IT Service Management Overview


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Using ITSM, Team based approaches and technology planning and IT governance to deliver organizational value

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IT Service Management Overview

  1. 1. IT Service Management Overview Leo de Sousa April 25, 2011 Leo de Sousa - 2011
  2. 2. VP’s Challenges to IT Services• Increase the credibility of IT Services• Improve the quality of customer service• Establish an innovation mandate• Establish a new culture• Become a process based organization Leo de Sousa - 2011
  3. 3. Strategies for Addressing the VP’s Challenges• Consolidation IT Services and Support• One Channel to Request Services• Building a Team Based Support Model• Tackling Project Backlogs• Technology Planning and IT Governance Leo de Sousa - 2011
  4. 4. Splintered Services (pre 2007) Director Administrative Services Manager Associate Director Manager Manager Associate Director TechnicalInformation Services Client and Desktop Academic Computing Web Services Infrastructure And Strategy Services Services Services ManagerEnterprise Application Application Application Server Application Desktop Desktop Server Server Services Development Development Management Development Management Management Management Leo de Sousa - 2011
  5. 5. Consolidated Services – Jan 2007 Director Administrative ServicesWeb Services, Information, IT Services ClientInnovation & Infrastructure & Transitional Services Research Strategic Practices ManagementWeb Services Service Desk Business Technical & Strategic Practices Innovation Core Desktop Application Infrastructure BA, BC/DR, EA, Research Desktop Specialty Services Application Services Server Services PM, Security Management Development Management Leo de Sousa - 2011
  6. 6. One Channel to Request Services • Executive Committee IT Governance Team • Strategic, transformative with Broad impactService Desk • Requires a needs Business Case - service IT Services – requests architecture • Pan Institute Mgmt group refresh Business Application • Rank small & medium projects based on published criteria Advisory Committee • Requires a Project Charter document ITS Liaisons – department • IT Services Management Team IT Services Core • Deliver Core IT Services requests Delivery •Resourced by 85% existing staff •Opportunity and tight timeline based Recommend • Client Funded Alternate Delivery • Little or no IT Services resourcesBA/SA Triage – work gets No – this will not be • Not Aligned to Strategy • Not meeting EA Guiding Principlesdirected to these options done • No budget or staffing Leo de Sousa - 2011
  7. 7. Building a Team Based Support Model• Banner Support (pre 2009) – Developers located in HR, Finance and Registrar’s Office, Fin Aid as well as central IT Services – Silo’d support, no coverage, succession planning risks, inconsistent standards• Banner Support (post 2009) – All developers consolidated into IT Services – Introduced team based approach – all devs, work on all modules – consistent coverage, methodology, succession plan and unified support Leo de Sousa - 2011
  8. 8. Tackling Project Backlogs – Duty Analyst• Pre 2008 – Large list of project backlogs – Client community unhappy with IT’s ability to complete projects (over budget, over time, under scope)• Post 2008 – Introduced IT Governance for projects – focus work on what is important – Introduced Duty Analyst role to separate operational work from project work – 1.5 FTE devs out of 6 FTE look after operations allowing 4.5 FTE to work on projects – projects now get done and clients are happy – Rotation into duty analyst role every 6 months – Builds cross training, team based support and broader skills to support all of Banner Leo de Sousa - 2011
  9. 9. Answers to VP’s Challenges to IT Services• Increase the credibility of IT Services – separate ops from projects – duty analyst• Improve the quality of customer service – one channel for all IT requests• Establish an innovation mandate – project focus and IT governance• Establish a new culture – client service focus using consolidated resources• Become a process based organization – standard approach to service management, operational support and project delivery Leo de Sousa - 2011