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  • 1. The World’s FirstEphemeral Museum Presented by Leo Concepcion
  • 2. Pampero Rum100 per cent dark Venezuelan rum, a blend of several rums aged for a minimum of two years in white oak casks
  • 3. The Situation For many years rum was little more than a cottage industry dominated by Caribbean, Central or South American producers. Pampero Rum was acquired by Diageo, the world‟s largest liquor holding company; the needed investment had come in to develop the brand and enter new markets. Pampero‟s top markets are Italy, Spain and Venezuela; planned to expand in Portugal According to Science Daily, Portugal is currently ranked eighth in the world in alcohol consumption Those aged 24-35 were most frequent drinkers (37.3% drinking 2-12 drinks a day).
  • 4. The Situation Bairro Alto, in the heart of Lisbon, is known for its bars, design stores and street art The government announced that all of the walls were going to be repainted because of vandalism
  • 5. The Challenge/ Problem/Goal To launch Pampero Rum in Portugal In Portugal, drinking rum has been associated with „old and boring‟ people The challenge was to counteract this image of rum and make the Pampero Rum „cool‟ in order to attract the younger bigger market
  • 6. The Budget Annual budget of 30,000 Euros
  • 7. Solution Create the World‟s First Ephemeral Museum Focus on the social group who refer to themselves as INDIE - they say what is cool and what is not Use Pampero Fundación, a foundation that supports alternative artists Use the opportunity of magnifying the street art before it disappeared and put a nametag on it
  • 8. The Actions Taken First, they tagged best pieces of street art at the Bairro Alto district; careful analysis of street art manifestations had to take place (graffiti, stencils, stickers) in order to separate true art from vandalism Then they created a MUSEUEFEMERO.COM where you can download an audio-guide and a map with the pieces location. The museum was inaugurated in July 2008; new spots have “opened its doors” in São Bento and Amoreiras The Ephemeral Museum was communicated in magazines, online, posters, and happenings in bars presenting different artist painting live in Bairro Alto
  • 9. The Actions Taken
  • 10. The Actions Taken exhibited the works of international artists Dolk and Jef Aerosol, as well as national artists in the making such as Efeito Magenta and O ColectivoBitmap in no means an incentive for graffiti creation and acts of vandalism (which are normally associated to street art), but as a project that aims to draw attention to the need of a space that voices out and exhibits this style of art as an independent form of manifestation from vandalism
  • 11. Samples of Artworks
  • 12. The Results/Outcome With an annual budget of only € 30.000 it has generated visibility of more than € 240.000. Pampero reached the sales expectation for the whole year, considering that the competitors have been in the market for 15 years Hundreds of articles around the globe talked about it, including several tourist guides, magazines, newspapers, blogs and publications The ephemeral museum has also had many more visitors than any other museum in the area; became a tourist must in Lisbon Is planned to be replicated in other areas in Europe and the world
  • 13. The Results/Outcome Became an award winning campaign, receiving the following accolades:  Cannes 2009: Gold Lion – PR, Silver Lion – Media, Bronze Lion – Promo  Eurobest: Grand Prix – Media  D&AD 2009: IN BOOK – Integrated Campaign  One Show 2009: Merit – Integrated Campaign  CrestaAwards: Grand Prix.
  • 14. The Lesson What started off as something really small, turned into something huge in a matter of no time. The best digital campaigns involve simple ideas, elegantly executed. It used a lot of media without a lot of media spending by having a website, which allowed people to see the art and download audio-clips to their phone or iPod to take with them as they go out and browse the art. Inter-stitched brand‟s value, current events, idea of museum elegance and art It‟s a fascinating and different way of portraying art and associating it with a brand. Budget would be maximized with brilliant ideas (campaign sounded expensive but actually not)
  • 15. The Lesson it captured the rebel spirit of the rum it used innovative technology that was readily available to the public (ipodpodcast); it integrated a street museum with a website and ipod - a great display of 360 brand experience it showed that alternative art is cool and should be appreciated. Strat-wise its a brilliant soft sell with Pampero Rum, because it was an alternative to conventional alcoholic choices of the target market it showed support to street culture, cultivating a following with young adults Instead of marketing by themselves, they used the catalyst or sneezers – those who are unbearably cool and prophetic types that people follow
  • 16. The Ideas for Improvement Very much well-executed. Instead of improvement, additional campaigns and activities can be done:  Can be tied up with sales and marketing efforts with the bars around the area  Can sponsor additional independent artist events in the area
  • 17. Campaign Info Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Lisboa Client: Diageo Brand: Pampero RumExecutive Creative Director: ChachoPuebla Copywriter: Juan Christmann Art Director: Ricardo Toledo Programmer: Fred Bosch
  • 18. Thank You!Presented by Leo Concepcion