The actual factors car seats are so highly recommended for our children


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The actual factors car seats are so highly recommended for our children

  1. 1. The actual factors car seats are so highly recommended for our children Created by:
  2. 2. Experts at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia have found that a appropriately set up child carseat is able to reduce a childs risk of injury during a traffic collision by as much as 59%.Within the state of California, parents could be ticketed by police for transporting kids below sixyears old or less than Sixty lbs, who are not correctly restrained in the backseat using an suitablechild car seat system. In the event the father or mother is not present in the car, the driver can beticketed in place of the mother and father. A dad or mom wont have to be driving to be able toget a ticket and multiple violations of the law can lead to the issuance of more than a singlecitation.The California Highway Patrol has released the following guidelines to be sure maximum childsafety as well as compliance with state laws:Kids below 12 months old AND less than Twenty lbs need to ride rear-facing in the backseat ofany vehicle in an authorized rear-facing child car seat.
  3. 3. Children over one year AND at least 20 pounds may ride forward-facing in the rear seat of anyvehicle within an authorized forward-facing child car seat. See also convertible car seat reviewsfor more information.Young children four years of age AND at least Forty lbs can ride in an authorized booster seat inthe back seat of any vehicle with the vehicle lap along with shoulder belts put on properly. Thelap belt must fit low and restricted over the hips while the shoulder belt ought to cross the childscollar bone as well as middle of chest.Children 6 years of age or older, or over 60 lbs may ride without a child car safety seat, but only inthe rear seat AND still must be correctly restrained with a seat belt.
  4. 4. The law in California does accommodate certain exceptions when transporting children. When norear seat is present, when back seats are rear or perhaps side facing, when the childs restraintsystem cant be properly installed in the rear seat, when the child carries a medical condition thatneeds the child to ride in the front seat, or when every other passenger seat in the vehicle isalready filled by a kid under the age of Twelve, then a child under 6 years and lower than 60pounds may ride in the front seat, so long as they are still restrained in an approved child car seatsystem.No little one under the age of one, fewer than Twenty pounds, or occupying a rear-facing childrestraint system can ride in the front passenger seat of a automobile with passenger airbagsinitialized. In order to legitimately be allowed to sit in the front seat, the vehicle have to have anoption to be able to deactivate the passenger airbags.While most jurisdictions possess similar legal guidelines, certain age and weight requirementsmay change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Parents wholl be traveling away from their homestate are encouraged to check out laws within the areas they shall be visiting to be in compliancewith local car seat safety requirements. For more, see car seat reviews