VoIP Drupal: building sites that send SMS, answer phone calls, and more


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Slides used as part of the VoIP Drupal webinar carried on March 7, 2012

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  • Thanks for sharing the slides Leo. This is such an awesome project. As someone who has used voice telephony using Asterisk for developmental projects, this will be invaluable. Sorry couldn't attend the webinar because of a meeting. The slides are really helpful. This wasn't recorded by any chance, was it?
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  • In spite of the tremendous increase in technology adoption for the past decade, m ost of the world does not have access to the web… According to http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm , currently only 2billion (less than 1/3 of the world population) people have access to the Internet – and that’s not just people in underserved areas… According to http://mobithinking.com/mobile-marketing-tools/latest-mobile-stats#subscribers 6 billion mobile subscriptions (87% of the world’s population) How many of those will actually pay for data plans, download apps, etc.?
  • VoIP Drupal: building sites that send SMS, answer phone calls, and more

    1. 1. VoIP Drupalbuilding sites that answer calls, send SMS, and more Leo Burd MIT Center for Civic Media MIT – 2012.03.07
    2. 2. Goals• Help people understand what VoIP Drupal is• Demonstrate examples of what it can do• Highlight the benefits of the platform• Invite you to join the fun – it takes a village to raise a platform!
    3. 3. Acknowledgements VoIP Drupal Development Ben Bunk*, Blair McNeib*, Kester Edmonds, Tamer Zoubi VoIP Drupal UX Adam Kalsey*, Andy Oram*, Hector Iribarne, Keith Casey Jr.*, Konstantin Ordoulidis*, Lee Vodra*, Mark J. Pearrow*, Micky Metts*, Owen Barton* Note: volunteers names are marked with (*)
    4. 4. The future of the web rests on voice-enabledapps accessible even from regular phones (1) (1) http://www.fastcompany.com/1719453/tim-berners-lees-voice-enabled-internet-quest-in-africa
    5. 5. 6Photo: Leo Burd (2005)
    6. 6. VoIP Drupal is…A software platform that enables Drupal sites to•Make and answer phone calls•Play and record audio messages•Send and receive SMS•Organize conference calls•Implement voice menus and call routing•Run polls, surveys, and many more things
    7. 7. VoIP Drupalmodules
    8. 8. How things work
    9. 9. VoIP Drupalmodules
    10. 10. Dialplan scripting commands – Dial number – Say text or audio file – Record audio from phone – GetInput from keypad – JoinConference – RejectCall – Hangup – SendText number, message – RunIvrMenu options – Goto label – GotoIf label, condition – Gosub script name
    11. 11. Hello world$script = new VoipScript(hello_world);$script->addSay(hello world);$script->addHangup();
    12. 12. Office hotline$script = new VoipScript(voipscript_small_office_ivr);$script->addSay(t(Welcome to our office hotline.’));$script->addLabel(‘office_menu’);$options_menu = t(‘For sales, dial 1. For customer support, dial 2. For hours of operation, dial 3. To hang up, dialthe star key.’);$input_options = array( ‘1’ => ‘sales’, ‘2’ => ‘customer support’, ‘3’ => ‘hours’, ‘*’ => ‘hang up’, ‘I’ => ‘hang up’, ‘t’ => ‘hang up’);$invalid_msg = t(‘Invalid option selected.’);$script->addRunIvrMenu($options_menu, $input_options, $invalid_msg);$script->addGoto(‘%ivr_option_selected’);$script->addLabel(‘sales’);$script->addSay(‘Sales department’);$script->addGoto(‘hang up’);$script->addLabel(‘customer support’);$script->addSay(t(‘Customer support department’));$script->addGoto(‘hang up’);$script->addLabel(‘hours’);$script->addSay(t(‘Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.’));$script->addGoto(‘office_menu’);$script->addLabel(‘hang up’);$script->addSay(t(‘Thanks so much for calling our office. Bye bye.));$script->addHangup();
    13. 13. SameBoatSouth Wood County, Wisconsin
    14. 14. Potential OutreachPopulation45,803200 communityorganizations
    15. 15. Signs located at:WalmartJob CenterFood Pantry
    16. 16. PDF Bulletins:Buyers GuideJob CenterFood Pantry
    17. 17. Community Hotline715-952-9020
    18. 18. Potential VoIP Drupal applications • Go Out to Vote campaigns • 2-1-1 and 3-1-1 community hotlines • Call centers • Phone- and SMS-based surveys • Group communication • Story recording / playback • Audio speed dating services • Language training • Audio tours • Adventure games • Interactive community radio programs • Emergency announcements • And much more!
    19. 19. Key benefits of the platform • Facilitates the construction of unified communications systems integrating SMS, email, web, and voice • Makes Drupal accessible from any phone – no data plan required! • Enables the expansion of “community plumbing” beyond the web • Is open source and free – you are in control
    20. 20. Benefits for administrators • Easy installation and configuration – no programming required • Fully customizable – enable only the features you need • Run as part of the Drupal system itself – Enable access to VoIP Drupal features using roles and permissions – Assign Rules, Actions and Triggers • Enhance user interaction with ready-to-use audio blogs, click- to-call fields, phone recorders, audio announcements, etc.
    21. 21. Benefits for developers • Well defined API that can be extended to other VoIP services • 20+ sample scripts that can be customized • 20+ modules that already implement common functionality – no need to reinvent the wheel • Simple, yet powerful PHP-like scripting language with a short learning curve • Visual programming language for novice developers and fast prototyping
    22. 22. Future directions • VoIP Drupal 1.0 • What’s Up and other VoIP apps • Drupal 7 port • Visual VoIP Drupal • Integration with Drupal Commons, CiviCRM, OpenScholar, Open Atrium and other systems • Expand beyond MIT
    23. 23. Visual VoIP Drupal
    24. 24. Ways to get involved • Join http://groups.drupal.org/voip-drupal • Play with script examples in the sandbox • Create new modules; new sites • Contribute code, documentation • Organize meetups • Help us spread the word!
    25. 25. Key take-aways Much better understanding of • What VoIP Drupal is • How VoIP Drupal expands the power of computing beyond the browser • Its potential uses for non-profit and for-profit organizations • How to get started and where to find resources – Sandbox – Discussion group – VoIP Drupal’s project page
    26. 26. Upcoming events • 3/14 :: Impromptu hands-on session with Micky on how to set up VoIP Drupal and get it to say ‘hello‘ • 3/20-23 :: Drupal Con Denver – Introductory and hands-on sessions (TBD) – Twilio contest: http://bit.ly/xAlgpV – Tropo hackaton: http://bit.ly/z9IrUs • Biweekly web gatherings after that
    27. 27. For additional information leoburd@media.mit.edu http://groups.drupal.org/voip-drupal http://linkd.in/vIewAWSpecial thanks to