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50 Apps and Tools to use in teaching and learning

50 Apps and Tools to use in teaching and learning

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  • Let’s play online bingo Go to this website for your bingo card First row of five wins Available on ipad
  • Folders can be stored in one place Accessed via your mobile devices Easy to access as an icon will sit in your toolbar
  • The shoebox of stuff now has a place to go Available on computer and mobile devices Can save pdf’s, notes, documents, photos Can use tags Can use a web clipper to clip article, URL address, etc An example: taking notes at PD’s
  • Works on iPhone and iPad Can send to Evernote
  • Collaborative tool to use. Easy to use and edit Can set to private or public Free for educational institutions
  • Forms - way to survey class, staff, etc Sites - easy to make websites Docs- collaborative tool OCR - Optical Character Recognition of PDF’s under 2MB Drive - cloud storage
  • An online noticeboard Great for brainstorming, taking notes, getting feedback Short comments as limited characters allowed
  • variety of URL shorteners available easier to email or place on twitter less chance of making errors easiest way is to use a web extension
  • School Bag - can save videos which students can watch later (outside school) Exchange - able to request programs to be uploaded via this. Opens up more resources
  • Surveys - give instant feedback Is anonymous Way to gauge to understanding, use for revision Let’s have a go!!
  • <!-- This snippet was inserted via the PollEv Presenter app --> <!-- The presence of this snippet is used to indicate that a poll will be shown during the slideshow --> <!-- TIP: You can draw a solid, filled rectangle on your slide and the PollEv Presenter will automatically display your poll in that area. --> <!-- The PollEv Presenter app must also be running and logged in for this to work. --> <!-- To remove this, simply delete it from the notes yourself or use the PollEv Presenter to remove it for you. --> What is your favourite season?
  • <!-- This snippet was inserted via the PollEv Presenter app --> <!-- The presence of this snippet is used to indicate that a poll will be shown during the slideshow --> <!-- TIP: You can draw a solid, filled rectangle on your slide and the PollEv Presenter will automatically display your poll in that area. --> <!-- The PollEv Presenter app must also be running and logged in for this to work. --> <!-- To remove this, simply delete it from the notes yourself or use the PollEv Presenter to remove it for you. --> Which is your favourite primary colour
  • Have on subscription Using the APA style as stated in the Student Planner Access through Google Apps Use the school username and password - no additional username and password required If not login in then bibliography will not automatically save
  • use as a way of connecting with others use as a professional network/learning Great tips, info, websites come through Follow others
  • Install in your smart phone or iPad Scan the code Code linked to websites, book reviews, photos, information Used as a Scavenger Hunt
  • Voki - design through the website Choose the voice, type in what the avatar is to say Blabberise - can upload images to be the talking avatar
  • Interactive posters Has templates or design your own Import videos, text, images or use the exsiting ones Save, add tags Make private or public
  • Similar to facebook but more monitored/controlled Use as a brainstorming tool or discussion tool Available on mobile - both Android and iOS Had been relaunched with many additional features Norma and Colleen are using this and willing to discuss with you if you would like to know more
  • Free educational videos Can create playlists to customise the content Come from well know organisations Organised by subject and grade Only teachers and administrators can logiin re content
  • Word Clouds Tagxedo - shaped clouds Demonstrate - major ideas in a text, important areas, use in a number of different areas or subjects
  • Videos by teachers for teachers Teachers can post videos for students to view Covers video, photos, doc and audio
  • use individually or collaborative can add weblinks can add bubbles, move, change format
  • upload an image Choose the size of your poster Print out Still need good HD pictures
  • type in your text and set the speed Can be used for testing reading comprehension or reading dictations
  • Demonstrate Mindmap - Hamburger (parts of a burger) Also known as Graphic Organisers Great planning tool Mindmeister is one, also Gliffy Look at what each one gives you as you may need to pay for additional features
  • Symbol of Creative Commons Able to use legally - images and music Need to be aware not everything on the Internet is free to use. Need to have an understanding of copyright New interactive CC to help you choose which licence is the more appropriate Will be putting a program together about Creative Commons for staff and students to better understand their online legal obligations
  • Converts files for you. Converts documents, images, music, video, ebook. Receive to your email Easy to use Depends on the size of the file will depend on the time taken to convert. Email sent with link to converted file
  • Often used at conferences as another alternative to Twitter (or in conjunction with) Audience don’t need to sign in or know #’s Discussion is private - only to those at the session
  • a Curation tool Can have websites, blogs, etc all on one topic together in the one place Can share with others Example: year 10 elective English - for persuasive text (further explain)
  • editable encyclopedia need to show students to evaluate the information (which we are able to assist your classes with) rather than deciding if to use or not to use Good pages have good links
  • Call from computer to computer or phone Skype experts in the field rather than having an excursion Great connecting and establishing with global connections Example: english could skype an author of novel they’re studying; Humanities/Science skype education at zoo or conservation organisations; PE - skype the Australian Institute of Sport
  • Able to access from anywhere Bookmark sites Join Groups Create groups - Byron and Myself have created and Infographic and visual resource group which is available for everyone to join; create groups within your classes or subject areas so readily available for all to view and add Can make public or limit Android iPhone or iPad
  • Accessing websites on a particular topic Can combine into one topic Gives thumbnails - show what on webpage Create different topics with tabs We use as a research guide in ILC
  • Create picture collages on your mobile device Email, Save, Print??
  • Many different platforms to use Use as ILC blog use edublogs Keep up-to-date on particular topics, allows comments Uses could include - english for writing, reflective work
  • Great to use when giving timelimits - no longer have to look at clock or watch Can be shown via a data projector or screen - everyone can see
  • Presentation tool Has the addition of pan and zooming rather than using slides
  • Type in web address - copy and paste or search Click download Goes into your download folder - save where you like Can add bookmarklet to toolbar to download when at the site.
  • Helps keep students alert and on task Record behaviour (both positive and negative) and accomplishments right in class Reports can be printed for yourself, other staff or parents
  • Search on a large variety of topics Can limit to K-12 and country to view what other schools are putting on iTunes U Can follow on Twitter to keep up to date on new information
  • number of different easy to use free tools which are now available use for maths or humanities for a graphing task
  • is a global community their mission is all about spreading ideas there is over 1400 ted talks available all for free Tedx events are events held locally to enable Ted-like experiences for everyone
  • another curation tool can use for many things such as pinning recipes; planning a trip or event; teaching and learning ideas
  • take a photo or video, chose a filter to transform and add to Instagram Can share to Facebook, twitter, etc Example; students taking photos of study notes and posting on Instagram
  • Although American based is anther resource to find videos to support the teaching and learning are produced in conjunction with classroom teachers Examples: exploring symmetry through dance or literacy partners in the science classroom
  • Great tool to create free online graphs can print the graphs some allow for saving graphs as well.


  • 1. 50 Apps and Tools
  • 2. Bingo
  • 3. DropBox • Free service bringing your docs, photos and videos to one place • Can access files from computers, phones or ipad
  • 4. DROPitTOme / SendtoDropbox DROPitTOme / SendtoDropbox • Receive files into your Dropbox account • Access through your Dropbox account • Great way for students to submit assessment tasks that are > 30MB
  • 5. Evernote • Save ideas, photos, documents into Evernote • Works on computers and mobile devices
  • 6. Prizmo • Uses Optical Character Recognition • Scans an item • Then edit the item • seamless intergration with Dropbox
  • 7. Wikispaces • Collaborative tool • Variety of uses such as subject guides, group projects
  • 8. Google Apps • Includes docs and Forms • Use for surveying, quizzes • Google sites for making & hosting basic webpages NB: This link is for Saint Ignatius College, Geelong Google Apps account
  • 9. Padlet (Formally Wallwisher) (Formally Wallwisher) • Online notice board • add images, music,
  • 10. URL Shorteners • shortens URL addresses - easier for anyone writing them down • The simplest way is to use a browser extension
  • 11. Clickview • School Bag • Clickview Exchange
  • 12. Poll Everywhere • Gives instant audience feedback • Poll your class on any topic at anytime
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. EasyBib • Bibliography / citation maker • Create bibliographies • Access through Google Apps or using a Smart Phone App • Expectation of students to use
  • 16. Twitter • Connecting with others - either personal or professional • Limit of 140 characters
  • 17. 5 twitter hashtags to follow • #edchat • #edtech • #elearning • #mlearning • #subject specific eg// #tlchat or #austl
  • 18. QR Reader • Scan QR codes • Can be used for photos, websites, reviews, etc
  • 19. Blabberise • Talking avatars • Create own avatar • Limit of 30 seconds of voice
  • 20. Glogster • Online posters • Able to include text, images, videos, links to websites
  • 21. Edmono • connect and collaborate with class in a secure environment • share content, post messages, discuss topics, exchange ideas
  • 22. YouTube Schools • access free quality educational video • controlled environment
  • 23. Tagxedo/ Wordle • Word clouds • More frequent the word, the larger it appears • Tagxedo- does shaped word clouds
  • 24. Teacher Tube • share instructional videos • searchable • safe venue for teachers and schools
  • 25. • Brainstorming tool • can export, print or save
  • 26. Block Posters • create large posters • upload image • Choose the size of the poster • Print out
  • 27. Cueprompter • Free teleprompter/ autocue • Use for oral presentations, debates
  • 28. Mindmapping • Variety of different tools • Great way of organising thoughts/ideas • planning tool
  • 29. Creative Commons/Smartcopy • Allows users to share, reuse and remix their material legally • Interactive CC to help you choose which licence is the right one •
  • 30. Zamzar • Free file conversion of documents, music, images, videos, audio, ebook
  • 31. Today’s meet • Connect with your audience in realtime • use the live stream to make comments, ask questions • can only see what you need to see
  • 32. • Curation tool on a topic • Can share with others
  • 33. Wikipedia • Editable encyclopedia
  • 34. Skype • Free video calling • call phones and landlines
  • 35. Diigo • Bookmarking site • Great for
  • 36. Only2Clicks • Organise thumbnails of websites • Can create different tab/headings
  • 37. PicCollage • Creat collages on mobile devices • Add stickers, text, web search and freefrom cutouts
  • 38. Blogs • Web log • Consists of dated posts • Many different ones to use
  • 39. Online Stopwatch • Different types of stopwatches
  • 40. Prezi • Presentation Tool • An alternative to Powerpoint/Keyn ote • Pan and Zoom effects
  • 41. • Download and store videos from YouTube,
  • 42. ClassDojo • assists teachers with students behaviour • captures and generates data • use laptop or smartphone
  • 43. iTunes U • access to lessons, podcasts, lectures • from Universities, collages, libraries, museums • wide variety of topics
  • 44. Infographics • visual representation of information • contains visual, content and knowledge
  • 45. Ted Talks • Technology, Entertainment, Design • “ideas with sharing” • TEDx
  • 46. Pinterest • collecting and orgaising things you love • use for work or personal eg//plan a trip or event; learning spaces ideas
  • 47. Instagram • fast and fun way to share parts of your life • photos and videos only
  • 48. Teaching Channel • videos on a wide range of topics • learning resources teachers want • additional learning material available
  • 49. Online graphs • create free online graphs • use in all subjects efault.aspx