The Digital Metamorphosis of the Pharma Industry
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The Digital Metamorphosis of the Pharma Industry



First presented at Pharma Digital Marketing, Istanbul, 8th February 2012

First presented at Pharma Digital Marketing, Istanbul, 8th February 2012



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The Digital Metamorphosis of the Pharma Industry The Digital Metamorphosis of the Pharma Industry Presentation Transcript

  • The DigitalMetamorphosis ofthe Pharma Industry Pharma Digital Marketing Len StarnesLen Starnes Marketing & Sales Head of Digital IstanbulDigital healthcare consultant General Medicine 8 February 2012
  • 1996 fantasy: digital sales rep
  • Change Agenda 1 & culture 2 Doctors Sales5 Trust 3 forces 4 Patients
  • Ageing populations Influence of E7 countries Soaring cost Patent cliff of healthcare Influence of payersR&D not Personalized Patientdelivering medicine empowerment Fewer blockbusters New business Catastrophic models image of pharma Impact of technology
  • More is different, faster is different Philip W. AndersonPW Anderson, More is Different, Science, 4 August 1972
  • Different meansunpredictablechanges resultingfrom extraordinaryincreases in scaleAdapted from: PW Anderson, More is Different, Science, 4 August 1972
  • Speed and scale 50m users, 88 daysGraphic: Leon Haland, Time to reach 50m users
  • ‘We are livingin the middleof the largestincrease inexpressive capability in thehistory of the human race’Clay Shirkey, Here Comes Everybody, 2008
  • Pharma culture clash Risk averse Risk takingAuthoritative sources Crowd wisdom Privacy & security Open to all regulated Long lead times Rapid deploymentControlled access to Anyone may data & information contribute/distribute IP Open sourceAdapted from: Web 2.0 in Healthcare, John Sharp, Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • Faster in some countries… …than in others
  • Doctors
  • Emerging digital doctors‘We’re changing asa result of social andtechnological innovation.…We’re evolving fromanalogue to digital’ Dr Bryan Vartabedian 33 Charts October 2011
  • Analogue Digital Info via books & journals Info via web Uses paper charts Rarely uses pen Little or no SM presence Connected on SM Physician centric E-patient centric Smartphone use minimal Uses smartphoneCore inputs are snail mail Uses digital tools & email to control inputsAdapted from The Digital Physician, Bryan Vartabedian, 33 Charts
  • Next 5 yearsDigital Using digital Routine use ofdoctors tools & professionalpredominate processes social networksExpecting Expecting Unwilling to seee-self service pharma to be sales repsoptions digitally savvy
  • Huge growth in doctors’ social networks Membership of physicians’ social networks3m2m Today1m > 70 networks > 3 m members 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  • US, Europe and E7 markets Asia Pacific inc China & India 2.0 m membersEurope & Americasinc Mexico, Brazil, Russia1 m members
  • Influence on Rx decisions high 100 Influence % online HCPs Consulting with 80 colleagues in person Offline journals Online journals 60 Physicians’ social networks 40 Sales 20 reps Pharma websites Weekly/daily use % online HCPsManhattan Research, 20 40 60 80 100Taking the Pulse v11.0, 2011
  • Global network Aug 2011
  • 11k 2m visitors 1mdoctors per month patientsMarket Doctors-onlyresearch eDetailing community
  • New opportunitiesMarket researchTracking trends & opinions Meded & promotion CME, eDetailing Virtual advisory boards KOLs, clinical trials support Engagement Peer-to-peer dialogue Specialist communities Community, content & services
  • Pharma must learn tofish where the fish are
  • Sales forces
  • We need togive doctorsmore than thesameolddetail
  • Dreammachine
  • ‘Big Pharma stockpilling….’* All 35 pharma clients using 6000 iPads* Eric Newmark, IDC Health Insights Community, May 17, 2011
  • ‘It’s a tsunami’Morten Hjelmo,CEO Agnitio
  • Emerging applications CLM Detailing CRM SFAEnabling Enriching Motivating
  • Mobile corporate structure & cultureiPad + iPhone for all employeesReinventing customer relationshipsSmaller mobile-enabled SFSF more targeted, more in touch
  • Pharma must keep pace withdoctors’ evolving expectations of ‘detailing’
  • e Patients
  • How many patients are out there?
  • ‘By 2024 patientswill lead healthcare’ Lucien Engelen Director REshape & Innovation Centre, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands Founder, ‘The Future of Health’
  • How?
  • ePatient power shiftExpect relationship ofequals with doctors Rating doctors & hospitals Rating health Patients working as insurers empowered drugs Rating synchronized groups & pharmasHelping one another,sharing personal health data
  • Data-driven communitiesSharing structured information about theirdisease to help themselves and others
  • Real world data 3341 Copaxone patients Aggregate SEs Individual evaluationsStatus 2.2.12
  • Partnerships to capturereal-world insights ‘…may help UCB better understand how patients live with epilepsy and help advance epilepsy care’ Peter Verdu, VP Clinical Research, UCB, 2009
  • Most active worldwide4,437 patients 236,201 posts 53 posts/patient
  • 5x more active than German MS patients12,209 patients 120,504 posts 10 posts/patient Status: 25 January 2012
  • China also wants patients to be more proactive**
  • Major pharma challengesDeveloping trustedpartnershipswith ePatientsEmbracingfuture ePatientleadership
  • Trust
  • Mistrustbetween industry& consumersBroken trustbetween industry& medical professionQuestionableindustry ethos
  • Time to start building trust again
  • Putting ahuman face of J&J on the internet Marc Monseau Social media evangelist
  • Empowered to blog and getJnJ back into ‘The Conversation’
  • Empowered to engage in‘what’s happeningnow’ conversations
  • Hardest challenge will be forpharma to metamorphose to become more
  • Len Starneslenstarnes@googlemail.comT: + 49 30 781 5513M: + 49 172 1788253Skype: