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PPS Creative Strategy

  1. 1. Rodelio Flores ConcepcionCreative Strategy Individual AssignmentApril 19, 2009Name of Product/Service: PPSConsumer Insight on bill payments that is relevant to PPS“I want freedom from credit but I abhor confusion in paying bills.”“I know I can pay my bills, but I want to get rid of all of them fast.”Bills are headaches. They are pains-in-the-asses (PITA). Paying bills is the best way tocombat them, but turns out to be frustrating, confusing and painful of a task.Bill payment is an unmotivating task. Most people tend to forget them, or sometimes dothem in the last minute.With the proliferation of ATM and other online payment services, the importance ofhaving a PPS account to manage bill payment is becoming less and less popular. Themarket has been saturated with bigger and established companies offering paymentservices as tie ups on other services they provide (e.g. bank savings accounts offering billpayments on ATMs, service providers offering auto-pay schemes, online banking withbill payment services).People will patronize a particular service continuously if they find its value in their lives.A Strategy StatementPPS is an essential part of our lives. It is a must for everyone to be a registered PPS user.There is a need to reinforce that bill management and payment can be better done throughPPS.A PPS account empowers the user to manage his finances by combating bills.With the proliferation of other modes of payment, there is a need to emphasize PPS’ widerange of participating merchants as well as its most ubiquitous feature (by phone oronline, anytime, in or outside HK).There is a need to capture the emotion of users to bring their affinity for the service.There is also a need to alter the attitude of people towards bill payment – that it is a noble,self-fulfilling, relaxing task.Registration for PPS should be brought to the attention of people right where they are toencourage them to register, instead of asking them to go to a certain place.
  2. 2. The Creative IdeaPPS gives the user the power of touch.A Creative Rationale supporting your ideaTouch is a powerful gesture, just like how mothers touch and caress babies, how doctorsuse touch therapy for emotionally-battered patients, or how any noble act of a personagainst those who are in need touch lives.PPS bill payment is an act of “touching” – we touch the dial to pay bills. We touch thekeypad to do online payment.Bill payment is and will always be part of everyone else’s lives – our family and our ownselves – and keeping a good standing in bill payment will always be a sign of affectionfor our selves and for our family. PPS is distinct because this is the best manifestation ofbeing the most powerful “touch” in the market due to the wide range of vendors andmerchants, and due to the fact that it can be done ubiquitously (anytime, anywhere, evenwhen one is out of Hong Kong).The Executions 1. Touch booths in MTR stations and in the airport and ferry piers. 2. TVC’s 3. SMS messages in mobile phones 4. Print Ads 5. Web advertisements/pop-ups 1. Touch Booths - While PPC registration booths are available on Circle K outlets and other places, there is a need to bring them further or closer to people to encourage them to register and use the service. Touch Booths will be established in MTR stations where people can register for PPS and can seek assistance on how to do payments over the phone, through mobile applications, and over the internet. To emphasize the existence of these registration booths, big stick-on signs with a hand pointing to the registration machine with the message: “Touch me!” The same concept will be established in airports and in ferries going outside of Hong Kong, but the concept will be geared towards this tagline, “Before you leave, have you paid all your bills yet? Don’t worry! You can click on http://www.ppshk.com/! Touch me to register quickly!”. Another message will be
  3. 3. “Before you leave, have you paid all your bills yet? Don’t worry! You can install PPS in your mobile phone!”2. Television Commercials - Emotion is a great device to draw affinity between the audience and the service. The aim of the TVC is to capture the hearts of the viewer and see PPS paying as a noble task, an accomplishment, an act of caring for oneself and/or for the family. The presentation will also establish PPS as an authority in providing secure, reliable, ubiquitous payment services – making it stand out from the rest. Story Board below:TV Commercial: The Power of TouchBackground music of the TVC – Book of Days (by Enya)For preview of the music, go tohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goKLnMbnidU
  4. 4. 3. SMS - Sending an SMS promoting PPS service for loyal users, together with offers of free ring tones of songs that has “touch” on the title. Recipients will be: a. Mobile users who have used the service for a particular number of times at a particular period of time will be sent with the SMS message with a complimentary “Touch” ring tone. b. Selected mobile users who have just downloaded the PPS mobile application Message reads as: Thank you for using PPS. In just one touch, you get access to pay a number of merchant bills. Celebrate the power of touch with a free (name of song) by (singer name) ringtone. Some suggested list of songs (preview): a. Touch Me by Flo-Rida - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4M_ktw4nxM b. Touch My Body by Mariah Carey - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlgocZZEddY c. Touch by Amerie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs0tub17v3E
  5. 5. A generic SMS reminder will also be sent out to random mobile subscribers with the message: Haven’t paid your bills yet? Be empowered by the power of touch! Manage your bills through PPS! For info, call PPS Hotline at 2311 9876 or log on to http://www.ppshk.com/.4. Print Ads – Print advertisements will show similes of touch moments in our lives that are similar to touching the phone or the computer to pay bills. Print advertisements will be published on magazines and newspapers. (Please see next pages for the examples).
  6. 6. 5. Web advertisements / pop-ups – web advertisements and pop-ups will be used with the message “Haven’t paid your bills yet? Touch Me!” with a finger pointing to the PPS website link. Flo-Rida’s “Touch Me” will be used to make the ad or pop-up more attention getting. These will be distributed on the most visited websites in Hong Kong, such as: - http://yahoo.com/ - http://facebook.com/ - http://discuss.com.hk/ - http://atnext.com/ - http://www.hkreporter.com/ - others These will also be seen on websites of partner merchants like banking and credit card companies, public utilities, and the like. This makes an upbeat approach and appeals to the young adult crowd who are more present online.References: 1. http://www.ppshk.com/index_e.html 2. http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/HK 3. Consumer Insight has been unofficially identified through random informal interviews of friends and officemates of the author. 4. All photos are gathered through online searches. Photos are used for demo purposes only and are not intended to break copyright for commercial distribution.