Mapping with Drupal and WordPress

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Presentation given at the UIC Webmasters Brownbag on 5/2/2013 on mapping possibilities using Drupal and WordPress.

Presentation given at the UIC Webmasters Brownbag on 5/2/2013 on mapping possibilities using Drupal and WordPress.

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  • 1. Mapping withDrupal & WordPressLeo Klein - May 2nd, 2013UIC Webmasters Brownbag*Turning Dates Into Places with the UIC Admissions Recruitment Calendar
  • 2. Surrounded by Dots
  • 3. Background- Academic & Enrollment Services- New Recruitment CalendarSure, no problem!Leo, can you do this?
  • 4. Fast Paced & Kinda TrickyPalazzolo, Alan, and Thomas Turnbull.Mapping with Drupal. Sebastopol, Calif:OReilly Media, [Jan.] 2012.Geospatial Modules Assessment"Recently, CloudMade released an open sourceJavaScript mapping library called Leaflet. It issimple and lightweight. There is also a new Leafletmodule for Drupal that provides some basicintegration between Drupal and Leaflet. It issomething to keep an eye on." p 23
  • 5. State of the Data2. Transferred Over toDrupal Content Type1. Original GoogleSpreadsheet
  • 6. Drupal : Out of the BoxOrganize your datain sophisticatedinteractive ways!Your Best Friend:Views
  • 7. Drupal Mapping OptionsNoobie: Trial by ErrorThrown one combination against the wall and see whatsticks - over and over and over again...Smart Set (a.k.a. works4me)Address (kinda, sorta, maybe not)GeocoderGeofieldLeaflet
  • 8. WorkflowAddress (string)GeocoderGeofield
  • 9. Whats an Address/Location?You tell me:1. Pittsburgh2. 100093. Office of Academic & Enrollment Services1200 West Harrison StreetChicago, Illinois 60607-7161Addressfield Module ( )Geocoder autocomplete ( )
  • 10. Leaflet - Javascript Mapping LibraryIt works! Theres documentation!- "Lightweight"- "HTML5"- "Mobile friendly"From the Leaflet homepage:"Leaflet is designed withsimplicity, performance andusability in mind."
  • 11. FinishedProduct
  • 12. Hey, What About WordPress???TAGSPlugin: MappingPlugin: MapsForum: MappingForum: Maps
  • 13. WordPress PluginsMapPress Easy Google Maps Plugin (check out the features): Plugin for Wordpress Event Calendar (includes map)
  • 14. Thank YouLeo Robert KleinWeb CoordinatorAcademic & Enrollment Serviceslrk@uic.eduUIC WebmastersBrownbag