Quick guide apa style office 2007


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Quick guide apa style office 2007

  1. 1. Center for Language Development Across the Disciplines Using Office 2007 to Create Reference Pages in APA Format: Quick Guide
  2. 2. APA Quick Guide: Office 2007• Office 2007 users only (commonly, and erroneously, known as “Office Vista”)• Remember: Windows Vista Word 2007 (2007 edition)• Word 2007 has a tool to create: • database of citations • full bibliography
  3. 3. Step One: Research and WriteResearch and gather all reference materials (books,articles, etc.) to be used on the essay/work. • Classify the materials (books, journal articles, etc.). • Highlight or underline excerpts, quotes or ideas to be used. • Compile all editorial information of the resources. • Write the essay (all references must be properly cited).
  4. 4. Step One: Editorial Information Year of publication Author’s name Text copyright © 2006, 1997 by Rebecca Elliot Illustration copyright © 2006, 1997 by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. Publisher information Hauppauge, New York 11788 City of Publication
  5. 5. Step Two: Create your DatabaseOpen a new Word 2007 document1. Go to “References” (toolbar).2. Go to the “Citations and Bibliography” box.3. Click on “Insert Citation” “Add New Source”.4. Select the appropriate option in “Type of Source”(book, magazine).5. Enter all necessary information in the blank spaces.
  6. 6. Step Two: Create your Database
  7. 7. Step Two: Create your Database6. Click “OK”—Word will automatically save the entry.7. Repeat the process for each resource.8. All entries will be stored in “Reference” under “Insert Citation”.
  8. 8. Step Three: Parenthetical Citations • When citing within the essay, go to “Insert Citation” and click on the name of the correct source. • Word will automatically insert the correct APA style information for parenthetical citations. Example: Grammarians explain that "affect is a verb and effect is a noun” (Fogarty, 2008).
  9. 9. Step Four: Bibliography• Proofread the essay.• Insert a page break at the end of the document.• Click on the new page.• Go to “Reference” “Citations and Bibliography” and click on “Bibliography”.• Choose a format (various styles available).• Word will automatically upload the bibliography in APA style (except for the indentation on the second line of the entry).
  10. 10. Step Four: Bibliography IndentationIndent the second line of the APA bibliographical entry: • Select all the text in your bibliography (except the title). • Go to the tool box and locate the “Paragraph” section. • Click on the small arrow at the corner of the “Paragraph” box. • Under “Indentation” go to Special and select “Hanging”; then click on “Okay”.
  11. 11. Step Five: Wrap up (Revise and Edit)• Read the entire essay carefully (at least twice).• Make sure all sources are cited correctly (pay special attention to parenthetical citations).• In the bibliography, indent the second line of each entry.• Print your essay.
  12. 12. Questions? Comments? Barat Norte 223 (BN 223) 787-728-1515 ext. 2294 E-mail:lad@sagrado.edu Web: http://www.sagrado.edu/lad