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Market research at the speed of light


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Presentation first given at the EphMRA 360 Future conference, Paris, June 19 - 21, 2012. …

Presentation first given at the EphMRA 360 Future conference, Paris, June 19 - 21, 2012.

Explores current pharma market research opportunities on physicians' social networks in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the USA.

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  • Len: Nice presentation. Would you like to be a guest on my BlogTalkRadio show to talk about this topics - ie, use of SM for market research, KOL engagement, etc?
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  • 1. Market research at the speed of light The 360 Future Len StarnesLen Starnes Marketing & Sales Head of Digital EphMRA 2012, ParisDigital healthcare consultant General Medicine 19 – 21 June 2012
  • 2. Time to leverage SM‘The more people see two-way engagement and being able to interact with people all over the world, I think the less they want to be involved in structured research’Joan Lewis, Global Consumer andMarket Knowledge Officer, P&G
  • 3. Physicians’social networks 4 Future 1 3Dimensions 2 Opportunities Flavours
  • 4. Dimensions
  • 5. Sustained growth Membership of physicians’ social networks3m2m Today1m > 70 networks > 3 m members 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  • 6. Asia Pacific dominates Asia Pacific inc China & India 2.0 m membersEurope & Americasinc Mexico, Brazil, Russia1 m members
  • 7. Asia PacificTurbo-charged Breakneck growth Gargantuan membership numbers
  • 8. Haoyisheng (Good Doctor) (CN) DelloDr (IN) (Lilac Garden) (CN) Smartdoc (IN) China Asthma Alliance (CN) (JP) China (CN) MedPeer (JP) Orthochina (CN) Carenet (JP) (IN) NM Online (JP) Doctors Hangout (IN) MT Pro (JP) Doctor.VG (IN) Medigate( KR) Medtitans (IN) eHealthspace (AU) Protomedica (IN) New Media Medicine (NZ)
  • 9. 1.9 m members Integrated MR options Aligning services to needs of HC reformCEO Gaoz Zhan
  • 10. 40% of Chinese physicians Medical technicians Hospital doctors 108,422 890,313Senior nurses792,641 PharmacistsHaoyisheng membership status September 2011 117,765
  • 11. EuropeGlobal reach Significant growth UK and Germany lead Driving global alliances
  • 12. doc2doc (Global) Esanum (D,AT,CH, (UK) F,ES,IT) Coliquio (D,CH,AT) Docactus (F) MedUniverse (SE) Egora (F) Medcenter (ES,P) Dottnet (I) Konsylium24 (PL) iVrach (RU)DocCheck Faces (D) Doktorsitesi (TK)
  • 13. Steady growth inuse and interest 70% Using + very interested + somewhat interestedManhattan Research, Taking the Pulse Europe, 20111207 doctors surveyed in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK
  • 14. Global network May 2012
  • 15. doktorsitesi.comLargest in Turkey Developing range of new MR solutionsMR clients include Partnering withNovartis, Pfizer IMS, IPSOS
  • 16. USAConsolidating Significant shake-out last 2 years
  • 17. Sermo Within3 Par80 Rad RoundsPhysician Connect MyPacs CardioExchange MedTrust Healtheva MedicSpeak Relaxdoc Syndicom Spineconnect SocialMD QuantiaMD Doximity MDsConnect Clinical Village Mdlinx iMedExchange CareConnectix Ozmosis Medversation Medical Plexus Student Doctor Network
  • 18. First to offer MR in 2007Continuously evolvingsophisticated solutions19/20 top pharmas
  • 19. Flavours
  • 20. Crucial distinction Artificial Real physicians’ physicians’communities communities Built for MR, Motivated docs, invitation only, spontaneousincentive driven interactions Different reactions & insights
  • 21. Trust
  • 22. Trust & value depend on transparencyVeryhighHighLow No Authentication Rig authentication authentication + pseudonym + open ID
  • 23. Reach
  • 24. Common business modelsMR MedEd Sponsored Virtual & promotion areas ad boards
  • 25. Opportunities
  • 26. Peer-to-peer engagementFora Surveysmining Options or polls Sponsored Panels discussions
  • 27. Peer-to-peer Pharma docs become communitySimple membersbut incrediblydifficult Engage with open identity Observe evolving opinion & iterative discussion
  • 28. Global discussion3,896 cardiologists 28.1.122 most commenteddiscussions focusedon Boehringer’s dabigatran
  • 29. Fora Interrogate allmining fora postsTake the pulse Search for topicof the entire using key wordscommunity & phrases Harvest and analyze relevant posts
  • 30. 11-monthsnapshot
  • 31. Most comments:37% oral admin
  • 32. Surveys Typically withinor polls 24 – 48 hoursFast Target multiplequantitative specialities, byinsights demographics or other criteria Reach broad cohort of interested physicians
  • 33. Surveys in China:Integral part of MedEd
  • 34. PanelsIn-depth Target specific group of doctorsqualitativeresearch Closed discussion Virtual focus groups or advisory boards
  • 35. Sponsoreddiscussions Different to traditional MR panelsStart Anyone can join in Set time Guest expert may moderate Client may participate
  • 36. Speed & cost benefitsLower Physicians’ social Increasing sample size networksCost Traditional MR methodsHigher Slower Speed Faster
  • 37. Future
  • 38. Work-flow integrationUbiquitous Globalmobility networking Even faster
  • 39. Sincere thanks to the following for their helpin developing this presentation• Kristina Ahlström, MedUniverse, Sweden• Stina Solerud Ahlström, MedUniverse, Sweden• Erden Asena, Doktorsitesi, Turkey• Anna Garofalo, medeConnect Healthcare Insight, UK• Oxana Kolosova, iVrach, Russia• Bob MacAvoy, Doximity, USA• Jonathan Michaeli, Sermo, USA• Felix Rademacher, Coliquio, Germany• Tim Ringrose,, UK• Felix Shan, Haoyisheng, China• Gao Zhan, Haoyisheng, China• Heike Zipf, Coliquio, GermanyAcknowledgement To Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light, for inspiring the title
  • 40. Len Starneslenstarnes@googlemail.comT: + 49 30 781 5513M: + 49 172 1788253Skype: