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  • 1. The Zero.6By Tri Ho, Marcus Daniels, Leona Teixeira, DavoudSalahi
  • 2. Portable 6 Disc CDChanger Player
  • 3. The PivotThe Portable 6 Disc CD Changer Player gets enhancedto better target the lucrative Hipster & Wannabe Hipstersegments.For Hipsters who are tired of listening to bad music,"The Zero.6" is a briefcase-style Vinyl-Friendly 6 CDportable music player that lets you mix your best vinyls& CDs at your next house party.Unlike other portable music players, The Zero.6 ismade to play both CDs and vinyl, as well as lettinglisteners sync their records to MP3 players for ultimateshareability.
  • 4. The Zero.61. Value Proposition2. Customer Segments3. Customer Relationships4. Channels5. Key Activities6. Key Resources7. Key Partnerships8. Revenue Stream9. Cost Structure
  • 5. Value Proposition1. Delivers portable convenience and a vinyl hip factor for maximum audio quality and (Wannabe) Hipster appeal.2. Users can play both Vinyl and CDs. Ability to insert up to 6 CDs and cycle between all.3. Take your authentic vinyl sound with you wherever you go
  • 6. Customer Segments1. Hipsters: young men and women from age 18 - 35, scenesters that love independent music, non-mainstream fashion, and alternative lifestyles.2. Wannabe Hipsters: wealthier individuals of this age range who follow the trends that hipsters set. This segment is preferred as they have the cash to buy the Zero.6.
  • 7. Customer Relationships1. Inbound marketing targeting Wannabe Hipsters2. Social Media to target Hipsters
  • 8. Channels1. Online store2. Independent music stores
  • 9. Key Activities1. Focus on Sales, Marketing, Distribution, and Support2. Hire and retain designer3. Source materials
  • 10. Key Resources1. Financial Capital for working capital2. Mgmt talent with biz dev, online marketing, and operations expertise3. Designer to create meshed spec for outsource production to execute
  • 11. Key Partnerships1. Design: License the design from the Zero.1 by Cugusi & Strippoli2. Development: Outsource to Asian company3. Distribution: Independent Music Stores in North America that sell vinyl (non-big box stores since hipsters dont shop there)
  • 12. Revenue Stream1. One time purchase at premium price points ($199 and $399 ~ bigger capacity and can sync with your digital media collection)
  • 13. Cost Structure1. 15% Revenue Share to Designer (3 year exclusive)2. 30% Production & Distribution costs3. 15% Marketing & Sales commission costs
  • 14. Never Travel without Your Vinyl & CD Mixes"AgainRaw Audio Greatness: Everywhere."