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just a test to see if transitions work

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  • Hi Leo and Rolfe, Here’s a close to final version of the deck to send to ABC News. I’ve gone through it with Jason and he thinks it will make a good impression. Leo, can you follow up on the following:A new iPhone image on the cover of the deck would be great (logos also still look a bit squished).The London – New York – Finland spacing is a bit funny on all slides – for some reason I’m not able to edit thisJason stressed the importance of finding out exactly who we worked with at ABC and to give more detail re: the group. I believe it was ABC Research (Jason has no recollection of this project and there was an official suite of Oscar apps through ABC Digital, News, etc. so we need to give more detail here. It’s likely that they will follow up with the group we name so accurate detail is important). The Team slide is still tough to read – do you think we should make it into two?I think that’s all for now. Let me know your thoughts/comments and I’ll plan to send it to Nef as soon as I get confirmation from the two of you (definitely by Monday). Thanks, Julie
  • Test. slideshare

    1. 1. LumiLive Second Screen Platform Helps Broadcasters & ProducersBuild Strong Relationships with Audiences in Real Time • LumiLive is a dynamic, B2B platform built to support the rapid creation of second screen experiences &the development of consumer insight • Powerful audience engagement and relationship building and gamificiation tools • Works across all mobile devices, PCs, and tablets via applications and HMTL5 using our patented technology platform and harnesses social media including Twitter and Facebook • Targeted advertising and direct marketing tools to unlock commercial value • Quick to create a wide range of survey / research applications that can be active, passive and/or social in nature • Customizable and scalable – users are able to modify features and content across millions of devices instantly WHAT WE DO Mobile Phone Behavior to Provide a Powerful Source of Rich InsightLondon New York Finland  
    2. 2. WHAT WE DOWe are experts in understandingconsumer behavior and generatingnew revenues through fun &innovative second screen initiatives!London New York Finland  
    3. 3. LumiCompass – Our Consumer InsightTechnology Suite is the most robust mobileplatform and is the winner of multipleindustry awards for innovation. INSIGHTLondon New York Finland  
    4. 4. When users opt-in, Lumi can: • Understand mobile behavior • Track ad exposure and responses to ads • Analyze consumer’s exposure to mass media • Gather and analyze location and related information • Push active surveys / questionnaires to individuals based on actions, location, etc. INSIGHT We can understand consumer behavior through a full range of active and passive tools that provide specific, actionable information.London New York Finland  
    5. 5. Second Screen Client Lumi Server Platform • User profile / data capture • Secure, scalable client handler • Timer / countdown • Content reformatting & push • Chat, trace, vote, rate, comment, etc. • Real-time push / pull management • Real-time push or management of content, questions, and more • Real-time results / score calculation • Millisecond application responsiveness • Operator dashboard • Instant return of audience results, comments, and feedback • Statistical dashboard • Moderator push announcements • Data export • Push alerts including custom sounds, phone buzzing, flashing • Easy integration with 3rd party systems • Delivery of additional content (pictures, text, video) • Facebook, Twitter or closed social network integration • Competitions with loyalty points & rewards redeemable for prizes SECOND SCREENOur platform rewards user activity &performance with loyalty cards andphysical merchandiseLondon New York Finland  
    6. 6. ANY “MOBILE” DEVICE Mobile Devices iOS (iphone, iPod Touch, iPad) Android (mobile phones & tablets) Windows mobile Nokia (all S40 and S60) Sony Ericsson LG S-class and derivatives Samsung derivatives RIM (Blackberry) Other Platforms including PCs HTML 5 Facebook Application Interactive TV Tablets Consumers anywhere MULTI-PLATFORM on any digital device can access and use Lumi technologyLondon New York Finland  
    7. 7. PepsiCo Consumer Behavior Analysis • Our Consumption Tracking System • Pepsi has recently opted to migrate to mobile devices and Lumi’s technology as the means for data collection • Consumers complete a survey after every snack or beverage they purchase and/or consume for a 10 day period • The application runs both online and offline • Location-based data, weather data and other user-oriented passive tracking data can also be collected to understand behavior CASE STUDIESLumi Mobile is providing a majorconsumer products manufacturerwith consumption tracking toolsLondon New York Finland  
    8. 8. With ABC Research Oscars Live Interactive Event Enhancing TV Viewing & Generating Audience Insight ABC Disney and Ipsos used Lumi technology to engage the OSCARS audience and interact with them in real-time to understand the audience’s view on the show. A combination of chat, polls, trivia, quizzes, competitions, advertising, and more were used to engage the audience as an overlay to the actual Oscars broadcast.Charles Kennedy & his teamwere able to get valuablereal-time feedback on theprogram! CASE STUDIESLondon New York Finland  
    9. 9. STV: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Interactive, social sharing experience: Live chat, quizzes and polls integrated fully, in real-time, with the show. Participants were able to invite friends, comment about the action, and see what others were saying. Competitive gaming. As participants played along, each score was viewable on a Leaderboard. Players competed against each other to win prizes and were able to see ongoing results. RESULTS: Attractive prizes and incentives: • The STV Live application was downloaded and used thousands of times every night throughout the nightly, 3 week event Participants were highly motivated to play • 400%+ more copies of the Live application downloaded than along to win daily prizes and a grand prize. any prior STV network application CASE STUDIESCelebrity has the 3rd largestaudience of any TV programin the UK.London New York Finland  
    10. 10. DANISH ELECTIONS 2012• Instantly tracked and analyzed voters views via any mobile device, tablet, or PC• Unlimited number of voters participated wherever they watched the political debates• Each political party was able to identify exactly how specific messages performed instantly—across political parties, across demographics—enabling each client to refine and shape messaging much more effectively• Not only could the parties determine the best strategy for the next televised debate, but a party leader could actually receive input and change messages during the debate. CASE STUDIESLondon New York Finland  
    11. 11. TOUCHPOINTS USA:A Media Consumption Diary StudyAbout the service:• The Center for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) tapped MBI and Lumi Mobile to provide this state of the art media measurement system• Carefully designed respondent experience to maximize fun and ease of completing the diary• Tailored reminder tools to ensure respondents remain engaged and complete their diaries on a very regular basis• Ability to push custom follow on questions to individuals• Ability to also capture passive respondent data such as their locations over the duration of the study• Completion rates near 95% with satisfaction levels of 8/10 CASE STUDIESLondon New York Finland  
    12. 12. SOME CLIENTS Lumi has won numerous industry awards for innovationLondon New York Finland  
    13. 13. VIEWERS LOVE THE PARTICIPATION TELEVISION EXPERIENCE Feedback from STV / Lumi End Users  “Loved it”  “Made the programme so much more fun!”  “The app adds another dimension to my viewing pleasure”  “Great App, smooth and easy to use. No crashes at all. Im well impressed!”  “Make it a regular feature”  “I didnt even watch Im a celeb before the chat but the app made it fun. I will be back for any future shows too! I am hooked.”  “Had a laugh with all the others and stvdavid (the host).”  “I did enjoy using this app and would def use it again if more Users’ Top Feature programmes were added :)”  “One of the best apps I have downloaded so far very interactive”  “It made you feel more like you were part of the show :)”  “It was easy to use , chatting made easy and competitions were fun “ STRONG END-USER FEEDBACKLondon New York Finland  
    14. 14. "We are always looking for new ways to engage with our audiences. Working closely with the expertise of Lumi Mobile, we are looking forward to giving our audiences something extra.” Robert Dawson-Scott, Editor of STV.TV "We took the idea of our digital Oscar backstage pass and applied it to research. Instead of going behind the velvet rope, we went in front of the living room couch to listen and interact with viewers in real time as they responded to the show.” Charles Kennedy, SVP, ABC Research “By using Lumi Mobile, we were able to gain important results and new learnings. All in all, Lumi Mobile generated results that enabled us to establish unique, important understanding about the dynamics of the event.” Jesper Claus Larsen, Social Democratic Party of Denmark “Lumi has proven that the platform delivers as promised.” Chris Morris, Entrepreneur, Investor and Chairman of Computershare PARTNER FEEDBACKLondon New York Finland  
    15. 15. Rolfe Swinton is Director and Co-Founder of Lumi Mobile, where he oversees Mark Beilby is Director and Co-Founder of Lumi Mobile, where he focuses on business development, strategy, sales, marketing and client services. finance and strategy. Prior to Lumi, Rolfe was the Director of Development at CPI and COO at CPI Mark worked for 24 years in TMT Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis, 13 Publishing Solutions. Rolfe created CPIs digital publishing, led development years at Managing Director level. He was rated the number one European Media initiatives in a number of markets including Eastern Europe, Southern Europe Analyst for 9 years by Institutional Investor magazine and Reuters surveys. and North America, and executed multiple acquisition deals. Prior to CPI, he worked at Monitor Company where he led projects across a range of After 6 years at SG Warburg and 8 years as a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank corporate, government, and nonprofit clients in North America, Central America he joined JP Morgan as Managing Director for European Media in 2003. In January and South Africa. 2006 he joined Dresdner Kleinwort as Capital Markets Managing Director and head of the European media team, leaving in early 2008 to co-found Lumi Technologies. Rolfe was trained as an architect and philosopher at Yale University. He earned his M.Phil at Cambridge, and his MBA at INSEAD. Rolfe continues to be He has been a visiting Lecturer in Media Finance at The Cass Business School in actively involved at INSEAD where he has served as Adjunct Professor of the City University of London. He is a business mentor for the UK National Entrepreneurship and created one of INSEADs most popular MBA electives - Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, coaching growth companies in the Your First One Hundred Days. media and technology space. Richard Taylor, is Chief Operating Officer of Lumi Mobile, where he holds responsibility for daily operations of the company. Marcus Wikars, is Director and Co-Founder of Lumi Mobile, where he oversees product development. Richard is Chairman of HALO Post Production, a London-based television post production company. He is also owner of Random Rock, which provides Prior to Lumi Mobile, Marcus developed and produced JAVA games, online outsourced business development services. Richard was previously CEO of games and mobile applications for television game shows. He has worked on IML Worldwide, an event technology company, where he grew the company multiple mobile interactive TV shows producing the television content and the globally and led numerous acquisition deals. interactive system allowing viewers to participate. Marcus co-developed Lumi’s REACTOR technology platform. Richard earned his BA in Economics and French from University of Sussex, an MA in Economics from College of Europe, and his MBA at INSEAD. EXECUTIVE TEAMLondon New York Finland  