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Refinder is the intelligent online collaboration tool for teams to collect and share information. Work together with colleagues, partners and customers.
Semantics find the relevant for me, within my organisation, and from the world

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Refinder - Where things come together

  1. 1. RefinderWhere things come togetherRefinder is the intelligent online collaboration tool forteams to collect and share information. Work togetherwith colleagues, partners and
  2. 2. 100% of people use email as social software To Alex,,, … .. . Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Project CID Kick-Off Dear Team members, Attached is the latest version (including Mike‘s second changes after Claudia‘s comments) of the minutes from the third project meeting. Claudia, did you have this question on Clean Energy in Finland? I found, its …. 45% of time spent managing information 16% spent on facebook2 9.11.2011
  3. 3. The Refinder Vision Intelligent online collaboration to collect and share information Take Existing Collaborative Software Processes Existing Processes Individual Needs Information Silos Relevant Information www.getrefinder.com3 9.11.2011
  4. 4. 1 Enterprise Social Software 2 Meets Semantic Web Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard4 9.11.2011 Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.
  5. 5. Refinder Technology SaaS in the Cloud, API, Connectors, RDF, Connectors Software as a Service Web interface collaborate and organize API interface extend and connect RDF Data Model Recommender semantic data store finds relevant data Social Semantic Desktop connects to LOD Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard6 9.11.2011 Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.
  6. 6. Recommendations to find relevant data Refinder helps you to find relevant data for your current task Input: “I need information on Renewable Energy Sources applicable in Finland for Finpower”. • Refinder is able to find • Finpower … internal Project known to you; • Renewable Energy … corporate topic within group; • Finland … publicly know country covered in snow and skiers. Using Semantic Technologies Renewable Energy Information can be retrieved from using integration with 9.11.2011
  7. 7. Our vision Build intelligent collaboration tool where things come together Our vision • Freedom to collaborate • Semantics find the relevant • from many applications, • for me • on many topics, • within my organisation • with many people • from the world8 9.11.2011
  8. 8. Thanks, questions! @Refinder CEO CTO Leo.Sauermann Bernhard.Schandl @gnowsis.com9 9.11.2011 © some icons
  9. 9. here be dragons!…backup slides10 9.11.2011
  10. 10. More about the Features11 9.11.2011
  11. 11. Refinder is an online tool To start with Refinder, create an account 1 Go to 2 • Register Accessible from desktop and mobile devices. For coworkers and external partners12 9.11.2011
  12. 12. Create a collection to invite teams Collections are the collaborative workspaces in Refinder 3 Create a collection For a project, topic, meeting…. 4 Invite Team members Can read/write into a collection Receive notifications on updates Internal coworkers or external partners13 9.11.2011
  13. 13. Where your things come togetherCollect information from different sources in one place. Connect people with data.
  14. 14. Collect Things With Refinder Sharing information must be intuitive, easy, and beneficial. 1 Collect bookmarks Collect websites from your browser Connectors or, more to come… 2 → 315 9.11.2011
  15. 15. Collect and Share Citations Citations are not isolated but related to project tasks and goals 1 Search on Sciverse Search results are analyzed and collections recommended16 9.11.2011
  16. 16. Collect Things With Refinder Sharing information must be intuitive, easy, and beneficial. 1 Collect desktop data Microsoft® Office Outlook® Import contacts, events, emails, … Other desktop connectors available on request. Support existing work processes, integrate existing data easily. 3 217 9.11.2011
  17. 17. 18 9.11.2011
  18. 18. Comment, Relate, Like, Export Simple semantic annotations let you add the relevant data 1 • Rate 3 • Recommendations attention and feedback create relations 2 • Comments 4 • Source describe context connects to linked data19 9.11.2011
  19. 19. use cases20 9.11.2011
  20. 20. Use Case: Collaborative Research Distribute knowledge work in a team Consulting Agencies Teams: 11people, 17people Task: stay on top on energy- saving technologies, public Topic: grants, . buidling solar • File-Share, Emails, Web • External Freelancers21 9.11.2011
  21. 21. Use Case: Partners and Projects Document decisions wtih external contractors, cooperation projects with partners Collecting information for a project in a collection. Meeting: Slides, hotel, participants, open questions, minutes. Share it with the project participants.22 9.11.2011