Micro coaxial high speed cable industry report (g lobal, german & usa)


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Micro coaxial high speed cable industry report (g lobal, german & usa)

  2. 2. Micro Coaxial Cable | 2 Contents GLOBAL TREND COVERAGE...........................................................................................................4 1. Worldwide market trend....................................................................................................5 2. Market Trend - Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly or High Speed Cable Assembly suppliers in the global automobile industries/companies ........................................................................14 3. The recent trend of Car Module suppliers (Car module is intended for AVN system and AVN Cable Assembly) ................................................................................................................18 MARKET CONCENTRATION: GERMANY......................................................................................24 4. Analysis of Present Condition of AVN system suppliers...................................................25 5. Applicability of Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly or High Speed Cable Assembly in AVN system.........................................................................................................................................27 6. Competitor Analysis - Analysis on AVN system suppliers ...............................................30 MARKET CONCENTRATION: USA.................................................................................................36 7. Market prospects and Market share of ‘High Speed Cable’.............................................37 8. Leading suppliers’ analysis and Market share of the leading suppliers ..........................40 9. Consumer Trend and Consumption scale........................................................................44 10. Regarding ‘Samtec’ (www.samtec.com)...........................................................................47 11. Conclusion........................................................................................................................60 12. References.........................................................................................................................61
  3. 3. Micro Coaxial Cable | 3 Overview Micro coaxial cables and their assemblies have been used extensively in medical equipment, and they are now beginning to attract considerable attention as wiring components for consumer electronics, especially LCD panels used with notebook computers, and the market demand is increasing. This is because coaxial cables feature steady and stable data transmission and a high degree of assembly flexibility, owing to low-profile and flexible design matching the market needs. In 2009, the market size of coaxial cable reached USD 3.04 billion worldwide, and it is estimated to increase to USD 4.29 billion by 2013. Domestic enterprises in China possess obvious superiority in the corrugated cable market, such as Jiangsu Hengxin Technology, Zhuhai Hansen Technology and Jiangsu Trigiant Technology, accounting for 60-70% of the total market. The Global Automotive cable assembly market to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 percent in terms of revenue over the period 2011-2015. The market for Coaxial cable in United States is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% through the estimated period of 2012-2018. Some key manufacturers of coaxial cable in North America include TE Connectivity, General Cable, LS Cable and Systems, Belden, Amphenol and Coleman. At present, the use of coaxial cable has reached a level of maturity which results in the integration of services beyond television, including the triad of telephone, television and broadband Internet. This research report is prepared to understand the micro coaxial cable market in three Geographies which includes Global Market, Germany and United States.
  4. 4. Micro Coaxial Cable | 4 GLOBAL TREND COVERAGE
  5. 5. Micro Coaxial Cable | 5 1. Worldwide market trend In 2009, the market size of coaxial cable reached USD 3.04 billion worldwide, and it is estimated to increase to USD 4.29 billion by 2013. Market Share – Coaxial Cable With rapid development of downstream industries especially mobile communication industry, it is expected that Coaxial cable market will present steady growth globally. In 2009, the market size of coaxial cable reached USD 3.04 billion worldwide, and it is estimated to increase to USD 4.29 billion by 2013. In the low loss cable market, TIMES and Kingsignal Technology are among the dominating enterprises, wherein Kingsignal Technology occupies 30% market share approximately. Apart from leading low loss cable market, Kingsignal Technology holds 40% market share of semi- flexible cable market in China, pulling ahead of foreign rivals such as Habia and NISSEI Electric. Owning a complete range of products contributes to the advantages of Kingsignal Technology. It started to expand capacities of high-end RF coaxial cable products including semi-flexible cable and phase-compensated cable in 2010, which are expected to go into operation successively by 2012. Domestic enterprises in China possess obvious superiority in the corrugated cable market, such as Jiangsu Hengxin Technology, Zhuhai Hansen Technology and Jiangsu Trigiant Technology, accounting for 60-70% of the total market. As an up-and-coming enterprise engaged in manufacturing of RF coaxial cable, Jiangsu Trigiant Technology expanded its annual capacity from 18,000 km in 2007 to 150,000 km in 2010. It is expected that capacity of Jiangsu Trigiant Technology will be further improved, with its parent company going public. In addition, in phase-compensated cable and micro cable markets, foreign enterprises play a dominant role. The most competitive enterprises include Gore, Sumitomo Electric and Huber + Suhner etc.
  6. 6. Micro Coaxial Cable | 6 Approximately 60% of coaxial cables are used in indoor signal coverage systems, while approximately 40% are used in base stations. Each 2G or 3G base station uses ~0.5km of RF coaxial cable, while each 4G base station uses ~0.6km of RF coaxial cable. China's wire and cable industry will usher in new opportunities and markets The size of the wire and cable market in Asia accounted for 37%, close to 30% of the European market, accounted for 24% of the American market, other markets accounted for 9%. China's wire and cable industry will usher in new opportunities and markets. With the continuous expansion of the scale of China's power industry, Telephone cable the data communications industry, urban rail transit industry, the automotive industry, as well as shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wire and cable will also be rapid growth, driven by the development of China's wire and cable industry. The scale of the global Copper electrical cable wire and cable market has more than 100 billion euros, and the range of the global wire and cable industry, the size of the market in Asia accounted for 37%, close to 30% of the European market, accounted for 24% of the American market, other markets accounted for 9%. Among them, China's wire and cable industry in the global wire and cable industry plays an irreplaceable role, and early in 2011 the output value of China's wire and cable companies has surpassed the United States ranked first in the world. China's wire and cable industry The total output value of China's wire and cable industry has reached 1.1 trillion yuan, the scale in terms of the Electrical cable supply scale of the industry output value and growth rate. As the industry segments of the cable industry, computer and consumer electronics products like cable is part of the main components of the wire and cable industry, with the increasingly wide application of computer and consumer electronics in the home, it is expected that the computer and consumer electronics products class cable will usher in the next five years, the annual output value of 160 billion -1800 billion scale.
  7. 7. Micro Coaxial Cable | 7 It is understood that China cable has four production bases, Guanlin Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Wuwei County, Anhui Province, Gao Zhen, Hebei Province Ningpu County, and Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, all seven towns. Dongguan is now to break this pattern, has become China's fifth-largest cable base to form the competitive landscape, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Major Exporters (Optical fiber cable, Coaxial Cable) Country Percentage China 18% United States 8% Mexico 8% Germany 7% Italy 3% ROW 56% China Mexico Germany Italy Pecentage 18% 8% 7% 3% 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% Major Exporters
  8. 8. Micro Coaxial Cable | 8 Major importers (Optical fiber cable, Coaxial Cable) Country Percentage United States 14% Germany 10% Japan 6% Mexico 4% France 4% ROW 62% United States Germany Japan Maxico France Percentage 14% 10% 6% 4% 4% 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% Major Importers
  9. 9. Micro Coaxial Cable | 9 Demand in China The demand for coaxial cables applied to base stations and indoor environments in China from 2012 to 2020 is projected to increase at a CAGR of 14.8% in volume. There is huge potential in the development of mobile communications network infrastructures and the radio-frequency cable and flexible cable industry, which can in turn be expected to bring sustainable demand for coaxial cables. The demand for coaxial cables applied to base stations and indoor environments in China from 2012 to 2020 is projected to increase at a CAGR of 14.8% in volume. This growth rate is lower than the 34.5% CAGR from 2006 to 2012, because of the initial substantial investment in the 3G network made from 2006 to 2009 as well as the low base effect. We would also like to point out that growth in terms of value was higher, and will continue to be so. Increase in average selling price of RF coaxial cables was broadly in line with the inflation in China over the past three years. Coaxial Cable demand from 2G and 3G base stations and Indoor Radio coverage in China Source: CCID Consulting, South China Research
  10. 10. Micro Coaxial Cable | 10 Average Selling Price of Coaxial Cable World Consumption of Wire and Cable
  11. 11. Micro Coaxial Cable | 11 World production of Metallic Wire and Cable (‘000 Tonnes Conductor)
  12. 12. Micro Coaxial Cable | 12 Cable Consumption by Region The consumption of Cable is more in China with 31% of the Global market share, followed by North America with 13%. Eastern Europe consumes very less percentage of the overall market which is about 7%. Future with Coaxial Cable Coaxial cable truly has helped enable the mobile network. Nevertheless, as 4G rollouts proceed, wireless service providers, equipment manufacturers and tower operators begin to worry. Wireless service providers are concerned about the reliability of coverage and network bandwidth to maintain the trust of their mobile subscribers. Equipment manufacturers are required to match the expected technology benefits with the outcome of their radio equipment. Tower operators are apprehensive because there are physical constraints to structural upgrades in the field and the number of operators that towers can support. Here is
  13. 13. Micro Coaxial Cable | 13 where the network infrastructure enters the game. Traditionally, coaxial cables have been the right fit for radio frequency signal transmission. However, to sustain this dynamic network, one starts to reconsider the traditional method. Implications for the Cable Industry Relatively stable prices for 2013 would be welcomed by the cable industry and would reduce the risks that volatile copper prices can leave cable manufacturers open to. If, as is forecast, the copper price then starts to fall the cable industry will need to manage its business to limit any potential losses associated with holding high priced stocks, and it will also need to be prepared for falling turnover by value. On the plus side lower prices will reduce the cost of raw material and work in progress stocks which should ease some of the pressure on less well capitalized companies. A lower copper price may also reduce interest in looking at alternatives to copper.
  14. 14. Micro Coaxial Cable | 14 2. Market Trend - Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly or High Speed Cable Assembly suppliers in the global automobile industries/companies The Global Automotive cable assembly market to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 percent in terms of revenue over the period 2011-2015. Micro Coaxial cable assemblies have been used extensively in medical equipment, and they are now beginning to attract considerable attention as wiring component for consumer electronics, especially LCD panels used with notebook computers, and the market demand is increasing. This is because coaxial cable features steady and stable data transmission and a high degree of assembly flexibility, owing to low profile and flexible design matching the market needs. Because of the speed up of data transmission and the improved resolution of LCD panels, wiring materials must offer improved high frequency characteristics and incorporate proper EMI shielding. Micro Coaxial cable is the best choice to fulfill the requirements compared to other wiring materials.
  15. 15. Micro Coaxial Cable | 15 Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly – Automobile Industry Automotive cable assemblies are the largest end-use equipment market for cable assemblies. Accounting for more than 25% of all cable assemblies built, automotive cable assembles can be found in every region of the world, with production location and type of assembly tied to the vehicle brand and final vehicle assembly location. Growing exponentially with the increased electronic content in vehicles, automotive cable assemblies are generally built to a number of governmental and industry standards. These standards include USCAR, SAE, EC, or JASO, and often involve connector design/choice, cable choice, and even terminating method. Although many assemblies are direct connector-to-connector types, many automotive cable assemblies incorporate multiple connectors, as well as various cable types. The Global Automotive cable assembly market to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 percent in terms of revenue over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors for this growth is the increasing demand for electric vehicles. The Global Automotive cable assembly market has also been witnessing the increasing demand for hybrid vehicles during the forecast period. However, the increasing financial constraints are acting as a barrier to the market growth. Key vendors dominating this market space include Yazaki Corp., Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Delphi Automotive plc, and Leoni AG. Other vendors include report Lear Corp., Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., Kyungshin Corp., PKC Group plc, and Kromberg and Schubert GmbH. In H2 2008, the number of orders obtained by automobile manufacturers shrunk dramatically. In 2009, optimistic expectation and strong Chinese market made automakers get more orders. As the increasing electronics get applied to the automobile, and the population of hybrid vehicles increases, automotive cable assembly market grows steadily, and the market value was US$32 billion in 2012.
  16. 16. Micro Coaxial Cable | 16 Market Shares of World’s Major Manufacturers of Automotive cable assembly Global automotive cable assembly market is monopolized by large manufacturers, the top four of which hold more than 75% market shares. All the manufacturers except Delphi are Japanese enterprises. The manufacturers of automotive cable assembly must have production experience and cost control ability. Yazaki, Sumitomo, Leoni, Furukawa, Fujikura, Coroplast and Comba are the manufacturers starting from wire and cable business. Most of these manufacturers own upstream mining resources. Sumitomo and Furukawa have their own copper mines and they do quite well in cost control. Traditional auto parts makers do not have many advantages in wire harness, so Valeo sold cable assembly business to Leoni.
  17. 17. Micro Coaxial Cable | 17 Secondly, the manufacturers of automotive cable assembly should have technical expertise in automotive connectors. Fujikura boasts of the state-of-the-art connector technologies; so do Yazaki and Sumitomo. Hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the implementation of safety and infotainment options, including GPS systems, electronically-controlled transmissions, rear seat video and game consoles, and multiple zone climate controls, have created new and expanded opportunities for automotive cable assemblies during the last decade. These changes, coupled with the automotive manufacturers desire to reduce size and weight and, in turn, increase fuel economy, will also spark future automotive cable assembly designs, allowing the automotive cable assembly market to remain the largest cable assembly sector for years to come. Impact on the Cable Assembly Industry The worldwide market share for automotive cable assemblies was 3.6% in 2012.  Europe has had two quarters of GDP contraction in 2012. It looks likely that this recession will continue impacting all market sectors in Europe. Year-to-date, the interconnect industry is down more than 10% in Europe. Europe will recover this interconnect sales decline and grow automotive sales by 3.2% compound annual growth rate over the next five years.  China and Asia Pacific will make up for the production volume drop in Europe, so the overall interconnect market and number of vehicles produced will grow. By 2016, China and Asia Pacific will have combined interconnect sales equaling 27% of the global market and 43% of the vehicles produced; thus, the interconnect content per vehicle will be lower.  The growth in electronic/electrical content in light vehicles is growing. Basic systems, such as automatic door locks, keyless entry, side airbags, and navigation systems, have migrated from high-end vehicles down to the middle-level cars and below. Collision avoidance systems, back-up cameras, and stability control systems are following the same path. Over the next five years, 25% of the growth in interconnect sales to the automotive market will come from the increasing content. The worldwide market value for automotive cable assemblies in 2012 is $33.6 billion. The majority of the growth will be in China, Asia Pacific, and North America.
  18. 18. Micro Coaxial Cable | 18 3. The recent trend of Car Module suppliers (Car module is intended for AVN system and AVN Cable Assembly) The global car navigation market size is projected to be 51 million units in 2015. Car navigation systems are rapidly becoming highly advanced information and communication terminals offering a range of new services for car users. As CAR AVN falls into automotive electronics segments, the global market for Automotive Electronics, estimated at US$191.3 billion in 2013 and forecast to be US$204.6 billion in 2014, is further projected to reach US$314.4 billion by 2020, thereby maintaining a CAGR of 7.3% between 2012 and 2020. OEM Automotive Electronics, accounting for an estimated share of 86.3% in 2013 equating to US$165.2 billion in the overall Automotive Electronics market, is forecast at US$177.2 billion in 2014 and expected to register a 2012-2020 CAGR of 7.6% in reaching a projected US$277.1 billion by 2020. The major trends driving demand for increased penetration of electronics in automobiles include regulatory mandates for improving fuel economy and stringent emission standards as well as requirements for advanced safety systems, consumer demand for safety & security and comfort & convenience features, and growth of hybrid and electric vehicles. Environmental issues and highly stringent government regulations have been forcing auto OEMs to accord greater importance to fuel efficiency. AVN System – Global Market Status The global car navigation market size is projected to be 51 million units in 2015. Electronic car navigation systems (CNS) have a large and growing market worldwide, especially in Japan. Japan, flowed by United States is the principle global supplier of AVN systems, accounts the largest market share, United States represents the second in market share and rest of the share is largely accounted by European countries. Japanese cities have grown dramatically over many centuries, and are still growing. In Japanese car navigation system market, the sales of low-priced AVN have been growing and they are expected to continue to grow in the future. On the other hand, in overseas
  19. 19. Micro Coaxial Cable | 19 car navigation system market, the demands for AVN to be installed neatly and smartly have been increased. In the current Japanese market, the sales of car navigation system have been increasing. Its prices are lowering with the spread of PND (Personal Navigation Device), and the car navigation system is being clearly polarized between the PND and AVN (installed-type- all-in-one navigation).Also in the AVN, the demand has been shifted to low-priced model of 100,000 yen or less. Transition in Japanese Car Navigation Market (Sales Volume)
  20. 20. Micro Coaxial Cable | 20 In the Market outside Japan, the PND (Personal Navigation Device) has led the car navigation system market and its sales have been significantly increasing. Under this influence, the sale of AVN also has been steadily increasing and a certain size of the AVN market has been established. The AVN has a great future potential. Transition in Overseas AVN Market (Sales Volume)
  21. 21. Micro Coaxial Cable | 21 Because of the above mentioned situation, see the AVN is in high demand Worldwide. However, there is a major challenge of “ price reduction” in both the PND and AVN, and if focusing on more rapid products development, there is a need to develop a platform for Global expansion. The global number of navigation shipments across all form factors including in-dash, portable, and mobile navigation devices is expected to grow from more than 100 million in 2010 to 283 million in 2015. Worldwide demand for car navigation system increased 11.7% year on year to 10.94 million units. In Japan, shipment increased on the back of a rebound in auto production and an expansion in consumer car navigation system lineups sold on the market. In the U.S the shipment were up on strong automobile sales. However in Europe, shipment increased only slightly due to lackluster automobile sales as regional economic conditions remained weak. Projected Trends in Global Car Navigation System Demand (In Million Units) Source: Source: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, “Trends in Worldwide Demand for Major Electronics,” published February 2013
  22. 22. Micro Coaxial Cable | 22 Worldwide demand for the car navigation system is projected to continue expanding, increasing 6.9% year on year to 11.69 million units. The forecast is based on expectations for the key role of high performance car navigation systems in motorized societies in terms of environment, energy conservation and security. Another factor is progress on expansion of road infrastructure development and digitization of map data in step with growth in automobile market of emerging economies. AVN Cable Assembly for CARs Global Cable Assembly Market has projected five-year compound annual growth rate of 8.0 percent, the industry value will grow to $130,693 million by 2014. Various components of a car need electrical power, which must all be connected to the battery through the use of cable assemblies. The cables that are used are often used are expected to last a long time and be able to last through a range of environmental conditions – meaning the cable selection is also important. More often than not, a car will use colour coded cables to allow them to gain quick diagnostics and replacement within the car. When the cable assembly is used sufficiently, it will ensure that operations go a lot smoother than it would do without the use of an efficient cable assembly. Cable assemblies are essential for devices powered by electricity, with common example being an automobile (car). The specific design of a cable assembly depends upon its use and the needs of the user. Overall, there are usually industry specifications for each of the major types of use, such as for airplanes or cars. The ever-increasing demand for on-board technology and connectivity may be the market driver for vehicle purchases in the very near future rather than the vehicle brand name. Current estimates are that as much as 35% of the total vehicle cost is the in-car electronics and the content continues to grow. Applications of Coaxial Cable assemblies  Coaxial cable assemblies for global positioning systems (GPS), global system for mobile communications (GSM), radio and door locking
  23. 23. Micro Coaxial Cable | 23  Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) cable assemblies for in-car display units  High Speed Data (HSD) cable assemblies for in-car display units, head units, rear seat infotainment
  24. 24. Micro Coaxial Cable | 24 MARKET CONCENTRATION: GERMANY
  25. 25. Micro Coaxial Cable | 25 4. Analysis of Present Condition of AVN system suppliers In Germany, ZENEC is the undisputed market leader for in (AVN) car multimedia and navigation supplies. Market Leader ZENEC is Germany's Undisputed Market Leader For In-Car Multimedia & Navigation Devices. ZENEC’s multimedia navigation systems use the most advanced technologies and offer you the very best quality with an enormous range of features in an easy to use format. ZENEC is Germanys undisputed market leader for in-car multimedia and navigation devices. With each new product generation, they are consistently extending their position as the market leader. ZENEC’s innovative navigation software makes the destination and route selection even easier and more intuitive. The quick menu provides access to all navigation functions. The “Smart” and “Eco” route calculation modes, for shorter and/or more economical driving, are hard to beat. Furthermore, TechniSat leading quality producer in the fields of LCD TV sets, car communications – car radios and navigation systems – as well as PC components, also secure a significant market share in Germany. The three major German automotive audio video manufacturers — Becker, Blaupunkt and Continental (Siemens VDO) almost monopolize the German market. The European Market The European market for car navigation systems has been slow to develop: the aftermarket has been virtually non-existent until recently. Only in the last decade, the OEM market finally begun to develop significantly. Strategy Analytics expects that Germany will remain the largest market in Europe for factory-fitted navigation systems, followed by the UK and France. Germany: Demand grows for CD-less audio, connected navigation and larger in-car displays In the overall market for in-car multimedia, demand in the main category of portable satellite navigation devices fell by 10% at the start of 2011. Particularly positive results were generated in the niche for multimedia monitors that are permanent in-car fixtures.
  26. 26. Micro Coaxial Cable | 26 Special double DIN navigation devices recorded growth of 4%, which was primarily attributable to products that can be easily integrated with the dashboard and where the technical connections are tailored to the respective car manufacturer. One in three upgrade devices are now customized for specific makes of car. This new product category is experiencing a real boom at present, recording a sales increase of 58%. Consumers are willing to spend more on these high-end devices, with average expenditure of around EUR 1,060. Willingness to spend is clearly high for new products and recognizable brand value, particularly when upgrade devices are more attractively priced than the original equipment from car manufacturers, while offering the same or better technical functions. A comparable development emerges at the high-end of the portable navigation devices (PND) segment. An increase of 70% was recorded for devices that provide up-to-date information such as traffic, flight and weather reports on the move or that have a Google search function. The share of “connected PNDs” in overall portable navigation devices sales therefore increased from 5% to 10%. Rising popularity is also evident for computer graphics navigation support providing photographic images of motorway junctions, sights of interests, landscapes and cities. As a result, screens are increasing in size, and growth is evident in the segment with 5 inch displays in particular.
  27. 27. Micro Coaxial Cable | 27 5. Applicability of Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly or High Speed Cable Assembly in AVN system Yes, Micro coaxial cable assembly is applicable in AVN system (Through primary research). Method for the applicability of Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly or High Speed Cable Assembly in AVN system Micro Coaxial cable assemblies are used in a variety of products serving many different markets. It is used to carry higher frequency signals from point A to point B with minimal signal loss and degradation. Cables and interconnect systems are getting smaller, and overall volume is increasing. The most common applications include antenna cabling, cable TV equipment interconnects and automotive applications. In automobiles, for example, more and more systems (satellite radio, AM/FM radio, GPS, cell phones, etc.) are being packed into extremely tight spaces. This increased density of signal carrying cables makes coaxial cable an obvious choice to reduce or eliminate signal interference. OEMs tend to outsource coaxial cable assemblies since they are considered a commodity and not part of their core business. Increasingly, cable and connector manufacturers are producing and providing finished cable assemblies to the OEMs. Since they manufacture the cable and connectors, these manufacturers have a cost advantage over subcontractors who must purchase the components on the outside. A coaxial connector and a method for assembling a coaxial connector which can enhance work efficiency and can simplify equipment required for the assembling. The coaxial connector is assembled by  a first process for forming an insulator assembly  a second process for setting the insulator assembly to an outer conductor terminal via the upper-side opening in the terminal from the direction intersecting the terminal axis perpendicularly a third process for holding the insulator of the insulator assembly by caulking a pair of caulking pieces for holding the insulator, and for connecting and fixing the insulator
  28. 28. Micro Coaxial Cable | 28 assembly with a coaxial cable by caulking a pair of caulking pieces for braid connection and a pair of caulking pieces for fixing a sheath, respectively. Methods of Applicability – Micro Coaxial cable assembly There are a myriad of connector types on the market, even greater than the number of different cable types that are available. Some connector designs require additional processing steps, such as folding back the braided shield, tinning the center conductor, etc. Older connector types typically have many parts including the rubber boot, crimp ring, connector body, center contact and connector housing. Newer connector types are being introduced which have fewer parts, sometimes only a single part. For example, the Radiall R3C connector is available on reel and can be applied in a crimping press in one operation. These one-piece connectors lend themselves to automatic assembly methods. The trend is toward fewer connector parts, making it easier for both manual and automatic assembly methods.
  29. 29. Micro Coaxial Cable | 29 Regardless of where coaxial cable assemblies are produced, there is a benefit to using partial or fully automatic assembly methods as opposed to strictly manual methods. For smaller batches and frequent changeovers, producing cable assemblies in a semi- automatic work cell is usually more cost effective. Once the production volume increases above 50,000 cable assemblies per month for a given assembly, it makes sense to invest in a fully automatic assembly system. A fully automatic assembly system can be equipped with quality monitoring equipment such as non-destructive pull testers, electrical testers, etc. to ensure that all products is fully tested as it is built. A good/bad sorting station and destructive piece cutter can be added to cut the ends off of any cable assembly that fails any of the quality tests. The use of coaxial cable assemblies continues to increase. Coaxial cable assemblies can be produced using hand tools or using fully automatic equipment with varying levels of automation in between. The level of automation employed usually depends on the typical batch sizes being produced. Low volume, high mix jobs lend themselves to semi- automatic work cell type assembly, and high volume, low mix jobs are best done on fully automatic systems. Newer connector types have fewer parts. Fewer parts to assemble makes it easier and less expensive to automate the process. This results in lower automation costs and shorter production cycle times than was possible with older multi-part connectors. The higher the level of automation, the easier it will be to maintain consistent high quality. Of course, it's possible to manually assemble a coaxial cable assembly but automation is the key to quality.
  30. 30. Micro Coaxial Cable | 30 6. Competitor Analysis - Analysis on AVN system suppliers Company Name Overview Product Promotion Price USP Advanced Navigation Solutions - AMCONAV GmbH (http://www.an avs.de/) ANAVS, based in Gilching and Munich, Germany, is involving in the research and development of future navigation systems with Galileo and GPS signals. ANAVS is known for its accurate and reliable heading and attitude determination systems, and offers related hardware and software for both automobile and maritime applications. It performs sustained research, and develops and implements leading edge technologies such as triple frequency Real- Time Kinematics (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) with reliable integer ambiguity resolution. Advanced Navigation Solutions - ANAVS, formerly operated under Position and Attitude determination  Accurate and reliable attitude determination systems  Reliable Single Frequency Carrier Phase based  Attitude Determination Receiver System (SF- ADRS)  Reliable Single and Multi- Frequency Differential  Carrier Phase Positioning Software (SF/MF-DCPS)  Training and technology assistance for beginners  and experienced Majorly in Trade shows N/A 1st Prize in Bavaria at the European Satellite Navigation Competition - Galileo Masters 2010 Vodafone Prize for Science and Engineering 2011 Funding by ESA, Federal and Bavarian Ministries 50+ presentations at international conferences 10+ journal publications 4 international patents on relative carrier phase positioning by ANAVS Low cost GPS receivers Reliable and accurate attitude and RTK position determination using low cost GNSS / INS sensors
  31. 31. Micro Coaxial Cable | 31 the name AMCONAV, has received several awards for its business idea, e.g. the prestigious 1st prize in Bavaria in the European Satellite Navigation Competition - Galileo Masters 2010. users of GNSS Garmin Deutschland GmbH (http://www.ga rmin.com/de- DE) The company has sold more than 100 million navigation devices since its inception and has grown to over 9,000 employees in 35 locations. The holistic approach means that the entire value chain - made in-house - from design to finished product for sale and distribution. This allows Garmin to ensure high quality standards and align its product innovations tailored to the needs of customers. To further expand its market position in the future, the company continually invests in research and development. Garmin also maintains its own worldwide development centers - for example, in Germany (Würzburg), Romania (Cluj), Taiwan (Shijr, Jhongli, Linkou)  Automotive: PND, OEM, mobile and fleet management solutions  Outdoor / Fitness: Hand and bracelet devices  Marine: Marine Network with 3D Seekartografi e, sonar, radar, weather  Aviation: flight information systems (fixed and portable)  Road navigation  Car  Truck & Fleet Management  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  Google plus  Newsletter  Press  Events and Exhibitions Automo bile - 119€ to 8,999€ Fishfind er - 499€ to 1,499€ Truck - 479€ Bikes- 399€ to 599€  Low Price  Sleek Designs  Competible devices  Intelligent Rudder Technology rate  Low power consumption
  32. 32. Micro Coaxial Cable | 32 and the U.S. (Olathe, Los Angeles, Newport, Salem). With navigation devices for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness Garmin offers its customers a wide range of tailored GPS solutions for orientation in any situation - whether car or bike navigation, handheld GPS, GPS sports watch, navy plotter or navigation app for the Smartphone.  Bikes  Cameras  Equipment  Sport and training  Operate  Cycling  Triathlon & Multisport  Golfing  Swimming  Outdoor and Leisure  Handsets  Wrist GPS  Location  Action Camera  Marine & Water Sports  Plotter  Echo Sounders  Plotter / sounders combined  Fishfinder  Schwinger  Handsets  Radar  Autopilot  Communication  Instruments / NMEA2000  Marine Network  Mobile on the go  Apps  Tracking and locating  Equipment  Refurbished products
  33. 33. Micro Coaxial Cable | 33 IXBLUE GmbH (http://www.ix blue.com) "I" stands for Imagination. "X" is the eXcellence for which we strive. Our technologies, equipment, and systems assure you superiority in all senses - navigating from the depths of the ocean to the reaches of outer space. Organized in 8 business areas, iXBlue is an independent group able to combine its unique technologies, products, systems and services from across its subsidiaries to provide unique solutions that fit your business requirements and focus on delivering your strategic outcomes more quickly.  Navigation & Motion  Gyrocompass  Navigation Sensors  Software  Subsea Positioning  Acoustic Positioning Systems  Gyrocompass  Inertial Navigation Systems  Acoustic Releases  Geophysics  Sonars  Sub-Bottom Profilers  Defense  Land Defense  Naval Defense  Space  Inertial Measurement Unit  Mobile Mapping & Airborne Survey  Facebook  Twitter  Blogs  News  Press releases N/A iXFiber is a member of Photonics Bretagne high technology equipment’s solutions in the areas of navigation and surveillance underwater positioning and communication seabed imaging and surveying complete range of mapping systems No mobilization/demobi lization: fully operational in less than 1 hour Adapted to all applications: shallow and deep water, and noisy environments Easily transferrable from one vessel to another Robust to acoustic and GPS hazards
  34. 34. Micro Coaxial Cable | 34  Terrestrial Inertial Navigation System  Aerial Inertial Navigation System MLS Destinator Navigation Systems GmbH (http://www.ml sdestinator.de) The MLS Multimedia SA founded in October 1995 in Thessaloniki for the development of technology in the field of multimedia and subsequent commercial exploitation. In 1998 the company won the European Information Technology Prize (European Information Technology Grand Prize) while in May 2001 was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Today her name is synonymous with innovative technology products (navigation systems), many of which are unique in their kind, which find application in all fields where computing devices used by the automotive and education to the office and entertainment  Navigation Devices  MLS destinator Talk&Drive liveTRAFFIC 500  MLSDestinator  Talk&Drive liveTRAFFIC 400  MLSDestinator  Talk&Drive 50SL  Mobile Navigation  Talk Drive for iPhone  For Windows Mobile Phones  MLS Destinator Greece & Cyprus  MLS Destinator Greece, Cyprus and Europe  MLS Destinator map of Europe  Facebook  Twitter  Blogs  News  Press releases N/A  First time in Greece  Voice Navigation  Most up-to-date geographical data  Unbeatable price
  35. 35. Micro Coaxial Cable | 35  For Symbian Mobile Phones  MLS Destinator Greece & Cyprus  MLS Destinator Greece, Cyprus and Europe Moving Terrain AG (http://www.m oving- terrain.de) The manufacturer of moving map systems with original aviation map display. Here you will find innovative and technically advanced products and services. Take advantage of the customized and professional service of our international team.  The real Moving Map  Using the right information at the right time  Mounting: Easy Mount  Fast Integral GPS  Iridium Satellite Telephone  Sat Amplifier  Coiled Cable  Charts & NavData  MT VisionAir X  MT VisionAir III  Accessories  News letters  Brochure  Dealers  Press releases N/A  3D graphic  Touchscreen & high contrast screen  Rugged and lightweight  Built-in GPS  Battery change during operation  Highly efficient cooling  Ultra fast data transfer
  36. 36. Micro Coaxial Cable | 36 MARKET CONCENTRATION: USA
  37. 37. Micro Coaxial Cable | 37 7. Market prospects and Market share of ‘High Speed Cable’ The market for Coaxial cable in United States is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% through the estimated period of 2012-2018 The U.S represented the largest market for coaxial cables with a market share of 59.2% in 2012. Mexico and Canada are expected to see significant growth for coaxial cables because of rising investments in telecom, broadband and broadcasting sectors for improving communication infrastructure. U.S Market Share on various broad band technologies From the above statistics cable connections lead in the US, DSL is more common in Europe and Asia where housing densities tend to be greater and cable is not as widely available. Coaxial Cable, 59.20% Digital Subscriber line, 35.70% Terrestrial Fixed Wireless, 5.30% Satellite, 1.30% Fiber to the home, 0.70% Power line, 0
  38. 38. Micro Coaxial Cable | 38 Technology U.S Market Share Medium Comments Cable 59.2% Coaxial Cable Available only at (mostly residential) locations passed by cable. Constrained by local cable company monopolies. DSL 35.7% Twisted Pair Digital subscriber line is increasingly available as telephone companies upgrade central offices. More common in Europe and Asia. Service speed varies and is often asymmetrical. Constrained by local telephone monopolies. Terrestrial Fixed Wireless 5.3% Radio Most common in rural areas where other alternatives are not available; however, there is also a growing municipal network movement. Satellite 1.3% Radio Most common in rural areas where other alternatives are not available. High latency restricts use for isochronous applications. Fiber to the home 0.7% Optical Fiber Fiber to the home has sufficient capacity to carry all content and allow the home to serve as well as consume information. The cost of installing fiber to an existing home is approximately $1,000, and telephone and cable companies are beginning to offer the service; however, the service is often restricted and critics charge that it is long overdue and has already been paid for by consumers. Power line 0% Copper Wire The standards are now in place for data over power lines, but there has been only pilot deployment.
  39. 39. Micro Coaxial Cable | 39 In terms of applications, the video distribution segment is expected to remain the fastest growing segment for the North America coaxial cables market. This segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% through the estimated period of 2012 - 2018. The growth of this segment is primarily attributed to growing popularity of Video-on- Demand (VoD), Internet Protocol and Over-the-Top (OTT) services to access high definition videos over home interconnected devices. Another growth area for coaxial cable is in subways and tunnels, where coax can function like a long antenna to deliver radio signals to police and transportation officials. By geography, the U.S. and Canada are relatively mature markets for coaxial cables compared to Mexico. Currently, the U.S. dominates the North America coaxial cable market. In the U.S. about 90% of households have already installed coaxial cable networks to access multimedia content over multiple devices such as HDTVs, laptops, BlueRays, gaming consoles etc, in multiple rooms. Also, eight out of the top ten IPTV providers are using MoCA technology to provide their services over coaxial cables. Mexico represents the fastest growing market for coaxial cables due to increasing investment from the government in telecommunication and broadband to support the country’s economic development. In addition, low trade barriers and attractive foreign direct investment (FDI) policies in telecommunication and broadband are influencing foreign players to invest in this potential market. Total Import and Export – Cable (Optical fiber cable, Coaxial cable, and Insulated wires) Export/Import Value Percentage (of the overall export value) Export $7,155,756,577 0.61% Import $12,505,652,595 0.68% The total export value of cable in United states is $7.1 billion , which is about 0.61% of the total export value. And also the total import value of cable in United States is $12.5 billion which is about 0.68% of the total import value of the overall products.
  40. 40. Micro Coaxial Cable | 40 8. Leading suppliers’ analysis and Market share of the leading suppliers In North America, the top 5 players in the market accounted for about 55% of the overall market share. The North America coaxial cable industry looks very competitive with large number of multinational and domestic manufacturers. No single player has a stronghold on this market and the top five players accounted for about 55% of the overall market share. Some key manufacturers of coaxial cable in North America include TE Connectivity, General Cable, LS Cable and Systems, Belden, Amphenol and Coleman. Product Categories Supplied Product Sub Products Building Wire And cable  Machine Tool Wire  Metal-Clad Cables  Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cables  Service-Entrance Cables  Thermoplastic-Insulated underground  Feeder and Branch Circuit Cables  Thermoplastic-Insulated Wire and Cables  Thermoset-Insulated Wire and Cable Flexible Cords  Bulk Cords  Cord Sets  Extension Cords  Plug Blades High Performance Wire and Cable  Airframe Wire and Cable
  41. 41. Micro Coaxial Cable | 41  Appliance Wiring Material  Automotive Wire and Cable  CATV Drop and Trunk Lines  Coaxial Cable  Flat Cable  High Performance Conductors  Hookup Wire  Microphone Cable  Motor Lead Wire  Multi conductor Electronic Cable  Power-Limited Circuit Cable  Premise Wiring  Shipboard Wire and Cable  Thermocouple Wire  Thermoset  Insulated Wire and Cable  Transit Wire and Cable  Uninsulated Electrical Conductors Modular Wiring  Modular Wiring Power and Control Cable  1 to 600 Volt  15.1 kV and Over  2 to 600 Volt
  42. 42. Micro Coaxial Cable | 42  601 to 15 kV  Control Cable  Paper Power Cable  Portable Power Cable  Welding Cable Top 20 North American Cable Maker Production shares by Type (in US$ Million)
  43. 43. Micro Coaxial Cable | 43 Capital Expenditure of Leading public cable companies in North America (in US$ Million)
  44. 44. Micro Coaxial Cable | 44 9. Consumer Trend and Consumption scale Internet service providers are the largest end-user segment of coaxial cables in North America. This segment is expected to maintain its dominating position due to growing number of IPTV and internet service providers in the region through the estimated period. Rural areas certainly suffer a lack of high-speed Internet access. While about 88 percent of urban households in the United States have access to Coaxial cable Internet service, only 40 percent of rural households do, according to the Federal Communications Commission and the Commerce Department. About 20 percent of United States households have access to fiber optic Internet service, the fastest connection, compared with 86 percent in Japan and two-thirds in South Korea. Following table represents the Coaxial cable consumption by Application, by end users and by country: North America Coaxial Cable Market Consumption By Application By End User By Country Video Distribution CATV Companies U.S Radio Frequency (RF) transfer System Integrators Mexico Internet data transfer Military and Aerospace Canada Telephone Service Providers Internet Service provider Construction Industry Other (Medical, Marine, Automobile and other OEMs) Cables and wires are the most common place indicators of a wide range of technologies existing in various stages of sophistication. As in other fields, military wires primarily serve two purposes: transmission of power and transmission of telecommunications payloads and signals. These two broad usages span a wide array of applications and industries. Consequently cables and wires comprise a formidable market on their own. The underlying operating principle has remained consistent over the years and is fairly
  45. 45. Micro Coaxial Cable | 45 uncomplicated with regards to cables super flexible wires serving as conduits to connect high-tech islands. This simplicity in technology does not rub off on its market dynamics. The result of this simplicity is a large number of significant stakeholders. Additionally, these diverse stakeholders are very sensitive to macroeconomic trends on the global scale. The raw material costs on the supply side explain much of the volatility in the cable market. As a result, the pricing trends of cables and wires are not entirely driven by market demand. The market is also far from being homogenous, with the end user profiles ranging from wholesale purchasers, telecom operators, retail users, utility managers, power supply companies as well as enterprises. The leverage enjoyed by the buyers is by and large proportional to their purchase volumes and inversely proportional to the importance of cables and wires to their applications. Applications Military Coaxial cable has many uses: military, medical, consumer devices, ham radio, cellular phone networks, ethernet computer networks, closed-circuit radio networks, terrestrial microwave and of course CATV Networks. Military is listed first because it seems, as is the case with many technological advances in the last century, that coax specifications were designed for and by the military for its many functions. CATV In effect, the CATV industry has become the Tail-That-Wags-the-Dog, with regards to coaxial cable. This is because the industry has become the single biggest user of coaxial cables. Cable manufacturers are stuck in the middle, creating cables that conform to new and ever changing military specifications(if they want to procure lucrative government contracts), while still supplying the needs of the CableCos(who do not change specs/requirements as often as the military). When a newer/better technology comes along that improves the characteristics of the cable(either electrically or physically) to meet some new military requirement, that cable may or may not be of any interest to the CableCo's.
  46. 46. Micro Coaxial Cable | 46 Present and Future Usage – Coaxial Cable At present, the use of coaxial cabel has reached a level of maturity which results in the integration of services beyond television, including the triad of telephone, television and broadband Internet. Currently, within the various guided media that support the deployment of data networks, one of the best known and most prominence is the coaxial cable. This cable, being a regular in homes today, has turned out to be an inseparable partner of development and infrastructure deployment of television reception in the last decades. Looking back, the original expansion is linked to the sellers of U.S. satellite television and cable who saw it as a way to improve reception in rural areas. The evolution of its use went through various significant stages, as were the beginning of the generation of specific content for distribution on this medium and its combined use with satellite transmission. Currently, the use of coaxial hybrid networks, HFC, has reached a level of maturity which results in the integration of services beyond television, including the triad of telephone, television and broadband Internet. The improvements made by the use of coaxial cable have always been supported by the initiatives undertaken by various entities that have been committed to develop technical standards giving the necessary support to the demands that gradually came up. In the next years its role will be emphasized, along with the demand of video and data communications (Internet) mainly. Given this forecast, the need for higher bandwidth is evident, resulting in the fact that they need to increase existing capacity of networks to handle the future demand, both in the downstream channel as in the return. In addition, other technologies such as DSL and wireless are undergoing major changes that are likely .in the short and long term, to be a threat cable operators markets, forcing an effort in the evolution of cable technology. The progress of the technologies associated to coaxial cable has led to other standards, focusing on the deployment of local networks in the home leveraging existing infrastructure. According to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, there were approximately 62 million cable TV subscribers in the US as of 2012. The UK had approximately 47 million subscribers. The television transmits multiple channels through the coaxial cable technology.
  47. 47. Micro Coaxial Cable | 47 10. Regarding ‘Samtec’ (www.samtec.com) a. Business Line Basic Information Company Name Samtec Inc Website www.samtec.com Address 520 Park East Blvd New Albany, IN,47150, USA SIC 3679-Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs Revenue $100-$500M+ Employees 1000+ Overview Samtec is the service leader in the electronic interconnects industry. Founded in 1976, we are a privately held, $500,000,000 global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnects, including high speed, micro pitch, rugged/power, and flexible board stacking systems, cable assemblies and components, IP68 sealed I/O, and RF components and cables. Samtec is ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 14001:2004 registered with a 5- A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, the highest available for a corporation this size.
  48. 48. Micro Coaxial Cable | 48 Corporate Profile Headquartered in New Albany, Indiana, USA, Samtec is a global company with locations in 18 countries. Samtec have six primary manufacturing locations: New Albany, IN, Costa Rica, China, Panama, Malaysia, and Singapore. Global manufacturing and sales locations allow redundant manufacturing, component sourcing, molding, stamping, and assembly in both hemispheres and this manufacturing location strategy optimizes customer’s cost and delivery. Most Samtec products fall into one of four categories: high speed (signal integrity), micro systems, rugged, and custom solutions. These products can be used in a wide variety of connector, cable and panel &I/O applications.
  49. 49. Micro Coaxial Cable | 49 Products High Speed Board-to-Board Interconnect Products Rugged Power Products Mezzanine Strips Micro Rugged Systems Rugged High Speed Strips One Piece Rugged and Power Systems Silicon Reference Discrete Wire Systems Stand-Offs Acclimate Sealed Cable Ultra Fine Pitch High-Density Arrays High Speed Cable Assemblies High Isolation and RF Test and Debug Cable Products Flex Circuit Data Links Edge card and Micro Backplane Products High Speed Cable Assemblies MSA Transceiver Interface and Cages RF High Speed Cable Assemblies Micro Backplane Systems PCI Express Interfaces RF Cable and Components Express RF Cable Builder Micro Pitch Board-to-Board Interconnects Micro High Frequency Cable Assemblies Micro Pin and Socket Systems Standard RF Cable Assemblies Micro Pitch Systems Standard RF PCB Components Rugged Systems High Density and Four Row Systems Panel and I/O Products Modular Jacks: Standard Board-to-Board USB Interfaces Shunts HDMI Interfaces Screw Machine Strips Acclimate Sealed Cable Systems 2mm Pitch Systems High Speed I/O Systems Hermaphroditic Connectors
  50. 50. Micro Coaxial Cable | 50 b. Distributors and Vendors (who purchase products from Samtec) S.No Distributors & Vendors Website Mailing Address 1 Aim Electronics Co. www.aim- electronics.com 160 Bordentown Rd., Tullytown, PA 19007 United States PH: 215-946-3900 e-mail: sales@aim- electronics.com 2 Arrow Asia Pacific www.arrowasia.com 20/F, Tower Two, Ever Gain Plaza, 88 Container Port Rd., Kwai Chung, 00000 HONG KONG PH: 85224842484 FX: 85224842122 e-mail: sales.hongkong@arrowasia .com 3 Arrow North American Components (NAC) www.arrownac.com 7459 S. Lima St., Bldg. 2, Englewood, CO 80112 United States PH: 303-645-8999 e-mail: onlinesales@arrow.com 4 Avnet Express www.avnetexpress.c om Also Known As: Cilicon 3450 Corporate Way, Ste. A, Duluth, GA 30096 United States PH: 800-332-8638 e-mail: esb@avnet.com 5 Avnet Express Asia www.avnetexpress.c om/asia 16/F Spectrum Tower, 53 Hung To Rd., Kowloon, IT HONG KONG PH: 8675593782464
  51. 51. Micro Coaxial Cable | 51 e-mail: CustomerCare.AvnetExpre ssAsia@Avnet.com 6 Avnet Express Europe www.avnetexpress.e u Poing, DE, D-85586 GERMANY PH: 0080041241211 e-mail: CustomerCare@AvnetExpr ess.eu 7 Belford Electronics www.belfordelect.co m 1460 Jeffrey Dr., Addison, IL 60101 United States PH: 630-691-1100 TF: 800-323-1231 FX: 630- 691-1118 e-mail: inquiries@belfordelect.co m 8 Broadline Electronics Distributors www.broadlineinc.c om 355 Oser Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788 United States PH: 631-231-4100 TF: 800-645-5444 FX: 631- 231-4123 e-mail: bline@broadlineinc.com 9 Digi-Key www.digikey.com 701 Brooks Ave. S., Thief River Falls, MN 56701 United States PH: 218-681-6674 TF: 800-344-4539 FX: 218- 681-3380 e-mail:
  52. 52. Micro Coaxial Cable | 52 orders@digikey.com 10 Electro Sonic www.e-sonic.com 55 Renfrew Dr., Markham, ON L3R 8H3 CANADA PH: 905-946-0100 TF: 800-567-6642 FX: 905- 946-1900 e-mail: info@e-sonic.com 11 Electronics Supply Co. www.eskc.com 4100 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64111 United States PH: 816-931-0250 FX: 816-753-2595 e-mail: richl@eskc.com 12 Eric Electronics www.ericnet.com 2220 Lundy Ave., San Jose, CA 95131 United States PH: 408-432-1111 TF: 800-457-3742 FX: 408- 433-0570 e-mail: ee@ericnet.com 13 Hammond Electronics hammond-usa.com Also Known As: EMSCO/Electronic Maint.Supply 1230 W. Central Blvd., Orlando, FL 32805 United States PH: 407-841-1010 FX: 407-648-8584 e-mail: esbinfo@hammondelec.co m 14 Heartland Electronics www.heartlandelectr onics.com 4150 C Industrial Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376 United States PH: 636-928-6010 FX:
  53. 53. Micro Coaxial Cable | 53 636-447-3416 e-mail: info@heartlandelectronics. com 15 Marsh Electronics www.marshelectroni cs.com 1563 S. 101st St., Milwaukee, WI 53214 United States PH: 414-475-6000 FX: 414-771-2847 e-mail: sales@marshelectronics.co m 16 Newark www.newark.com 4180 Highlander Pkwy., Richfield, OH 44286 United States PH: 888-533-2219 FX: 888-551-4801 e-mail: cleveland@newark.com 17 North Coast Components www.northcc.com 3504 Highland Dr., Hudsonville, MI 49426 United States PH: 616-379-4100 TF: 800-944-0325 FX: 616- 379-4106 e-mail: sales@northcc.com 18 Prime Electro Products www.primelectro.co m 1811 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 United States PH: 310-379-3642 TF: 800-347-1001
  54. 54. Micro Coaxial Cable | 54 e-mail: sales@primelectro.com 19 RESCO Electronics www.rescoelectronic s.com 4961 Mercantile Rd., Nottingham, MD 21236 United States PH: 410-931-8200 TF: 800-783-8829 FX: 410- 931-8221 e-mail: info@rescoelectronics.com 20 Sager Electronics www.sager.com 19 Leona Dr., Middleboro, MA 02346 United States PH: 781-682-4844 TF: 800-724-3780 e-mail: sagerinfo@sager.com 21 Schuster Electronics Inc. www.schusterelec.c om 11320 Grooms Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242 United States PH: 800-877-6875 FX: 513-489-8686 e-mail: sales@schusterusa.com 22 Simcona Electronics www.simcona.com 275 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, NY 14606 United States PH: 585-328-3230 TF: 800-274-6266 FX: 585- 512-3000 e-mail: infonow@simcona.com
  55. 55. Micro Coaxial Cable | 55 23 Simcona Electronics of Canada www.simcona.ca Also Known As: Ferrotronic Components 3422 Wonderland Rd. S, London, ON N6L 1A7 CANADA PH: 519-652-1130 TF: 800-567-3815 FX: 519- 652-1131 e-mail: info@simcona.ca 24 Utech Electronics www.utech.ca 5250 Finch Ave. E., Unit 1, Scarborough, ON M1S 5A4 CANADA PH: 416-609-2900 TF: 800-268-8832 FX: 416- 609-2588 e-mail: sales@utech.ca 25 Toby Electronics www.toby.co.uk/ Toby Electronics Beaumont Road Banbury Oxon OX16 1TU Phone: +44 (0)1295 271777 Fax: +44 (0)1295 271744 e-mail: sales@toby.co.uk
  56. 56. Micro Coaxial Cable | 56 c. Partners S.No Partners Website Address 1 Avnet Abacus http://www.avnet- abacus.eu/ Avnet Abacus Herlev Ellekær 9 DK-2730 Herlev Phone: +45 86 84 84 84 Fax: +45 43 29 37 00 e-mail: herlev@avnet- abacus.eu 2 Farnell http://www.farnell.c om/ P.O. Box 94151 Palatine, IL 60094-4151 Fax: 330 523 4509 PH: 877 736 4835 Email: salestax@newark.c om 3 Molex http://www.molex.c om 2222 Wellington Court Lisle, IL 60532-1682 Tel: : 1 800-78MOLEX (1 800 786-6539) Tel: : (1) 630-969-4550
  57. 57. Micro Coaxial Cable | 57 d. Supplier of Industrial raw and Subsidiary material Copper Copper is often used for its excellent conductivity and malleability (the ability to be shaped and mashed). Nckel, chromium, aluminum, lead, silver and tin are also used. These metals go into components such as resistors, capacitors and transducers. Name Web Page Contact Mittelrheinische Metallgießerei H. Beyer GmbH & Co. KG http://www.mmhb.de/en/ Koblenzerstraße 69 56626 Andernach Germany Phone -+49 (0)2632 - 4004 - 0 Fax -+49 (0)2632 - 4004 – 56 Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG http://www.diehl.com Heinrich-Diehl-Straße 9 90552 Röthenbach Germany Phone Number: +49 911 5704-0 Fax Number: +49 911 5704-435 Drahtwerk waidhaus GMBH Germany http://www.drahtwerk- waidhaus.de/ Johann-Schmidt-Straße 20 • 92726 Waidhaus, Germany Telefon +49 - 9652 - 1 88 0 • Telefax +49 - 9652 - 1 88 1 11 Esterer Giesserei GmbH http://www.esterer- giesserei.de/willkommen.htm Estererstraße 12, D-84503 Altötting Tel. +49(0)8671/92652-0 Fax +49(0)8671/92652-10 Hermann Sieg GmbH http://www.hermann- sieg.de/index.php?sprache=en Schützenstraße 87 22761 Hamburg Germany Tel: +49 40-853219-0
  58. 58. Micro Coaxial Cable | 58 Silicon Silicon considered a metalloid, or semimetal is used in microchips and semiconductors. Other nonmetal or semimetal materials are antimony, bismuth, cobalt, fluorite, garnet, magnesium and talc. Name Web Page Contact Wacker Chemie AG http://www.wacker.com Hauptverwaltung Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4 81737 München Germany Silchem Handelsgesellschaft mbH http://www.silchem.de/ Silchem Handelsgesellschaft mbH Himmelfahrtsgasse 41 D-09599 Freiberg Tel: +49-3731-6706-0 SIEGERT WAFER GmbH http://www.siegertwafer.com SIEGERT WAFER GmbH · Franzstrasse 107 · 52064 Aachen · Germany Tel.: +49-(0)241/900 5333 Silicon Materials http://www.si-mat.com/ Victor-Frankl-Str. 20 D - 86916 Kaufering Germany Tel: +49 (0) 8191 - 47 87 47 Ersol Solar Energy AG http://www.bosch- solarenergy.de/de/bosch_se_o nline/home_1.html Robert Bosch GmbH Bosch Service Center Postfach 30 02 20 70442 Stuttgart Phone: 49 (0)711 400 40990
  59. 59. Micro Coaxial Cable | 59 Ceramics Ceramics are used as insulators in a variety of electronic components. Certain clays, glasses, calcium (in various forms), gold and carbon (in various forms are also often used. Name Web Page Contact Inmatec Technologies GmbH http://www.inmatec-gmbh.com Heerstraßenbenden 10 D-53359 Rheinbach Germany Phone: +49-2226-9087-0 Fax: +49-2226-9087-10 ESA's son in law & Seiferling Analytik GmbH http://www.esahermsdorf.de/ Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 10 07629 Hermsdorf Phone: 03 66 01/90 35 00 Fax: 03 66 01/90 35 01 Julius Lippert GMBH & CO. KG http://www.lippert.de Julius Lippert GmbH & Co. KG Böttgerstraße 46 D-92690 Pressath Phone: 0049 96 44 / 67-0 Fax: 0049 96 44 / 81 19 Imerys Ceramics http://www.imerys- ceramics.com/ Imerys Tableware Deutschland GmbH Location: Selb – Germany Phone: +49 (0) 9287 731 312 Fax +49 (0) 9287 731 313 sd Hartstofftechnik GmbH http://www.hartstofftechnik.de/ Wiesenweg 1 D-79798 Jestetten Tel: ++49 7745 16 99 Fax: ++49 7745 88 58
  60. 60. Micro Coaxial Cable | 60 11. Conclusion To conclude, Micro coaxial cables are the best choice to fulfill the requirements compared to other wiring materials. We have just succeeded in the development and commercialization of our micro coaxial cables and cable assemblies. Micro coaxial cable and its assembly can be used for high-speed transmission of high- frequency signals, with a high degree of flexibility in assembly configuration, thus answering the present-day needs for space-saving wiring. Micro coaxial cable is found capable to work satisfactorily with LCD panels, not only note-book PCs, and thus it appears very promising also as internal wiring material for electronic equipment requiring speed-up specifications. Led by China, there exists a huge potential in the development of downstream industries, especially mobile communications industry, China’s wire and cable industry usher in new opportunities and it is expected that Micro Coaxial market will present steady growth globally. The report concluded that with massive potential in the enlargement of communication network infrastructures and the radio frequency cable and flexible cable industry, which can in turn be expected to bring sustainable demand for micro coaxial cables.
  61. 61. Micro Coaxial Cable | 61 12. References http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/coaxial-cable-market.html http://www.fujitsu.com/downloads/IR/annual/2013/10.pdf http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/business/technicaljournal/pdf/38intro1.pdf http://www.globalmarket.com/sourcingtips/auto-parts-vehicles/global-number-of- navigation-shipments-in-2015-1009.html http://sdn.sys-con.com/node/2658734 http://www.imagingnotes.com/go/article_free.php?mp_id=38 http://article.wn.com/view/2013/07/24/Coaxial_Cable_Market_is_Expected_to_Reach_U SD_31_Billion_in_/#/related_news http://www.fujikura.co.jp/00/gihou/gihou31e/pdf31e/31e_01.pdf http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/business/technicaljournal/pdf/36-1.pdf http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/20120314/site_equipment/sponsored-content-from- coax-to-fiber-enjoying-the-magic-of-light/ http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_advantages_and_disadvantages_of_coaxial_ca ble http://www.sctrade.com/data/sctoday/20130613091655Eng-Company%20Note%20- %201300%20-%20130613.pdf http://www.sourceesb.com/samtec/distributors-and-vendors/ http://atlas.media.mit.edu/country/usa/ http://blog.gasgoo.com/market-shares-of-global-automotive-audio-system-manufacturers- 2008-107#sthash.dePW4TuN.dpuf http://carkitme.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ZE-NC620D-Brochure.pdf
  62. 62. Micro Coaxial Cable | 62 http://www.integer-research.com/wire-cable/products/north-america-usa-regional-study/