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Proposal for Cebu

  1. 1. +Make it Cebu!Asia’s soulful city Rodelio Flores Concepcion Marketing Public Relations
  2. 2. + Cebu – the next big thing Cebu at a glance…  hailed as "the Queen City of the South”  the second most significant metropolitan center in the Philippines, next to Metro Manila  has been the center of education, culture, commerce and industry in Central and Southern Philippines
  3. 3. + Why Cebu? Cebu provides the strongest potential for tourism, business and investment anywhere in the Philippines.  a cradle of history - Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines - Cebu brags itself with historical landmarks remnant of a bygone era - Strong Spanish influence in architecture, religion, food
  4. 4. + Why Cebu? Cebu provides the strongest potential for tourism, business and investment anywhere in the Philippines.  A venue of arts, entertainment and culture - Has been the bastion of Catholic faith in the country. - Hosts the annual Sinulog Festival, one othe Philippines’ grandest and most-attended religious festivals; dubbed as Asia’s “Mardi Gras” - Chosen as the creative hub of the Philippines due to its creative industries depicting ingenuity and craftsmanship - Home of the country’s world-class artist-entrepreneurs: Kenneth Cobonpue, Monique Lhuillier as well as great singers and entertainers
  5. 5. + Why Cebu? Cebu provides the strongest potential for tourism, business and investment anywhere in the Philippines.  a display of biodiversity and natural wealth - One of the world’s best dive sites - Great venue for ecotourism with its pristine beaches, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, steep mountain cliffs. - Home of diverse flora and fauna
  6. 6. + Target Audience Identification Cebu provides the strongest potential for tourism, business and investment anywhere in the Philippines.  An emerging global city with state-of-the art facilities and infrastructures - One of the world’s best dive sites - Great venue for ecotourism with its pristine beaches, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, steep mountain cliffs. -
  7. 7. + Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis  Strengths  1. culturally appealing - a mixture of Spanish influence and Filipino distinct culture  2. English is widely spoken – gives foreign tourists and visitors the ease of communication with locals  3. naturally blessed – home of pristine beaches, water falls, mountain ranges and forests, best diving spots  4. historically rich – home of old but well-preserved structures and collections  5. cheap cost of living -  6. dichotomous city
  8. 8. + Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis  Weaknesses  1. perceptions of terrorist threat – kidnappings going on in Mindanao affect the perception of of insecurity in Cebu and the Philippines as a whole  2. global image of the Philippines – news about corruption, political unrest and poverty makes Cebu and the whole country unappealing to tourists  3. geographically isolated – Cebu is a part of an archipelago which is isolated from its neighboring Asian countries; makes it hard for country- hopping tourists to add the place on its itinerary  4. Low brand recall compared to its neighbors – no identity as a city, unlike e.g. Bangkok as “exotic and fun”, Singapore are “safe, clean and modern”
  9. 9. + Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis  Opportunities  1. global exposure – opportunity to introduce and re- introduce Cebu to over 70 million expected guests  2. global Filipino support – opportunity to tap Filipino talents in China to promote and support Cebu’s participation in the World Expo  3. culturaland investment exchange with visitors and other participants  4. Strengthen China-Philippines relations
  10. 10. + Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis  Threats  1. Emergence of new potential growth cities in Asia like Hanoi, Penang, Langkawi, Guangzhou, etc.  2. tourism potential comparison with ASEAN neighbors especially on the Indochina region  3. Environmental degradation brought about by urbanization and development
  11. 11. Key Communication Issues /+ Challenges Macroeconomic  Global financial crisis – tourists slashing out budgets on leisure travel  Stiff competition with other ASEAN non-capital countries – Phuket, Bali, Kota Kinabalu
  12. 12. Key Communication Issues /+ Challenges Microeconomic  Budget allocation from the Philippine government on tourism  Maintenance of Cebu’s development rate vis-à-vis issues on peace and order and threats of pollution
  13. 13. + Proposed MPR Campaign Marketing Communications Objectives  Marketing Objectives - To increase tourist arrivals in Cebu; while it is the leading tourist destination in the Philippines, it is still uncompetitive comparted to its powerhouse ASEAN neighbors - To invite more foreign investments specifically in the business process outsourcing sector - To promote its exported goods and products - To attract foreign students seeking English education
  14. 14. + Proposed MPR Campaign Marketing Communications Objectives  Communications Objectives - To promote Cebu as a prime tourist destination not just in the Philippines but in Asia - To combat notions of Cebu as unsafe and not tourist friendly - To establish Cebu as a profitable investment location in Asia - To establish Cebu as an Englisg-speaking education haven in Asia; an alternative to studying in native English speaking countries - To increase media coverage domestically and globally; awareness of Cebu as a prime destination in Asia
  15. 15. + Proposed MPR Campaign Target Audiences  The Wanderers 1. The eco-wanderers – those seeking adventure with nature 2. The culture adventure-seekers – those who are fascinated with culture and art of other places 3. The medical tourists – those who seek theraphy and leisure while travelling 4. The business travellers – those seeking business ventures and locations - The wanderers have great consideration with budget
  16. 16. + Proposed MPR Campaign Target Audiences  Foreign Investors - Investors who are into business process outsourcing - Those looking for contact center locations in the Philippines - Those seeking cheaper yet competitive labor force in Asia
  17. 17. + Proposed MPR Campaign Target Audiences  The Retiring Soul-searchers - Foreign nationals aged 50 and up - Nature-lover; adventure seeker - Prefers a laidback atmosphere as a place for their retirement
  18. 18. + Proposed MPR Campaign Target Audiences  The Knowledge Questors - Students from Asian non-English speaking countries: Korea, Japan, China - 17 – 22 years old - Parents of students as well - looking for affordable but quality English education
  19. 19. + Proposed MPR Campaign Target Audiences  The Product Seekers - Companies looking for raw materials for their products - Marketers who are looking for native products to be distributed in their countries - Looking for unique craftsmanship and style
  20. 20. + Proposed MPR Campaign Target Audiences  Global and Local Media - Journalists - Feature writers - Documentarists
  21. 21. + Proposed MPR Campaign - Tools Creation of the new Cebu tagline Objective: in order to give a global identity to Cebu as an emerging global city with unique and outstanding qualities Cebu as the “Queen City of the South” is only significant locally, with Cebu being located south of Manila Cebu is in the frontier of rapid development: - Named top emerging outsourcing cities by Businessweek - Placed eighth on the list of top ten Asian cities of the Future 2007 - Chosen as the first “creative city” in Asia by the British Council - Consistently ranked as the Philippines’ top tourist and business destination
  22. 22. + Proposed MPR Campaign - Tools Creation of the new Cebu tagline Cebu is a balanced city: charming mixture of the old and new an amalgam of the exotic east and modern west a balance of man-made landmarks and institutions and luscious greens of forests and sparkling blues of beaches Rapid economic development and modernization of infrastructure but focused on rich culture, religion and tradition This makes Cebu as an emerging global city with a “soul”
  23. 23. + Proposed MPR Campaign - Tools Creation of the new Cebu tagline Cebu as “Asia’s Soulful City” – vibrant, historical, full of mysticism and charms - A balanced, dichotomous city: secular and religious, modern and naturally blessed, old and new, where East meets West
  24. 24. + Proposed MPR Campaign - Tools Cebu Pavilion - Consistent with the Philippines’ theme “Displaying Cities”, the Cebu Pavilion will be a display of the best things of Cebu: (charming mixture of the old and new, an amalgam of the exotic east and modern west, a bastion of natural wonders and emerging boom of man-made infrastructures). - The pavilion will be an exposition of virtual reality, filled with animation and video, lights, sounds, water motion displays and flora endemic to Cebu – a mixture of virtual, natural and man-made structures - Video and animation will be exhibited on the walls of the pavilion, showcasing the array of Cebu’s natural beauties and unique culture - will present how the countrys people are integrating music, art and performances into Cebu’s urban development
  25. 25. + Proposed MPR Campaign - Tools Opening and Closing Ceremonies via the celebration of the Sinulog Festival Objectives: - To promote Sinulog Festival as an established must-see festival in Asia - To launch the Cebu Pavilion in the World Expo; to provide a festive closing ceremony Sinulog Festival depicts the historical hand-over of the statue of the Child Jesus to the first baptized Catholics of Cebu and the Philippines, King Humabon and Queen Juana; Ms. Jean Harn, currently reigning Ms. Earth and a proud Cebuana, will be invited to be the Queen Juana of the Sinulog Festival for the opening ceremonies Activities for the opening aside from the Sinulog Festival will be: ribbon cutting together with the Secretary of the Dept. of Tourism and the Governor of Cebu, selected Shanghai World Expo officials, and the Philippine ambassador to China; press briefing; cultural presentation and concert
  26. 26. + Proposed MPR Campaign - Tools Monthly Cultural and Talent Presentations Objectives: - to highlight the rich culture and talent of the people of Cebu through presentations with songs and dances - To foster better understanding of the Philippine culture, particularly that of Cebu - Activities: - Musical concerts from Visayan artists who are currently making waves in Philippine showbusiness: Sheryn Regis (1st Runner- up Voice of Asia Song Festival, Kazakhstan), Charlie Green (Britain’s Got Talent finalist), Jed Madela (grand prize winner of the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood) - Fashion show of Monique Lhuiller creations (world renowned fashion designer)
  27. 27. + Proposed MPR Campaign Travel Cafe Objectives: to offer the best tour packages to visitors; to bring to visitors the best of Philippines’ delicacies such as desserts and drinks - Located inside the Cebu Pavilion, the café will offer the best and discounted tour packages to Cebu - The café will have baristas-cum-tour ambassadors where guests can inquire about tour destinations and be assisted with their inquiries over a cup of the best Philippine coffee and slices of the best Philippine desserts. - The café will be managed by Travel Café Philippines which is owned by the Philippine Department of Tourism
  28. 28. + Proposed MPR Campaign Hilot Centre and Spa - Objective: to promote medical and leisure theraphy tourism in the Philippines - Promotion of “hilot” as a unique therapeutic massage identical to the Philippines - To lure visitors to visit the Cebu Pavilion with free hilot massages and spa treatment - Following the success of the “hilot” concept in the 2008 Expo in Zaragosa, Spain and 2005 Aichi World Expo, the hilot centre of the Philippine Pavilion will be made bigger. - Spa and facial centre to be managed by Belo Medical Group, the Philippines’ premiere cosmetic surgery group.
  29. 29. + Proposed MPR Campaign Partnerships with Philippine travel companies (airlines, hotels, travel agencies) Objectives: - promotion of Philippine flag carriers (Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air) as a major player in the airline industry - Promotion of selected hotels in Cebu providing world-class yet competitively price travel accomodation - To entice tourists to consider travelling to Cebu through tempting travel packages and offers.
  30. 30. + Proposed MPR Campaign Arts and Crafts Exhibits Objectives: - promotion of world-class Cebu products To establish Cebu as home of the finest and most stylish furnitures, exhibits of native furnitures, including the creations of world-renowned Kenneth Cobonpue (who hails from Cebu) will be exhibited Some native crafts made from native materials will be displayed and will be available for sale as well.
  31. 31. + Proposed MPR Campaign Guided tours for the media/tour operator groups Objectives: - Acknowledging the role of media and tour operator groups as agents of tourism, a guided tour of the pavilion will be conducted and scheduled A curatorship program will be conducted during the tour to explain information about Cebu This will include video presentation, mini-cultural presentation, forums, and discussions about Cebu Delegates of the tour will be served with Cebuano cuisines and dishes To entice tourists to consider travelling to Cebu through tempting travel packages and offers.
  32. 32. + Proposed MPR Campaign Press Releases and Press feeds / Media Kits / Infomaterials Objectives: - To tap online and print media to cover stories regarding Cebu’s participation in the World Expo and other stories relevant to Cebu as a tourist destination Weekly press releases will be issued and fed to websites (World Expo website, Philippine Tourism website, travel and leisure portals) as well as to major travel and tourist magazines in China and around the world. Press kits will be distributed during media tours Pamphlets and information collaterals (tourist kits) will be distributed to pavilion guests and visitors
  33. 33. + Proposed MPR Campaign Ecotourism, Education and Investment Fairs and Forums Objectives: - To advice participants with ecotourism, education and investment potential of Cebu; to provide assistance on visitors who are interested to visit Cebu for tourism, education and investment. Department of Tourism, together with tour operators in Cebu to spearhead ecotourism forums and fairs Department of Education together with Cebu universities and colleges to organized education forums and fairs Bureau of Investments together with existing foreign investors to organize investment forums and fairs
  34. 34. + Proposed MPR Campaign Suggested topics for forums Ecotourism: 1. Safety and Security in travelling to Cebu 2. History and Ecotourism 3. Medical Tourism in Cebu Education: 1. English Language training and education in the Philippines 2. Cebu’s educational environment for foreign students Investment: 1. Investing in Cebu: experiences of current foreign investors 2. Cebu and its competitive labor force and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructures
  35. 35. + Proposed MPR Campaign Partnerships with establishments in Cebu to provide discounts to tourists Objectives: - To tap online and print media to cover stories regarding Cebu’s participation in the World Expo and other stories relevant to Cebu as a tourist destination Discount cards will be given to participants that will give them percentage-offs on any products and services theywill avail when they are in Cebu Participating establishments include salon and spa in Cebu, shopping malls, beach resorts, among others Pamphlets and information collaterals (tourist kits) will be distributed to pavilion guests and visitors
  36. 36. + Campaign Schedule Partnerships for discounts Cebu Pavilion Media tours Travel Operator tours Press Releases Sinulog Opening/Closing Party Cultural Concerts Monique Lhuiller fashion show Ecotourism Forum Educational Forum Investment Forum Arts and Crafts Exhibit Hilot and Spa Centre Travel Café and Tour PackagesPress/Tour/Info Kits & Pamphlets June May June July Aug Sep Oct 36
  37. 37. + Campaign Schedule Pre-Expo activities: 1. Bidding for the designer and construction firm to work on the design and construction of the Cebu Pavilion (one year before) 2. Planning and designing; construction and polishing - (six months prior) 3. Press Release updates every quarter before the World Expo 4. Sourcing of vendors and discount partnerships; contracting companies to provide discounts – (six months prior) Post-Expo activities: 1.Continous press release feeds up to three months after the World Expo
  38. 38. MPR BudgetMRP tools Spending (USD)Cebu Pavilion - construction, materials, consultancy, labor 7,000,000 - design, furnishings, interior- Includes the exhibit hall, hilot and spa centre, and travel cafeWeb and press campaign - Feature stories of the Cebu Pavilion in different websites 50,000 - banners of other popular websites for 6 months - Searching engine (such as Yahoo, Google) - Press Releases and Press FeedsGuided tours (includes souvenirs and complimentary food) 60,000Press/Tour/Info Kits, printing materials, brochures, 50,000souvenirs for participants
  39. 39. MPR BudgetOpening and Closing Ceremonies / Sinulog Festival 40,000Employment of Pavilion Staff and fees for talents 2,500,000(including travel and accomodation)Partnerships for tour and service discounts 20,000Fairs and forums 40,000Total USD 9,760,000
  40. 40. + Evaluation of MPR Campaign  number of press releases published in newspapers, magazines and websites (in China, Philippines, and globally)  number of people attending the Grand Opening  Foot traffic in the Pavilion  Foot traffic and sold items in the exhibits  Attendance in concerts, forums and fairs  Number of inquiries received in the travel café, vis-à-vis number of tour reservations generated  Total number of tourist arrivals in Cebu during and after the World Expo (up to one year after the closing of the World Expo)  Number of foreign students availing of student visa and enrolling in Cebu during and after the World Expo (up to one year after the World Expo)  Number of foreign investments (companies) that entered Cebu during and after the World Expo
  41. 41. + References:  151/userobject22ai28802.html     
  42. 42. + Make it Cebu… Asia’s soulful city!!! Welcome the emergence of the next premiere destination!