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Web 2.0 Presentation given to the librarians from National Louis, Benedictine and the College of DuPage. The Presentation discusses the various technologies that make up Web 2.0 (e.g. Blogs, Wikis, ...

Web 2.0 Presentation given to the librarians from National Louis, Benedictine and the College of DuPage. The Presentation discusses the various technologies that make up Web 2.0 (e.g. Blogs, Wikis, RSS) using colorful displays and professional graphics.



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Web 2.0 Bootcamp Web 2.0 Bootcamp Presentation Transcript

  • Web 2.0 Bookcamp Leo Robert Klein National-Louis / Benedictine Feb. 22, 2007
  • Leo Klein (Elevator Speech) Colleges attended: UIC, Sorbonne, FU  (Berlin), Queens College (CUNY), ITP (NYU) Jobs attended: Bobst Library (NYU),  Newman Library (Baruch College, CUNY), COE (UIC) Interests: Web Design, Usability  Personal Website: www.LeoKlein.com  Blog: ChicagoLibrarian.com 
  • Richard Nixon (1960)
  • George Allen 1 3/13/06
  • George Allen 3 X 3/13/06 11/9/06
  • 8/11/06 George Allen 2 X 3/13/06 11/9/06
  • MySpace
  • MySpace2 Pew Research: Social Networking Websites and Teens “Over half (55%) of online teens have web profiles; MySpace dominates networking world.” (1/7/2007)
  • MySpace3 Beth Evans: Your Space or MySpace? “About a year ago, my 15-year-old daughter Nell confessed that she never answered my email because she never saw it. Strange, I thought, because I saw Nell online all the time. Why was opening Hotmail such a chore? Nell explained that if her friends wanted to reach her, they just left her mail in her MySpace inbox.” (netConnect, Oct. 16, 2006)
  • Web 2.0? Post-Dot.com Collapse  Tim O’Reilly: “... some kind of turning point  for the web”. Conference Idea (Oct. 2004) 
  • Tim O Reilly's Web 2.0 meme map
  • Why Now? Disc space: Room full of mainframes with  the storage space equivalent to an iPod Computer power: huge Cray computer from  10 years ago now equivalent to a laptop Connectivity : ubiquity plus broadband 
  • Concepts (Buzzwords) Read/Write Web  User-Generated Media  Web as Platform  Permanent Beta  An Attitude not a Technology (Ian Davis) 
  • ‘Who, What, Where & When’ of Web 2.0 Who: Who has access?  What: What can they do?  Where: Where is the content located (in-  house or hosted)? When: Are you ready for this? 
  • Instant Messaging !
  • Instant Messaging Who You IM’ing? AIM MSN YAHOO GOOGLE
  • IM Multi-Protocol Software - Gaim (PC or Mac)
  • Meebo Web-Based Interface Widget for Web Page
  • RSS Really Simple Syndication  Murky Beginnings  Tim O’Reilly: “RSS is the most significant  advance in the fundamental architecture of the web since early hackers realized that CGI could be used to create database-backed websites.”
  • (loc.gov/rss) RSS - LOC <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>Library of Congress: News</title> <link>http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/</link> <description>The latest news from the Library of Congress.</description> <lastBuildDate>Thu, 15 Feb 2007 15:04:16 GMT</lastBuildDate> <generator>ListGarden Program 1.3.1</generator> <docs>http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss</docs> <item> <title>Library of Congress Launches RSS Feeds</title> <link>http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2006/06-223.html</link> <description>The Library of Congress has launched a series of news feeds using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology. Since its launch in 1994, the Library's award-winning Web site has been the destination of Web users seeking authoritative information and unparalleled collections, with more than 22 million digital objects available in 186 terabytes of content, including photographs, maps, music, film, books and reference information on topics ranging from American history to science and technology to popular culture. The RSS service was launched in response to public requests for alerts on additions to the Library's digital collections, updates of events at the Library's public venues in Washington and news of the institution.</description> </item> </channel> </rss>
  • Google Reader
  • Blogs for Libraries Purpose  Policy  Participation  Comments  Blogger WordPress MovableType
  • [http://albertsonslibrary.blogspot.com/] Boise State Blog Pictures with Posts Group Blog Comments Categories
  • [http://lib.typepad.com/suggest] Uchicago Maroon Opinions
  • Wikis Developed by Ward Cunningham for writing  technical documentation Collaborative Environment  User-modifiable  Special ("simple") Mark-up Language  Versioning System: All changes documented  with possibility of Roll Back
  • [UCONN IT Wiki: http://wiki.lib.uconn.edu/wiki/Main_Page] Uconn Staff Wiki
  • LibSuccess.org Recent [http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges] Changes
  • LibSuccess.org Recent Changes
  • [http://overdrivefaq.pbwiki.com] PBWiki.com - Overdrive FAQ FAQ Page by Overdrive using pbwiki.com
  • Blogs v. Wikis? Structure: "River of News" or Hierarchical  Content: Simple but Rapidly Changing or  Complex and Relatively Stable (Wikis are where you put the Policies and  Blogs are where you announce them)
  • Social Networking Examples:  MySpace  Facebook  LinkedIn  Functions:  Network of Friends  Groups  Feedback through "Wall" Postings  Advertise Events & Services 
  • MySpace - Brooklyn College Pictures & Library Videos Blog Contacts Links to Website Workshop Calendar
  • Facebook Networks Available Facebook College Networks in Illinois
  • Flickr, YouTube, Odeo Digital Media Literacy  "Ubiquitous Media"  Free Uploading and Hosting  Distribution Services for Your Media 
  • Flickr Dublin City PL Slideshow Sets Recent Photos
  • Flickr Tags Dublic City PL Tag Cloud [http://www.flickr.com/photos/dublincitypubliclibraries/tags/]
  • YouTube
  • Why I Like The Library
  • PodCasting Two Main Elements:  Audio file (generally mp3)  PodCast Registry  Purpose:  Interviews  Newsletter  Advantage over Video: Smaller File Sizes 
  • iTunes PodCast Directory iTunes Podcast Directory
  • iTunes Podcast List for Library LITA Blog British Library iTunes Search Results for “library” in Language ‘English’
  • Audacity Audacity Software w/ LAME/MP3 -- allows direct recording of mp3 files
  • Podcasts - More Info Apple iTunes Faq:  http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/podcastsfaq.html LibSuccess.org Page on Podcasting:  http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=Podcasting Podcasting 101:  http://podcasting101.pbwiki.com
  • Social Bookmarking & Recommendation Sites De.licio.us  Digg  Technorati 
  • Delicious - Dublin City Public [http://del.icio.us/DublinCityPublicLibraries] Del.iciou.us Page for DCPL Library
  • Digg Digg.com Main Page
  • Technorati.com Technorati Top Searches Main Page Tags
  • Widgets & Mashups
  • Social Mapping & Logging
  • Gogo Google Gadget by J. Blyberg
  • Keeping Current Feed Reader!  Tech Blogs:  Techmeme.com  TechCrunch.com  ReadWriteWeb.com  Library Blogs:  Techessence.info  Librarystuff.net (Steven Cohen)  Information Wants to Be Free (Meredith Farkas)  http://meredith.wolfwater.com/wordpress/index.php Misc.  Libsuccess.org - Wiki  Five Weeks to a Social Library - Online Course  http://www.sociallibraries.com/course/
  • Final Word Small (Smart) Steps  Collaboration  So Compelling It Encourages Participation  Makes Sense for Your Institution  Have Fun & Experiment 
  • Thank You! Leo Robert Klein leo 'at' leoklein 'dot' com msn/aim/ghoo/yhoo: 'leorobertklein'