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  • 1. 阿拉伯語代名詞 第一人稱 第二人稱 第三人稱 陰 陽 陰 陽 單 Ana 我 Anta 你(女) Anti 你(男) Hiya 他(女) Huwa 他(男) 2個 人 Nahnu 我們 Antuma 妳們倆 Antuma 你們倆 Huma 她們 Huma 他們 複 Nahnu Antunaa 妳們 Antum 你們 Hun 她們 Hum 他們 簡單句子 Arabic conjunction Pronunciation Translation Assalamualaikum Peace be upon you Waalaikumussalamu Peace be upon you (answer) Hal Anta Talibu Are you (male) a student? . , Naam, Ana Talibu Yes, I’m a student Ma’ smuka? What is your (male) name? . Ismi Bashiru. My name is Bashir Ma’s muhu? What is his name? . Ismuhu Aminu His name is Amin. Hal Aminu Talibu? Is Amin a student? . , La, Huwa Tabebu No, he is a doctor. (也有的地方直接叫 ) . Shukran Thank you . Afwan Welcome Ahlan Wasahlan Hello
  • 2. Ahlan Biki Hello (Female) Ma’smuki? What is your (female) name? . Ismi Aminatu. Wa My name is Aminah. And what is your masmuki? name? . . Ismi Karimatu. Wa Ana My name is Karimah. And I’m a Talibatu? student. . , Naam, Ana Talibatu. Yes, I’m student. Hal Anti Talibatu. Are you a student (female)? Hal hiya talibatu aidun? Are you a student (female) too? . , La, hiya No, I’m a nurse (female). muma(k)ridhaatu. Ma’smuha? What is her name? . Ismuha Samiratu. Her name is Samirah. . Shukran Laki Thank you (female) . Shukran Laka Thank you (male) . La Shukra No thanks. . Ma’assalamah Goodbye. , Talibu, Talibatu Student (male), Student (female) , Tabebu, Tabebatu Doctor (male), Doctor (female) , Muma(k)ridhu, Nurse (male), Nurse (female) Muma(k)ridhaatu