Math 1 Course Outline 2009-2010


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Course Outline for Mathematics 1, PSHS Main Campus

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Math 1 Course Outline 2009-2010

  1. 1. MATH I COURSE OUTLINE SY 2009-2010 Grading Components References Class Standing: 70% 1.Lial, M. L., Hornsby, E. J., & Miller, C. D. (1996). Recitation 5% Beginning Algebra (7th ed.). New York: Harper Republic of the Philippines Homework/Seatwork 15% Collins College Publishers. Department of Science and Technology PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL – MAIN CAMPUS Quizzes 20% 2.Fair, J. & Bragg, S. C. (1994). Algebra 1. New Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City Long Tests 30% Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. Periodic Exam: 30% Grade Point Equivalent Table Reminders 1.The tentative grade is computed using the MATH 1 96-100 1.00 60-65 2.50 percentage system and is rounded to the nearest 1% before converting to the grade point system. 90-95 1.25 55-59 2.75 84-89 1.50 50-54 3.00 2.Students who will get a grade of 4.0 in the 4th quarter will need a score of 50% or higher in the 78-83 1.75 40-49 4.00 removal exam to get a final grade of 3.0. Otherwise 72-77 2.00 Below the student will receive a failing mark of 5.0. 5.00 66-71 2.25 40 Consultation Hours Mr. Leo Crisologo This copy belongs to: Name: ________________________ Mr. Mardan Llanura Section:________________________ Ms. Ghie Magpantay PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL MAIN CAMPUS
  2. 2. MATH I COURSE OUTLINE SY 2009-2010 ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA LONG TEST 3: July 24, 2009 (Friday) LONG TEST 1: October 28, 2009 (Wednesday) VIII.POLYNOMIALS SECOND QUARTER A.Definition and Classification Course Description: B.Degree of a Polynomial Math 1 renews arithmetic concepts and skills and applies them IV.OPEN SENTENCES, REPLACEMENT SETS, and SOLUTION SETS C.Simplifying Polynomials to problem solving. It starts with operations on sets and leads V.LINEAR EQUATIONS IN ONE VARIABLE D.Laws of Exponents to evaluation and then operations on algebraic expressions. A.Properties of Equality E.Operations Involving Polynomials The latter part involves solving word problems involving linear 1.Reflexive Property F.Problem Solving Involving Polynomials and rational algebraic equations. 2.Symmetric Property LONG TEST 2: November 18, 2009 (Tuesday) 3.Transitive Property G.Special Products FIRST QUARTER 4.Addition Property H.Factoring Polynomials 5.Multiplication Property LONG TEST 3: December 1, 2009 (Tuesday) I.SETS 6.Cancellation Property A.Well-defined Sets B.Solution Set of Linear Equation with One Unknown FOURTH QUARTER B.Set Relations 1.Equations with Integer Coefficients C.Operations on Sets 2.Equations with Rational Coefficients IX.RATIONAL ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS (RAEs) D.Venn Diagram LONG TEST 1: August 21, 2009 (Friday) A.Simpllfying RAEs E.Word Problems C.Problem Solving B.Operations Involving RAEs II.REAL NUMBER SYSTEMS 1.Number C.Equations Involving RAEs A.Set of Real Numbers and their properties 2.Age D.Problem Solving Involving RAEs 1.Natural Numbers 3.Money/Coin E.Simplifying Complex Fractions 2.Whole Numbers 4.Investment LONG TEST 1: January 15, 2010 (Friday) 3.Integers 5.Mixture X.RADICALS 4.Rational & Irrational Numbers LONG TEST 2: September 15, 2009 (Thursday) A.Review of Fractional Exponents LONG TEST 1: June 25, 2009 (Thursday) 6.Geometry B.Operations on Radicals B.Number Theory 7.Uniform Motion 1.Simplifying Radicals 1.Divisibility Theory 8.Work 2.Addition and Subtraction of Radicals 2.GCF and LCM 9.Clock 3.Multiplication and Division of Radicals C.Ratio and Proportion 10.Variation LONG TEST 2: February 15, 2010 (Monday) D.Real Number Line LONG TEST 3: September 29, 2009 (Tuesday) C.Equations Involving Radicals E.Comparing and Ordering Numbers D.Word Problems Involving Radicals F.PEMDAS THIRD QUARTER LONG TEST 3: February 23, 2010 (Tuesday) LONG TEST 2: July 9, 2009 (Thursday) III.ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS VI.LINEAR INEQUALITIES IN ONE VARIABLE A.Constants & Variables, Algebraic Expressions A.Properties of Linear Inequalities B.Numerical & Literal Coefficients and Terms B.Solution Sets of Linear Inequalities and its Graphs LIST OF PROJECTS C.Operations on Algebraic Expressions (PEMDAS) C.Word Problems 1.Famous Mathematician Poster (1st and 2nd Quarters) D.Simplifying & Evaluating Algebraic Expressions VII.ABSOLUTE VALUE 2.Portfolio (3rd Quarter) E.Translation of Verbal Phrases to Mathematical Symbols and A.Absolute Value Equations Vice Versa B.Absolute Value Inequalities PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL MAIN CAMPUS