Fr. Leon's Journey


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On the occasion of the Ordination of Leon Cruz Ratinam SDB

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Fr. Leon's Journey

  1. 1. Journey of Fr. Leon Cruz Ratinam By Dr. Nirmala Lawrence (Sister of Fr. Leon)
  2. 2. Rooted and built up in Christ, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:7
  3. 3. Parents Lawrence weds Jesintha Mary
  4. 4. The Good News of Baby Leon’s Arrival
  5. 5. Baby Leon Cruz Ratinam The Little Lion King
  6. 6. Baptism at K’piur by Rev. Fr. Jayabalan
  7. 7. God Parents – Mr. Xavier & Mrs. Nirmala Xavier (They were chosen by chit system among all relatives
  8. 8. Grandparents: Mr. Thomai Cruz & Mrs. Gannamal Cousins: Ms. Annie Jerita & Ms. Sheela
  9. 9. Grandparents: Mr. Ratinasamy Mrs. Maria Packiam R  Enjoying vacation at Grandpa’s home..
  10. 10. The Little Leon at his Jungle Kingdom At this age he used to run around the trees with stick preaching them sermons
  11. 11. The age and place were he 1st announced his willingness of joining SDB to his Mom Family Friend: Waghmode Uncle His Happy moves
  12. 12. His 1st School Nirmala Convent Little Leon is still a favorite memory to his childhood friends
  13. 13. Catechism Teacher: Rev. Fr. Yesu Ratinam Little Leon an Altar Server for daily mass. He never skipped mass. Once by mistake the alarm rang at 2.00 a.m instead of 6.00 a.m. And he went to church at 2.00 a.m and returned home saying that the church was closed… then did we all realize
  14. 14. Holy Sacrament Received from Late Bishop Rev. Fr. Leon
  15. 15. Teaching Cousins Hindi was his favorite pastimes… during his vacation visits at Grandpa’s village
  16. 16. His Confirmation By Late Bishop Rev. Fr. Leon Teenaged Leon broke his hand just a few days before Confirmation. He stood strong & happy during his confirmation.
  17. 17. The most Joyful and Painful day of our Life He left to the SDB at the age of 20 
  18. 18. A vaccum was created in all our life’s  Mom cried for days together  Not knowing what lies ahead  We just waited & trusted our Lord 
  19. 19. A New Beginning…. His 1st day in Lonavala SDB Did I make the right choice Lord? Come to me my child, I Love you….
  20. 20. Br. Leon taking part in various acts
  21. 21. He became a part of their love and care ….The Great Salesian family
  22. 22. He developed his leadership skills under his leaders and confessors….  Kids Loved Him….
  23. 23. Br.Leon’s First vow… Received his Cassock from Provincial Rev. Fr.Ivo Coelho
  24. 24. Br. Leon Teaching & the Play 
  25. 25. Salesian Outings
  26. 26. Br. Leon’s Perpetual Vows Profession
  27. 27. Deacon Leon
  28. 28. Deacon Leon’s First offering
  29. 29. Good Friday Service
  30. 30. New Faith line Website
  31. 31. Dn. Leon pursing his MSc - Geoinformatics
  32. 32. Important People who guided him towards his priesthood P Rev Fr. Kenneth Pereira Grandpa Parents Rev.Fr. Albano Fernandes Dr.Djugash (Uncle)
  33. 33.  We would also like to share our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each person who were and are part of Fr. Leon’s life….
  34. 34. Dear brothers and Sisters… please pray for our Fr. Leon Cruz Ratinam that he may always do the Lord’s will with the humbleness and zeal of St. John Bosco  Dear people offer at least one child to our Lord from your family to vocational life…and pray for the call… 
  35. 35.  Let our hearts be like St. Ann and Mama Mary when it is the choice of offering our child to our Lord.
  36. 36.  Thank you for your kind and patient watching …