Pedagogy and ICT
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  • 1. ICT and Pedagogy ICT and Pedagogy
  • 2. Why do we teach ICT?
    • Enhances learning and teaching
    • Engages the students
    • Provides key skills for future work / life-long learning
  • 3. ICT can enhance learning by
    • Developing understanding
    • Extending access to sources
    • Enhancing inquiry skills
    • Enhancing the development of ideas
    • Enhancing the communication of ideas
  • 4. Three modes of using ICT:
    • to support teaching and learning;
    • to enhance teaching and learning;
    • to extend teaching and learning.
  • 5.
    • Increase in reasoning, problem solving, learning how to learn and creativity skills
    • More spontaneous interest in a learning activity
    • Increased attention span
    • Increased co-operation
    • Relationships between teachers and students more interactive and guiding
    The impact of ICT on learning
  • 6.
    • Technology has always been about getting students to think.
    • Students of today expect that ICT will enable them to be collaborators, creators, providers.
    • They do not wish to be recipients of information.
  • 7.
    • So how far have we come in achieving the desired student-centred classrooms, featuring a range of teaching and learning styles and technologies with ‘the teacher’s voice one among many’?
  • 8. How does this?
    • Enhance learning and teaching
    • Engage the students
    • Provide key skills for future work / life-long learning
  • 9. Key Competencies:
    • Managing self
    • Relating to others
    • Participation and contributing
    • Thinking
    • Using language, symbols and texts
  • 10.
    • Learning Intention:
    • To use images and text (verbal and visual features) to promote a strong message
    • Task:
    • 1. Decide on a strong message.
    • 2. Use an image search on the internet to find 3-4 powerful images to fit your message.
    • 3. Using images and text make 3-4 Powerpoint frames.
    • 4. Each frame should have visual impact and a clear message.
    • 5. Narrate your Powerpoint by recording your sound message for each slide.
    • 6. Set up your Powerpoint as a automatic show.
  • 11. Finding an image: Google image search - www. google .com (click on ‘images’) Public Domain Image Libraries: nz/Online_Image_Libraries .htm http://www.gettyimages/ http://www. webcreationz .co. uk/imagearchive . php Flickr - Flickr. com/creativecommons