- Experience and References -<br />May 2011<br />
Global track record of business development, market and project advisory within all renewables during one decade<br />Mexi...
3 monthmarketentry mandate
Identification and short-listing of 50 companies</li></ul>Europe:<br /><ul><li>AllRenewables
>80monthsvarious mandates
Identificationshort-listing and projectintermediation</li></ul>China & India:<br /><ul><li>AllRenewables
Market and Project Advisory
Projectintermediationbetweendevelopers and equityinvestors</li></ul>South Korea,Taiwan & Australia, New Zealand:<br /><ul>...
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Professional Experience & References


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A decade experience in the renewable energy sector advising leading corporate and financial investors, project developers and manufacturers on developing their businesses internationally

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Professional Experience & References

  1. 1. - Experience and References -<br />May 2011<br />
  2. 2. Global track record of business development, market and project advisory within all renewables during one decade<br />Mexico:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV
  3. 3. 3 monthmarketentry mandate
  4. 4. Identification and short-listing of 50 companies</li></ul>Europe:<br /><ul><li>AllRenewables
  5. 5. >80monthsvarious mandates
  6. 6. Identificationshort-listing and projectintermediation</li></ul>China & India:<br /><ul><li>AllRenewables
  7. 7. Market and Project Advisory
  8. 8. Projectintermediationbetweendevelopers and equityinvestors</li></ul>South Korea,Taiwan & Australia, New Zealand:<br /><ul><li>Wind
  9. 9. 3 monthmarketentry mandate
  10. 10. Identification and short-listing of 300 companies</li></ul>LatinAmerica:<br /><ul><li>Wind, Biofuels, Hydro, Biomass
  11. 11. Market and Project Advisory
  12. 12. Project intermediationbetweendevelopers and equityinvestors</li></ul>South Africa:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV
  13. 13. 3 monthmarketentrymandate
  14. 14. Identification and short-listing of 100 companies</li></li></ul><li>Extensive experience in business development and market advisory mandates including pre-negotiations of projects and partnerships<br />Germany:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV, Wind, Biomass, Biofuels
  15. 15. 40 monthmarketentry mandate (several)
  16. 16. Identification and short-listing of 1’000 companies</li></ul>Slovakei:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV
  17. 17. 3 monthmarketentry mandate
  18. 18. Identification and short-listing of 50 companies</li></ul>UnitedKingdom:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV, Wind, Pellets
  19. 19. 3 monthmarketentry mandate
  20. 20. Identification and short-listing of 100 companies</li></ul>Bulgaria:<br /><ul><li>SolarPV , Wind
  21. 21. 6monthmarketentry mandate (several)
  22. 22. Identification and short-listing of 100 companies</li></ul>France:<br /><ul><li>SolarPV, Wind, Biomass, Biofuels
  23. 23. 40monthmarketentry mandate (several)
  24. 24. Identification and short-listing of 2’000 companies</li></ul>Turkey:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV
  25. 25. 4 monthmarketentry mandate
  26. 26. Identification and short-listing of 400 companies</li></ul>Spain & Portugal:<br /><ul><li>AllRenewables
  27. 27. 35 monthmarketentry mandate (several)
  28. 28. Identification and short-listing of 2’000 companies</li></ul>Italy & Greece:<br /><ul><li>Solar PV, Wind
  29. 29. Market and Project Advisory
  30. 30. Project intermediationbetweendevelopers and equityinvestors</li></li></ul><li>Reference clients within the entire value chain of renewables - spanning from utilities, manufacturers, private equity to IPP developers<br />
  31. 31. Invitations to leading international conferences to present about investment challenges within the renewable sector<br /><ul><li>“The Global Market for Wind Power Projects”
  32. 32. “Investment Drivers and Inhibitors in Emerging Wind Markets“
  33. 33. “Challenges and Opportunities Within South American Wind Markets”
  34. 34. “Wind Market Development in CEE Countries - Regional Structures and Investment Possibilities”
  35. 35. “The Spanish Wind Market”
  36. 36. “Utility Scale Solar PV Business Models”
  37. 37. “Finance & Investment in Solar Power Generation”
  38. 38. “European Solar Markets – Investment Drivers in the most Attractive Markets”
  39. 39. “Developing and Financing Renewable Energy Projects in the Hottest New Markets: What are the Development Obstacles and How Can They be Overcome?”
  40. 40. “European Pellet and Feedstock Markets”
  41. 41. “Project Finance for Biomass Power Plants “
  42. 42. “Investment Opportunities Within Biofuels - Drivers and Challenges for an Emerging Sector"
  43. 43. “Development and Implementation of an International Investment Strategy Towards Utility Scale Bio-Power Plants“
  44. 44. “De-Risking Ocean Energy Development – Delivering Growth in the Sector”</li></li></ul><li>Testimonials from reference clients and industry partners<br />“Christian and I, have shared collaborations in Renewable Energy with great success and of highest interest. His experience in European countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain and his knowledge of the sector of Renewables Energies enables him to develop and manage projects in diverse areas such as wind, solar, biomass and others. <br />The work he did for IberdrolaRenovables is considered of great importance and were extremely productive for the development in Europe. He is highly qualified professional ,who deserves to be recommended.”Roberto Legaz Poignon ;Former-Director of Development of IberdrolaRenovables.<br />“He is one of the very few professionals in the renewable energy sector, who know the job well in the international arena”<br />Rangarajan Balajee; CEO, CW Renewable Energy <br />“I recommend Christian Grutte without hesitation, and specially applaud his ability to find new business opportunities and work in an international environment. His deep expertise in the energy sector, focus, and strategic approach made his work highly valuable for my company. I worked close together with Christian and his team on several projects in Spain, Germany and France and several technologies (wind, biomass, biodiesel) and he did an outstanding work in all of the areas.”<br />Lucia Roca Fernandez-Vizarra; Head of Strategy; RWE Innogy Iberia <br />“Christian has always delivered great presentations and demonstrated an excellent in-depth knowledge of the solar industry and the practical difficulties facing project developers and investors. Regularly voted as one of the best speakers and seen widely as a key industry expert.”<br />NadimChaudhry; Managing Director, Green Power Conferences <br />“I engaged Christian to conduct market analysis in renewables, an assignment that he executed to a high degree of proficiency, good interpersonal relationship and solid work.”<br />Andy Piers; CEO, River Basin Energy Inc. <br />“If you are looking for an experienced consulting firm for the renewable energy sector and clean technology investments, call Christian at Leonardo Venablers.“Randy R. Stratton ; President, TSG Marketing<br />
  45. 45. References Cases – Renewable Sector<br /><ul><li>European Utility - wind generation market entry and partners identification
  46. 46. Strategic Investors - (Several) wind developers commercial due diligence
  47. 47. International Wind IPP - European expansion strategy and partner identification
  48. 48. Market Entry into Asian-Pacific wind markets on behalf of world leading wind operator
  49. 49. Iberian market entry into biomass and biofuel sector on behalf of leading bioenergy company
  50. 50. East European biomass expansion on behalf of leading bioenergy company
  51. 51. Strategic market assessment of pellet markets on behalf of leading Private Equity fund
  52. 52. Troubleshooting Spanish country activities on behalf of an Austrian Solar Module Producer
  53. 53. Internationalization into European core bioenergy markets on behalf of leading renewable utility
  54. 54. Market entry into the Bulgarian photovoltaic market on behalf of a leading European Oil and Gas Company
  55. 55. European and overseas business development expansion on behalf of a Solar PV project developer
  56. 56. French market entry and business development within solar PV on behalf of an international renewable investor
  57. 57. Spanish market entry and business development on behalf of a solar module producer
  58. 58. Global Project Advisory of all type of renewables</li></li></ul><li>Thank you for your attention - at your service !<br />Pg Joan de Borbó 36, 5, 3 •E-08003 BarcelonaTel.: +34 678 002 479<br />ceg@leonardo-venablers.com www.leonardo-venablers.com<br />