Buy from Startup Belgium - first event presentation


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Startups need reference customers more than they need money.

This event will bring together Belgium's top B2B digital / industrial startups, and corporate decision makers / buyers for an evening of innovation, networking, and doing business.

Registration is not open yet; to take part in the event, pre-register here:

See you in October!

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Buy from Startup Belgium - first event presentation

  1. 1. Buy from Startups EventBuy from Startups Event Bring in innovative thinking of startups.Bring in innovative thinking of startups. Give Startups reference customers theyGive Startups reference customers they need.need.
  2. 2. Lose – lose situationLose – lose situation Startups:Startups: burn tons of cash hunting forburn tons of cash hunting for reference customersreference customers Incubation and accelerationIncubation and acceleration programs:programs: limited success despite livelylimited success despite lively “startup scene”“startup scene” Business Angels:Business Angels: reluctant to invest intoreluctant to invest into unproven projectsunproven projects Corporations and govt.:Corporations and govt.: can’t reliablycan’t reliably buy innovative solutions from startupsbuy innovative solutions from startups
  3. 3. What can we do?What can we do? Create more mentoring and accelerationCreate more mentoring and acceleration programs for startups?programs for startups? More government investment funds?More government investment funds? Legislation?Legislation? More money into subsidies?More money into subsidies? Or....Or....
  4. 4. Good startups donGood startups don’t’t need pampering andneed pampering and govt. moneygovt. money They need customers.They need customers.
  5. 5. Solution:Solution: Startup MarketplaceStartup Marketplace event and networkevent and network
  6. 6. What will it take?What will it take? Focus on issues that big corporates want toFocus on issues that big corporates want to solve in innovative wayssolve in innovative ways Bring the "right" people from big corporatesBring the "right" people from big corporates togethertogether Let selected startups preset their solutions,Let selected startups preset their solutions, make extra one-time effort to get customers:make extra one-time effort to get customers: price, serviceprice, service Create the right atmosphere for productiveCreate the right atmosphere for productive networkingnetworking
  7. 7. Let’s Do it!Let’s Do it! 11stst Event :Event : Start it @KBC- Toren (Antwerpen) 2323rdrd October 2014 (14-19 H)October 2014 (14-19 H) Big name keynote (maybe)Big name keynote (maybe) 10 min pitches – 8 startups10 min pitches – 8 startups Meet buyers, sellers,Meet buyers, sellers, investorsinvestors Food and drinksFood and drinks
  8. 8. What do we need?What do we need? Help us get the word out: call for corporateHelp us get the word out: call for corporate buyersbuyers Help choose subjects: which problems canHelp choose subjects: which problems can startups help you solve?startups help you solve? Whom would you like to hear as KeynoteWhom would you like to hear as Keynote speaker?speaker? Startup selection meeting these issues +Startup selection meeting these issues + maturity to roll out.maturity to roll out.
  9. 9. What we will doWhat we will do We will scour Belgium for top B2B startups, andWe will scour Belgium for top B2B startups, and we will choose the best.we will choose the best. Here are the partners confirmed today:Here are the partners confirmed today: Our network includes startup supportOur network includes startup support organizations, incubation programs, investors,organizations, incubation programs, investors, events… Watch this space!events… Watch this space!
  10. 10. Focus on startups withFocus on startups with products or prototypesproducts or prototypes Portrait of presenting startup:Portrait of presenting startup: •Refreshing solution for real problemRefreshing solution for real problem •Digital and/or manufacturingDigital and/or manufacturing •Product/service well defined, available for roll-Product/service well defined, available for roll- outout •Several small companies as customers, but stillSeveral small companies as customers, but still looking for needed Reference Clientlooking for needed Reference Client
  11. 11. Interested?Interested? Pre-register:Pre-register: httphttp://:// Leo ExterLeo Exter @leoexter@leoexter +3247745753+3247745753 Stefan SchippersStefan Schippers stefan.schippers@beep.stefan.schippers@beep. bebe @StefanSchippers +32475414439+32475414439