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Workout creations

  1. 1. Workout Creations Throughout the nine books there are 161 funs, unique and creative workout ideas. The workouts themselves where created to be used a bit like a jigsaw puzzle in that multiple ideas can be used and fitted together to produce a truly unique full workout plan. You see the workouts contained throughout the nine books are not full and complete workouts; they are workout ideas ranging from 10 minute drills all the way through to 40 workouts. The big idea is to give your workouts a diverse variety so that every session packs a mighty punch. By using 3-4 workout ideas in every session allows you to create an endless supply of complete workouts, there are literally millions of possible combinations that you can use to ensure that every session is fun, unique and interesting. As you get to know the workouts you will eventually begin to understand which ideas go together the best, just remember that these workout ideas have the potential to evolve so don’t be afraid to take bits out or even add bits in that fit well with your style of training. Which workout combinations go together the best to produce a full workout? Ok so just in case you thought I’d left you in the lurch, I have included for you 50 tried and tested full workouts plans that fit together perfectly to ensure your workout delivers. My advice would be this, use the 50 workout plans that I have included then have a go at making your own. It’s really exciting especially when you put the ideas in to practice for the very first time. Exercise Selection The exercises I have included for many of the workouts are example exercises only, I understand that you will want to use your own exercises based on your style of training and the specific results that you wish to deliver to your clients, therefore it is up to you to replace the exercises as you see fit. What to Do Next Go and trial the workouts and more importantly have fun doing it, If there’s anything at all you’re not sure about then please drop me an email and I will get back to you as fast as I can. Good luck with your business and please let me know how you get on with using the ideas. I would love to know.
  2. 2. 50 Tried and Test Full 1-Hour Workouts Combinations In these workout combinations I have allowed a bit of time for mobility at the start & stretch off at the end. Workout One 1. Ladder Training Circuit (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Team Hurdles (Team Games, page#) 3. Feel the burn (Finisher Drills, page#) Workout Two 1. Chips & Gravy (Fun Fillers, page#) 2. Demon Dice (Circuits, page#) 3. Sprint Exchange (Partner Challenges, page#) Workout Three 1. Sit up Side Move (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Bumper Circuit (Circuits, page#) 3. Raid Relay (Team Games, page#) 4. Metabolic Madness (Finisher Drills, page#) Workout Four 1. Numbers Up 2. (Team Games, page#) 3. Zigzag Runner (Team Games, page#) 4. Simple Circle (Circuits, page#) Workout Five 1. Pick-Up Point Runner (Partner Challenge, page#) 2. Star Performer (Circuits, page#) 3. Race to the Finish (Team Games, page#) Workout Six 1. Fitness Test 1.5 Circle of Doom (Fitness Tests, page #) 2. Twelve Cone Rush (Team Games, page#) 3. Zero Point (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Seven 1. 30 Seconds of Fame (Team Challenges, page#) 2. No Guts, No Glory (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Sit Up Plank Switch (Partner Challenges, page #) 4. Shredded Abs (Finisher Drills, page#)
  3. 3. Workout Eight 1. AMRAP (Team Challenges, page#) 2. All In (Team Games, page#) 3. Crazy Fool (Team Challenges, page#) 4. Blast Reps (Finisher Drills, page#) Workout Nine 1. The Best 500 (individual Challenges, page#) 2. Ball Throw Challenge (Team Games, page#) Workout Ten 1. Rack up the Points (Team Game, page#) 2. Ten Cone Challenge (Team Challenge, page#) 3. The Chase (Partner Challenge. Page #) Workout Ten 1. The Commando Crawl (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Jump for Goal (Team Game, page#) 3. The Show Stopper (Partner Challenge, page#) Workout Eleven 1. Tick Tack Toe (Team Game, page #) 2. Triple Run Backs (Partner Challenges, page#) 3. Triple Run Outs (Partner Challenges, page#) 4. Tyre Turbulence (Team Games, page#) Workout Twelve 1. Mirror Image (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Square bear (Circuits, page#) 3. Who Can Hit the 5 (Team Games, page#) Workout Thirteen 1. Around in Circles (Team Games, page#) 2. Fill in the Blanks (Circuits, page#) 3. Fast & Furious (Team Games, page#) Workout Fourteen 1. Total Integrity (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Hook, Line & Sinker (Circuits, page#) 3. Team Tunnel (Team Games, page#) Workout Fifteen
  4. 4. 1. Side Touch Race (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Crazy Fool (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Ascended Master (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Sixteen 1. Groovy Mover (3 Person Drills, page#) 2. Crush (Finisher Drills, page#) 3. Feel the Burn (Finisher Drills, page#) 4. Shoulder Press Challenge (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Seventeen 1. Bomb Burst (Fun Fillers, page#) 2. What am I doing? (Circuits, page#) 3. Double Bubble (Team Games, page#) Workout Eighteen 1. The Never Ending Circuit (Circuits, page#) Workout Nineteen 1. Sit up Plank Sprinter (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Linear Warrior Circuit (Circuits, page#) 3. Clockwork (Team Games, page#) Workout Twenty 1. Fitness Test 1.4 (Time & Reps) (Fitness Tests, page#) 2. Ten Cone Challenge (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Walk the Plank (Team Games, page#) Workout Twenty One 1. The General (Team Challenges, page#) 2. Flipping Hell (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Relay Accumulator (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Twenty Two 1. Rotational Runner (Team Challenges, page#) 2. Team Collection (Team Games, page#) 3. Timed Runner (Team Challenges, page#) 4. Combination Crunch (Finisher Drills, page#) Workout Twenty Three 1. Around in Circles (Team Games, page#) 2. Speed Ball (3 Person Drills, page#)
  5. 5. 3. Zig Zag Endurance Runner (Circuits, page#) Workout Twenty Four 1. The Snail Race (Team Challenges, page#) 2. Pass the Tap (Team Games, page#) 3. Endurance Circuit (Individual Challenges, page#) Workout Twenty Five 1. Heavy Legs (Finisher Drills, page#) 2. The Warrior Dance (Finisher Drills, page#) 3. Agility Combo (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Twenty Six 1. Back to Back Challenge (Team Challenges, page#) 2. Piggy in the Middle (Team Games, page#) 3. Crazy Cone Chaser (Circuits, page#) Workout Twenty Seven 1. Sit up Swapper (Team Games, page#) 2. Beat the Sequence (Circuits, page#) 3. Metabolic Madness (Finisher Drills, page#)
  6. 6. Workout Twenty Eight 1. The Gradual Grind Down (Finisher Drills, page#) 2. The Chase (Partner Challenges, page#) 3. The Task Master (Partner Challenges, page#) 4. Timed Runner (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Twenty Nine 1. Total Confusion (Fun Fillers, page#) 2. The Five Stages of Hell (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Rapid Relay (Team Games, page#) Workout Thirty 1. Team Tasks (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Thirty One 1. Team Hurdles (Team Games, page#) 2. Triangle Blast (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Fitness Test 1.8 – Speedway (Fitness Tests) Workout Thirty Two 1. Who Can Finish First? (Team Games, page#) 2. Lucky Dip (Team Challenges, page#) 3. The Sitting Caterpillar (Team Games, page#) Workout Thirty Three 1. Chips & Gravy (Fun Fillers, page#) 2. Pass the Shoes (Fun Fillers, page#) 3. A True Test (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Thirty Four 1. The Dynamic Jump Over (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Sprint Exchange (Partner Challenges, page#) 3. No Guts, No Glory (Team Challenges, page#) 4. The Screamer – 3 by 1 Ladders (Finisher Drills, page#) Workout Thirty Five 1. Tennis Ball Shuttle Run (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Team Torture (Partner Challenges, page#) 3. The Killer (Individual Challenges, page#) 4. The Finisher (Partner Challenges, page#) Workout Thirty Six
  7. 7. 1. Numbers Up (Team Games, page#) 2. Trio Training (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Sit up Plank Switch (Partner Challenges, page#) 4. Sprint Exchange (Partner Challenges, page#) Workout Thirty Seven 1. The Descent 705 (Individual Drills, page#) Workout Thirty Eight 1. Race to the Finish (Team Games, page#) 2. Lucky Dip (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Pick Up Point Runner (Partner Challenges, page#) Workout Thirty Nine 1. The General (Team Challenges, page#) 2. Timed Runner (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Total Integrity (Partner Challenges, page#) 4. Triple Run Backs (Partner Challenges, page#) Workout Forty 1. The Quickest Round (3 Person Drills, page#) 2. Can You Finish (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Endurance Sprinter (Team Challenges, page#) Workout Forty One 1. Master Blaster (3 Person Drills, page#) 2. Shoulder Press Challenge (Team Challenges, page#) 3. Agility Combo (Team Challenges, page#) 4. Sprint Exchange (Partner Challenges, page#) Workout Forty Two 1. Crazy Circle (Team Challenges, page#) 2. Abs on Fire (Partner Challenges, page#) 3. Four Times the Fun (Partner Challenges, page#) 4. Zero Point (Team Challenges) 5. Half a mile / a mile run to finish the session (depending on group ability) Workout Forty Three 1. Help Ups (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. Workaholic (Circuits, page#) 3. Clockwork (Team Games, page#)
  8. 8. Workout Forty Four 1. Challenge the Burpee (Partner Challenge, page#) 2. The Strong Man Challenge (Circuits, page#) 3. Twelve Cone Rush (Team Games, page#) Workout Forty Five 1. Hard as Nails (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. The Descending Triangle (Circuits, page#) 3. Plank Runner (Team Games, page) 4. Rapid Relay (Team Games, page#) Workout Forty Six 1. Timed run (approx 1 mile depending on group ability) 2. Triple Dropper (Partner Challenge, page#) 3. The Snail Race (Team Challenge, page#) 4. No Guts, No Glory (Team Challenge, page#) 5. Timed run to finish (same route as first time –aim to beat time) Workout Forty Seven 1. Plank Jump Over (Team Games, page#) 2. Changing Stations (Circuits, page#) 3. Rack up the Points (Team Games, page#) Workout Forty Eight 1. Ladder Training Circuit (Partner Challenges, page#) 2. The Dynamic Jump Over (Partner Challenges, page#) 3. Fitness Test 1.3 (Fitness Tests, page#) Workout Forty Nine 1. The Crazy Run Around (Team Games, page#) 2. Bomb Burst (Fun Fillers, page#) 3. Demon Dice (Circuits, page#) 4. The Crazy Lie Game (Team Games, page#) Workout Fifty 1. Ninja Warrior (Circuits, page#) (choose exercises carefully so that you don’t run over the hour)