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  • GardenEast sample MPR campaign

    1. 1. Prepared by:Postgraduate Diploma inIntegrated Marketing CHEUNG SteveCommunications CONCEPCION Leo LEE Astor TSANG Phoebe TSE AliceMarketing Public Relations- Group 5 WONG VicAssignment Presentation22 February 20091
    2. 2. About Garden East  28-storey building  Ground floor - two shops  2nd floor – restaurants, cafe  3rd floor – a gymnasium, a business centre and a multi- function room with reading corner  6th to 32nd floors - 216 serviced apartments,  Room types including studio and one-bedroom units from 395 to 222 Queens Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 672 square feet. oppose Hopewell Centre and Wu Chung House.2
    3. 3. How its “Green”- Urban Oasis  Designed to be environment-friendly, • every unit at GardenEast has its own private balcony that helps maximize the amount of sunlight while reducing energy consumption. • Interior fixtures and furnishings adopt a natural wood and green colour scheme in each apartment • Relaxed and assured, the overall ambience is in perfect harmony with the natural environment.  Three luscious gardens -- on the ground, on the fifth floor podium and on the rooftop.3
    4. 4. Campaign subject  Launch a relaxing "green" lifestyle – serviced apartment, GardenEast is now available for lease.  As an urban oasis experience, unique green landscaping to the residents  Dining and entertainment is right on your doorstep  Provide high quality living environment and featured services to residents4
    5. 5. Evaluation of Current Communications Issues and Challenges  Macro economic: • Global financial crisis – companies and consumers have tight budgets • Companies send less employees on overseas assignment • Laying off of employees; some expats are sent back to their home countries  Micro economic: • Saturation and competition in the service apartment market affect the supply and demand • Wan Chai redevelopment: the role of Garden East in this government project Strategy: Offer attractive and reasonable price to enjoy first-class amenities and features5
    6. 6. Evaluation of Current Communications Issues and Challenges Compared with Others, GardenEast has:  Three luscious gardens -- on the ground, on the fifth floor podium and on the rooftop.  The roof garden provides an airy BBQ area for family and social gatherings.  The gymnasium located on the third floor features an ultra-high ceiling and full-height windows designed to create a sense of space. - The facility is well-equipped with cycling machines, treadmills, steppers, air walkers, multi-gyms, massage chairs and other amenities.6
    7. 7. Compare with Wan Chai Serviced Size Rental Furnish Facilities Apartment V Wanchai 500 - 800 HK$ 26,000 - HK$ Fully- furnished Business centre 180 Jaffe Road, sq.ft. 42,500 per month room and Wanchai, equipped Hong Kong kitchenette GardenEast 395 - 672 HK$17,00- Fully- furnished Business Centre service 222, Queen’s square feet HK$26,000 per room and Fully-equipped Road East, 216 month equipped gymnasium / massage Wan Chai apartments kitchenette chairs 28 floors BBQ facilities private balcony 2nd coffee shop/cafe Takan Lodge 372 – 502 HK$10,500 – Fully- furnished 199 Johnston square feet HK$15,500 per room and Road, Wanchai 46 studio month equipped apartments kitchenette 10 floors Fraser Suites 422 - 833 HK$29,800 – Fully- furnished ultra-modern Hong Kong sq.ft. HK$36,800 per room and gymnasium month equipped7 74-80 Johnston Road Wancahi kitchenette Rooftop leisure area Business Centre
    8. 8. Compare with Central Serviced Size Rental Furnish Facilities Apartment home2home - 500 - 1000 sq.ft. HK$ 30,000 - Fully- furnished erba HK$ 39,000 per room and equipped 286 Queen’s month kitchenette Road Central Como Como 650 – 1300 sq ft. HK$26,000 – Fully- furnished 118 Hollywood HK$42,000 per room and equipped Road, Central month kitchenette Shama 500 - 1,250 sq.ft HK$ 28,500 - Fully- furnished Business Centre Central 56 apartments HK$ 71,000 per room and equipped 26 Peel Street, month kitchenette Central, Hong Kong Shama 580 sq.ft. HK$ 32,000 - Fully- furnished Hollywood 11 apartments HK$ 42,000 per room and equipped 52 Hollywood month kitchenette Road, Central, Hong Kong8
    9. 9. SingTao- 2009 年 02 月 19 日 (Thu)  合和實業執行董事王永霖表示,旗下灣仔服務式住宅項目 GardenEast ,首批二十七個招租單位,於短短兩周的出租率已 達九成,平均呎租約四十五元,租客以金融及銀行界人士為主, 當中大部分租住一個月至三個月。  王氏又指,由於頻獲查詢,故以原價加推五層共四十五伙,租期 由一個月至一年不等,若租住六個月或以上,可獲九折優惠,優 惠期至四月,目標客戶包括行政人員、專業人士及跨國企業僱員 ;現時有金融機構大手洽租逾數十伙;而二樓全層已租予一咖啡 店,面積約三千三百餘方呎。目前位於頂層之示範單位已竣工, 而整幢物業的裝修工程可望於三月底完成。9
    10. 10. Evaluation of Current Communications Issues and Challenges GardenEast - Winner  Rent Rage is more attractive than other serviced apartments located in WanChai and Central  Attract other tenants to move to GardenEast  More facilities provided than others such as: gymnasium, BBQ facilities, private balcony in each apartment…  has three luscious gardens -- on the ground, on the fifth floor podium and on the rooftop, inside the building (not provided by others)  Brand new building - not renovated from an old building  Well known local developer and management  Only a few minutes heading to Admiralty, Central or Causeway Bay10
    11. 11. Evaluation of Current Communications Issues and Challenges  Key communications issues/challenges arising from the analysis: • In synched with Hong Kong Government to rebuild the WanChai urban district (modern, green and environmental) • making Wanchai urban area and Hong Kong green, matching up with the governments planning of Wanchai Development Phase II. • i.e."Harbour-front Enhancement Review - Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Adjoining Areas", • Wan Chai Districts commercial and residential redevelopment projects, including the Queens Road East project, Mallory Street and Burrows Street project in Tai Yuen Street project (yet Erythroculter peak), as well as the planned second phase of Hopewell Center11
    12. 12. 09/chinese/panels/dev/papers/dev1125cb1-302-1-ec.pdf12
    13. 13. WanChai District Development
    14. 14. MPR Campaign - Objectives  Corporate Objective To establish Garden East as an essential arm of Hopewell Holdings being its first service apartment; to have a significant share to the holding company’s income and profit14
    15. 15. MPR Campaign - Objectives  Marketing Objectives 1. To reach 65% occupancy for the first 6 months. 2. To achieve 40% share of the service apartment market in Wan Chai.15
    16. 16. MPR Campaign - Objectives  Communications Objectives 1. To launch a new service apartment with the unique concept of green garden and environment friendly living in a redeveloping urban area. 2. To generate awareness of the special features and offerings of Garden East.16
    17. 17. MPR Campaign Target Audiences 1. Potential Occupants  expats and local executives/professionals  outgoing; urban living  income is from HKD40,000 and above per month  adheres to quality living; environment conscious  likely to be working near Wan Chai  staying in Hong Kong either on a short term or long term basis.17
    18. 18. MPR Campaign Target Audiences 2. Decision agents  corporate clients (HR/Admin Dept.)  from finance/banking/listed companies/MNC’s  can be a decision maker and consultant for direct consumers18
    19. 19. MPR Campaign Target Audiences 3. Media workers  editors of lifestyle, finance and career magazines  newspaper editors  news writers and journalists  feature writers and reporters  lifestyle show producers, writers and researchers 4. Wan Chai District Council  for cooperation and endorsement in lieu of the Wan Chai redevelopment efforts of the government19
    20. 20. MRP Tools –Partnership with SuppliersExclusive Partnership with suppliers to provide: Electric Appliances - sponsored by companies promoting energy conservation and environmental consciousness , such as Samsung Toiletries - sponsored by company providing organic products, e.g. Jurlique Massage items - sponsored by OSIM WLAN (Wi-Fi) wireless internet connection - provided by PCCW Furniture - sponsored by G.O.D
    21. 21. MPR Tools - Showroom Showroom arranged in the Garden East • Showrooms of studio and 1 bedroom are opened for visit • Save the set up cost of showroom by demonstrating the real rooms Cross deal with G.O.D. • G.O.D is the exclusive supplier of Garden East furniture • allocate a space in G.O.D shops to set up showroom of Garden East with the furniture they provided • Demonstrate the feature of Garden East • fully utilize the sales channels of partner to promote Garden East • Save the cost of setting up a showroom
    22. 22. MPR Tools - Showroom
    23. 23. MPR Tool – Press Feeds & Advertorials  Monthly feeds of news releases to media about the progress of occupancy & facility development, etc.  Feeds including feature stories about living in Garden East  Issuance of advertorials in banking, financial, entertainment and lifestyle magazines (e.g. CEO, Fortune, Prestige, Walker, HK Magazine, etc. )  Advertorials are about the slant on Wan Chai development, green living, urban city life or expat living in Hong Kong  In order to maintain press coverage after the launch and keep the audience updated on the news and development of the property23
    24. 24. MPR Tool – Facility Tours  Corporate Tour – companies will be toured around the facilities and showrooms – gives opportunity for negotiation and dialogue to partner with companies or their expats and employees needing apartments  Media Tour – members of the press and media will be toured around the facilities for photo ops and description of features – More opportunity for media coverage  Open House Parties – Hold every month to show tenants’ friends, expats and interested occupants the facilities and showrooms; with cocktails – attend to their inquiries and know their requirements24
    25. 25. MPR Tools – Facility Tours
    26. 26. MPR Tools - Web Campaign Garden East Website • Interactive, user-friendly & world wide accessible website Campaign Objective • Information platform for local & foreign potential customers • Reservation, room fee quotation • Low-cost online promotion
    27. 27. MPR tools– Web CampaignContent Detail introduction of Garden East Online reservation system Contact method Product Benefits • Photo • Excellent service • Easy-accessible location • Competitive room fee
    28. 28. MPR tools– Web CampaignHow to reach target segment?  Search Engine  Partnership with lifestyle Website • Link / Pop-up  Email notification  Set up Network in facebook and forums  Other MPR Campaign
    29. 29. MPR tools -Discount & Partnership Discount & Partnership • Discount rate for business partner • Referral bonus Campaign Objective • Encourage Trail • Sales Increment • Build Loyalty • Control room occupancy
    30. 30. MPR tools-Discount & Partnership Campaign Target Segment • MNC Decision Agent How to reach target segment? • Notification to Hopewell business partner • Other MPR Campaign Content • Special discount for designated MNC • Other MNC may enjoy referral bonus • Discount / bonus varies with room occupancy
    31. 31. MPR tools–Opening Ceremony  Ribbon cutting ceremony  Speech and welcomes from Management & Wan Chai district council  Green & Re-development concept  Press conference  Distribution of promotion materials  Tour  Cocktails
    32. 32. MPR Tools – Opening Ceremony
    33. 33. MPR tools-Preferred Channels ofCommunicationBase on research aboutourtargeted public’s values,interests, andpreferred channels ofcommunication,this MPR plan can seek tocreate a “win-win” situation,one that is mutuallybeneficial.
    34. 34. MPR tools-Preferred Channels ofCommunicationValues and Interests Have the delights of coastal living at their doorstep. Submerge themselves in a luxurious synergy of sun and garden
    35. 35. MPR tools-Preferred Channels ofCommunicationValues and interests Their dream apartments are conveniently located near basic facilities such as banks, restaurant and supermarket.
    36. 36. MPR tools-Preferred Channels ofCommunication Television Product Placement • is a form of advertisement, where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads, such as movies, the story line of television shows, or news programs.
    37. 37. TelevisionProduct Placement We will pay to have visual or verbal brand exposure in a movie or TV program, such as using our facilities for shooting, being the location of a particular soap opera, etc. Because it can demonstrate product usage in a natural setting by celebrities
    38. 38. Television Product Placement Now 電視台• 樓市每日睇 ( 星期一至五 @ 21:00)• 一周睇樓團 ( 逢星期日 @ 22:30) 高清翡翠台• 潮居 ( 逢星期三 及 日 )• 更上一層樓 ( 逢星期六 及 日 ) 翡翠台• 財經透視 ( 逢星期日 @ 6:00pm-12:15am)• 更上一層樓 ( 逢星期五 @ 11:05-11:35pm) 有線電視財經資訊台 樓盤傳真 ( 逢星期六 及 日 )
    39. 39. TelevisionProduct Placement Set up interviews with program participants  Everyone loves a good personal story  Some participant in our campaign may have interesting personal stories related to Interior Design, Architecture or Lifestyle of the successful executive  These personal profiles work well for news programs, magazines and newspapers’ lifestyle section, and they can humanize our efforts.
    40. 40. Campaign Schedule Pre-launch (around March) – corporate visit Preparation and availability of showrooms Recurring activities (continuous all throughout the campaign period) Partnership and business centers and suppliers (recurrent) Web campaign (recurrent) Open house parties every month launch/grand opening and press conference (April) Media visit T.V. program feature (Around June to July) continuous press feeds to members of the media (March to December ) Advertorials (in April, June, August, October and December)
    41. 41. Campaign Schedule Press Release Media visit Product Placement Advertorial Open house parties Web campaign Partnership with business centers & suppliers Grand opening & Press conferenceShowrooms (including tour) corporate visits Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 41
    42. 42. MPR BudgetMRP tools Spending (HKD)Printing and Marketing Materials - sales kit, cards, gifts and press kits 400,000 - souvenirs such as stationery, paperweight, travel bagWeb campaign - Garden East website hosting and maintenance 300,000 – - banners of other popular websites 400,000 / year - Searching engine (such as Yahoo, Google)Product Placement in TV program 450,000AdvertorialsBar/Lounge (in Central, Wanchai, CausewayBay, TST) –Travel, around HK, Walker …Magazines 250,000Invitation for open house party (April, June ,Aug, Oct, Dec)
    43. 43. MPR BudgetGrand Opening & Press Conference 100,000Other MPR Tools - Partnership with business centers & suppliers - Showroom at G.O.D shops - Corporate and Media tours, Open House 200,000 - Press Release - Open house party (for expatriates already in HK) monthlyTotal 1,700,000 – 1,800,000
    44. 44. Evaluation of MPR CampaignMedia Coverage  number of press releases published in newspapers and magazines  length of television exposure (TV lifestyle show feature)  ratings and audience share of the TV program & readership of newspapers and magazines  number of people attending the Grand Opening  Foot traffic in showrooms, facility visits and open houses
    45. 45. Evaluation of MPR CampaignOccupancy  percentage of occupancy in the first 6 months  number of inquiries received  number of deals closed compared to the total number of inquiries received  closing percentage of occupancy after the PR campaignHit rate  monitor the monthly and total number of visitors on the website  search hits on search engines such as Google, yahoo and Bai Du  hit rate of banners on different websites  number of members/networks on Facebook and online forums
    46. 46. With this MPR campaign, GardenEast will be the leading service apartment in the new, more vibrant, and redeveloped Wan Chai. THANK YOU!46
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