPretty He ishandsome He isClever NegativesAdjectives: Theseadjectivessaysomethingnegativeaboutthenoun. Examples: SheisUgly., He isFat. , They are AngryEMOCIÓN ProducciónACCIÓ PhysicalAppearance:N
  • 2. International School Cartagena CLASE Versión 00-12 Código FO-DC-01 Página 2 de 5Doesanyoneknowwhatisphysicalappearance?WellPhysicalAppearanceisthewaywe look like , thewayourface lookslike..thewayourhair looks like…thewayourbody looks like..thatisPhysicalAppearance.Now I wantyouto look at yourpartner, look at his/herface, head,hair,body… Doesshe/he look likeyou? No, right? Of courseno!Exceptifyouhave a tweenhere, a brotheror a sisterthat lookslikejustlikeyou, identical!What color Doesshe/he haveher/hiseyes? She has Brown eyes./He has dark Brown eyes.Whattype of eyesDoes he/shehave? He has almond, Brown eyes.She has oval Green eyes.What color Doesshe/he havehis/herhair? She has blondhair/ He hasblackhair.What color Doesshe/he havehis/her skin? She has tan skin/He has whiteskin.Goodexcellent! NowLetstalkaboutWhattype of hair Do wehave?Now look at yourpartnershair and tell me whattype of hair Doyouthinkshe/he have?Doesshe/he haveStraighthair?DoesshehaveCurlyhair?DoesshehaveWavyhair?Does he havespikyhair?She has straighthair. He has spikyhair. I havewavyhair.Ok, goodjob!! NowLetslearnaboutthelenght… Doesshehaveshororlonghair?Look again at yourpartner… and tell me Doesshehave short orlonghair?She has longhair.! Yes , she has longhair.!Nowletsputitalltogether in onesentence. Type- lenght- color.We do itthisway…payattention!She has Curly, longblackhair.He has spiky, short blackhair.Youhavesraight, short, highlightedhair.Howdoesher/hisbody look like?Sheisslim.He isstocky.You are slender.
  • 3. International School Cartagena CLASE Versión 00-12 Código FO-DC-01 Página 3 de 5ModelaciónWatchthe video and practice at home. DescribingPeople.Watch the video and practice at home. Physical Appearance.Adjectives 1.Taller:CIVAUAONELReadtheflashcards and write a short sentencewitheachadjective.
  • 4. International School Cartagena CLASE Versión 00-12 Código FO-DC-01 Página 4 de 5BibliografíaStory Town Book.;ESL TUTORIAL ON LINE.
  • 5. International School Cartagena CLASEVersión 00-12 Código FO-DC-01 Página 5 de 5