indian urban                                                                                 Mixed Use Development Interna...
november 28 - 29, 2011Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airportregistration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; close 06.00 pm...
november 28 - 29, 2011Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airportregistration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; close 06.00 pm...
november 28 - 29, 2011        Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airport        registration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am...
november 28 - 29, 2011     Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airport     registration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; clos...
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Delegate brochure muds2011

  1. 1. indian urban Mixed Use Development International Summit 2011 infrastructure rEviEw Two-Day Global Convention on Multi-Product Portfolio Strategies in Real Estate Projects Mixed use Development international Summit 2011 november 28 - 29, 2011 Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airport For the first time in india, an international conference specifically designed to delve into planning and strategising from mixed use development. our panel of industry leaders will give a comprehensive update on complex issues of hedging risks, project management, policies on zoning, government approvals and marketing of products. SPECial SESSionS on RiSk ManaGEMEnT & PRaCTiCal SoluTionS To lEGal anD PoliCy iSSuES Conference Chair High-profile speakers *Avnish Hasija *Karthik Athreya Exec vp, leasing Director EntErtainmEnt worlD DEvElopErs ClEarwatEr Capital partnErs *Dhaval Kamdar *Avanish Pendharkar Director principal urban Designer sri group HalCrow Balakrishnan Nair Sachin Sandhir *Anurag Bhatnagar managing Editor *TC Benjamin managing Director Director Indian Urban Infrastructure Review principal secretary riCs DtZ urban DEvElopmEnt *Uttam Dave *Roshan Gurung GovT of MAHARASHTRA Head of Development Divisional Director intErglobE HotEls bEnoy *Kruti Jain Executive Director Kumar urban DEvElopmEnt during these tumultuous times for real estate industry Mixed Use development learn various ways and means to counter the risks of development. But we can learnManaging Editor’s notE has gained currency for its most well known advantage -- reducing project risks. from the international experience of mixed development with the sole intention of developing hotel, office space, retail mall and residential in one project can be hedging risks in the unchartered territory of a diverse portfolio of development. Most demanding as well as challenging as it needs multiple domain knowledge, developers who want to get into new projects are caught in a bind over finding the wherewithal and management skills. though multi-product real estate portfolio most appropriate model which would cut risks, ensure constant cash flow and en- management comes with its own challenges in seeking approvals for land use hance brand value. Mixed use development offers the best solution to meeting all and infrastructure support from the government, the reduction in project risks these demands in the current testing times for real estate industry. We, at the Indian promises to make the effort worth the while for the developers. Urban Infrastructure Review magazine, are bringing you this exclusive business con- But the indian marketplace has its endemic problems and risks that can dissuade ference to help you successfully manage the processes involved in mixed use devel- any real estate player from entering into untested areas of business. real estate opment. developers all over the country spend an unspoken amount of time and effort to
  2. 2. november 28 - 29, 2011Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airportregistration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; close 06.00 pmWhy you should attend this conference day oneMixed Use development is now-a-days seen not only in 09.00 am -- 09.30 am registration and Coffeemetro cities but also in smaller towns where the success ofdevelopment cannot be gauged until the last unit is sold out.the Mixed Use development summit 2011 brings out all the 09.30 am -- 10.00 am Mixed Use developmentaspects of this strategy employed by successful real estate theme Presentationdevelopers to reduce risks even while gaining expertise in • What is Mixed Use developmentmulti-product portfolio management. • indian scenario • advantages of Mixed Use developmentthis two-day international conference has been specifically • Challenges in Multi-Product Portfoliodesigned to bring together all the industry experts to reveal • Land acquisition and approvals galorevarious facets of Mixed Use development. needless to say, • Land aggregation issues in Mixed Use developmentthere are challenges in managing multi-product real estatedevelopment portfolio in india even if the project risks are 10.00 am -- 10.45 am Planning Policylower. the conference will delve into large-scale city centre • overview by iUi reviewredevelopments, new sustainable communities and high-rise • Land acquisition & Land Use Policymulti-use buildings – all of which can present unprecedented • regional differentiation in Policiesopportunities as well as challenges. • sustainability • Policy, Potential Policy Changes and their impactour endeavour will be to get the best out of the mixed usedevelopment processes, with particular reference to thecurrent and likely legal and taxation issues. our panel of 10.45 am -- 11.15 am Coffee and networkingindustry experts will provide you with a comprehensiveupdate, as well as practical solutions to the complex 11.15 am -- 12.00 noon strategic Planning initiativecommercial, legal and policy issues arising from mixing • overview by iUi reviewresidential with commercial development. • state and Central government approvals • acquiring Land & dealing With Land Use Policy • demarcating spaces according to Felt demand Benefits of attending • architectural Challenges in design & technology attending this conference will give you: • Combining international designs to indian situations 1 the essential guidance on how to structure a deal and document the project 12.00 noon -- 12.45 pm Project Financing 2 advice on how to meet public sector requirements to • overview by iUi review minimise risks • avenues For investors in Multi Product Portfolio 3 Practical information on how to maximise value from • What do investors Look For in Mixed Use development your development through management and service • Ways and Means of attracting investors and Bank Finance charges • Bridging the Funding gap and assisting Viability 4 an update on the latest tax implications for different development vehicles 5 a practical example of how to apply the principles in 12.45 pm -- 02.00 pm networking Luncheon practice through a case study exercise 02.00 pm -- 02.45 pm Pricing Policy and issues • overview by iUi review • tariffsWho should attend? • Community infrastructure Levy• real estate developers who are new to Mixed Use • optimal Pricing in Metro Citiesdevelopment concept • tier ii and tier iii Market dynamics• Mixed Use development players looking for expansion • sales and Marketing of Multi-Product Portfolio• anyone concerned with the development of land or thecreation of land use policy 02.45 pm -- 03.45 pm Panel discussion• Lawyers in the private and public sector Project and Environmental sustainability• Planners – private, public and voluntary • Project Financing• surveyors advising on planning and land-use issues • Credit rating• Property developers and their advisors >>
  3. 3. november 28 - 29, 2011Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airportregistration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; close 06.00 pm• green Building norms • overview by iUi review• Project sustainability • Policies and Zoning issues• Changing government Policy issues • attracting Premium Buyers to Mixed Use Projects • security issues for residents3.45 pm -- 4.15 pm Coffee Break & networking 12 noon -- 12.45 pm office space dynamics in04.15 pm -- 05.00 pm townships & sEZs Mixed Use development• overview by iUi review • overview by iUi review• Mixed Use development Parametres in townships • issues With occupiers of rental and outright Purchase• issues in including residential in industrial development • attracting Premium Buyers to Mixed Use Projects• Problems of Large Project s and How to tackle them • security issues for residents • Can Mixed Use development Ever Be green05.00 pm -- 05.45 pm Labour issues• overview by iUi review 12.45 pm -- 02.00 pm Luncheon networking• talent Crunch in Mixed Use development• architectural Challenges 02.00 pm -- 02.45 pm retail Mall dynamics in• sales and Marketing of Mixed Use products Mixed Use development• Management of Mixed Use Products • overview by iUi review • design issues in High Footfalls Management05.45 pm -- 06.30 pm domestic & international • Can Malls survive Without grocery as an anchorBest Practices • the difference in Mall design in Mixed Use development• overview by iUi review • is Housing Multiplexes in retail Malls sensible strategy• documentation of design Elements • is lack of Luxury Ecosystem Killing Luxury Malls?• real Estate Credit rating• transparency in transactions• Quality of Construction and Workmanship 02.45 pm -- 03.30 pm Hospitality dynamics in• Meeting Challenges of Cost over-runs and delays Mixed Use development • overview by iUi review06.30 pm open House/ Primer for day 2/ Closing • the Conundrum of Mixing Luxury Hotels & affordableComments for day 1 Housing & retail Malls_________________________________________________ • design issues in separate approach roads and Entrances • Convincing international Hotel Chains to Check into Mixedday two Use development • new technologies that Have Helped in Mixing Products in development09.00 am -- 09.30 am networking Coffee 3.30 pm -- 4.15 pm Coffee Break & networking09.30 am -- 10.00 am opening address for day’sProceedings 04.15 pm -- 05.00 pm Working out Permutations & Combinations in Mixed Use development10.00 am -- 10.45 am redevelopment of • overview by iUi reviewold Buildings • Ways to read regional Market demands• overview by iUi review • Meeting architectural and design inefficiencies• new development trends in Metros • implementation of Project Plans• Local Bodies’ approvals • Exigency Plans for Changes in structures and designs• Project Financing issues• strategies for Building Consensus among residents 05.00 pm -- 06.00 pm Case study • successful Mixed Use development Projects10.45 am -- 11.15 am Coffee Break & networking • Ways and Means Employed by successful Players11.15 am -- 12 noon residential dynamics in 06.00 pm open House & Closing CeremonyMixed Use development * Yet to confirm
  4. 4. november 28 - 29, 2011 Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airport registration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; close 06.00 pmFaQs HotEL aCCoMModationWhen will i receive my conference material?Your conference handouts will be distributed at the reception desk of the CoMPLiMEntarY aCCoMModation BooKing sErViCEconference (unless otherwise stated in the event programme). additionalconference material will be made available on our website after the event. should you require accommodation when attending a ParabolaYou will be provided with special access details for this website at the con- Media conference, please do not hesitate to contact our accommo-ference. dation agent who will be more than happy to make a reservation for you.are the meals included?Yes, all refreshments and conference lunches have been carefully selectedto offer you the best in banqueting. Check the agenda for timings. the cost of the hotel accommodation and travel is not included in the registration fee.How do i register for the conference?Yes, you may register on our website Please quote the name of the Parabola Media conference you are at-and our registration personnel will be happy to help you. tending. Call: 022 2566 0048How many attendees will be at my conference? Email: conferences@parabolamedia.comthis varies for each conference. Please do ask at our registration desk if youwould like us to assist in facilitating meetings with anyone present to ensure MiXEd UsE dEVELoPMEnt sUMMit 2011you receive maximum benefit from the day. datE: nov 28 -29, 2011How can i get to the venue? VEnUE: Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airportsthe hotel phone number is listed within the conference information. onceregistered, you will receive a Hotel & Conference Venue Location Map. Payment only by cheque, bank demand draft (dd) or bank transfer.Please contact us if you require any further information or assistance. ConFirMation dEtaiLs – after receiving payment, a receipt will beWhat about accommodation? issued. if you do not receive a letter outlining the conference detailsthe organisers are associated with the venue for a discounted package for two weeks prior to the event, please contact the Conference Coordi-the delegates attending the conference. the details will be provided in the nator at Parabola Media.delegate information pack after registration. note: Please do not fax this form to the hotel.What should i wear?the dress code at the conference is business casual. the speakers usuallycome in business attire. For all the event terms & conditions please visit www.indianUrbaninfrastructure.comSpecial needsif you have any special needs, disabilities, and/or dietary restrictions thatwe may address to make your participation at our events more enjoyable,please do let us know when registering.For delegate substitutions and cancellations please view our cancellation Cheques and Bank drafts have to bepolicy on our website drawn on: Parabola MediaWill i receive any information from you in the mail? send your registration form duly filledafter the conference, from time to time, you may receive brochures on re- and signed along with the cheque/ banklated topics. dd to: PaRabola MEDia office 209, Exim Link Mulund-goregaon Link road opp. indira Container Yard West nahur Mumbai 400078 tel: +91 022 2566 0048
  5. 5. november 28 - 29, 2011 Hotel Hilton Mumbai international airport registration and coffee: 09.00 am - 09.30 am; close 06.00 pmPriority Delegate booking Form City: ___________________MiXED uSE DEVEloPMEnT Postcode: ______________SuMMiT 2011 Phone: ________________ Fax: __________________Sales Contract Company Size: ________________________Please complete this form immediately and email (scan and at- nature of business: ____________________tach) to: Mr/ Ms _____________or fax to _______________________________________ on E-mail: ______________________________Fax: (+91) 022 2566 0048 authorizationTel: (+91) 022 6561 2705 name: ______________________________(+91) 98926 30049/ 98335 56462/ 97688 37375 Position: ____________________________name: ______________________________________ Signature: ___________________________Position: ____________________________________ Date: _________________________ (signatory must be authorized to sign onE -mail: _____________________________________ behalf of contracting organization)____________________________________________name: ______________________________________ Fee structure Conference FeesPosition: ____________________________________ inR 30,500 / uDS 678 (till oct 17, 2011) inR 33,000 / uDS 734 (From oct 18 till nov 11, 2011)E -mail: _____________________________________ inR 36,000 / uDS 800 (nov 12 onwards) (all charges exclusive of 10.3% service tax/ payments to be made only by____________________________________________ cheque, demand draft or bank transfer) Payment is required within 5 working days after ______________________________________ a 24% service charge has been added to all conference fees priorPosition: ____________________________________ to the event and is inclusive of programme materials, luncheon and refreshments.E -mail: _________________________________________________________________________________name: ______________________________________Position: ____________________________________E -mail: _________________________________________________________________________________organization: ________________________address: ____________________________