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Setting up your new business-
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Setting up your new business-


Questions you need to ask yourself when setting up a new business. …

Questions you need to ask yourself when setting up a new business.
From the Author of "The Caboodles Blueprint" - Taking an IDEA to MARKET

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  • 1. Setting up a New BusinessWhat you need to ask yourself
  • 2. What TYPE of Businessdo you want it to be?
  • 3. Will you want to EXPANDyour Business into other categories or services?
  • 4. What will you “NAME”your product/service?Your product/serviceis separate from your BRAND name
  • 5. What will you “NAME” your business Is this your BRAND name? Copyright your BRAND name(your Domain name should match your Brand name)
  • 6. How BIG do you wantyour new business to be? Owner OperatedIndependent Contractors Employees
  • 7. Will your Business be: Local National Worldwide
  • 8. Will you want to partner up with complimentary businesses to promote your products or services?
  • 9. How many hours do you want to dedicate to your new business? i.e. Building your Business Maintaining your Business Promoting your Business
  • 10. What areas do you need ASSISTANCE for developing your idea/product/service:Product• Packaging • Brand Development Manufacturing • Warehousing Marketing • Sales • Promotion Finance • Social Media
  • 11. What are your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES? Your Weaknesses are usually what you DON’T LIKE TO DO!
  • 12. Who are your COMPETITIORSHow many are there?
  • 13. What sets your business APARTfrom other similar businesses?What is your niche?
  • 14. How BIG is the market you are entering?What size is the Industry?
  • 15. Who is going to be your consumer? What age? What sex?What Characteristics?
  • 16. Have you run consumerFOCUS GROUPS?Did your IDEA get 85% approval?
  • 17. Have you done yourSALES PROJECTIONSbased on your ideal working situation?
  • 18. What will be your Costs?Have you researched all your potential expenses?
  • 19. Can you make your business aFINANCIAL SUCCESS based on your Sales Projections and Expenses
  • 20. It is imperative that you can visualizeyour product/service Success: Where is it final resting place?Store shelves • Satisfied user •
  • 21. Available in Paperback, Ebook & Audio book http://www.amazon.com/The-Caboodles-Blueprint-Leonie-Mateer/dp/1625108583 www.leoniemateer.com
  • 22. Author • Blogger • Speaker “Taking your idea to market” www.leoniemateer.com