презентаци субкультура


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презентаци субкультура

  1. 1. МОУ АСОШ № 2Е.Б. Никифорова, учитель английского языка.
  2. 2. Формирование и развитие навыков оперированияОбучение чтению языковым Воспитание утекста с полным материалом в речи. обучающихся извлечением толерантности, необходимой умения делать информации. собственный выбор, отстаивать свою позицию. Совершершенст вование лексико- грамматических навыков с опорой на учебный текст.
  3. 3. Научатся высказывать своѐ Научатся адекватно Обучающиеся мнение по оценивать познакомятся с изучаемой теме с реальность и особенностями использованием толерантносубкультуры других лексико- относиться к стран. грамматического действительности. материала урока.
  4. 4. Some young people have interests differentfrom those of mainstream culture.They want to express their individuality insome unusual ways.
  5. 5. HairdressClothes Music style The manner of talking Dreams
  6. 6. SUBCULTURE beliefs style music fashionis a group of people with a distinct style and identity.
  7. 7. Every new pupil have to join one of the groups and got labelled forever. The grungers All the pupils are The labelled The townies and put goths Young people often do into 4 things not because they groups. want to do them . They just think it is impolite to The refuse to do them as preppies everybody around follow these life styles.
  8. 8. a loose T-shirt свободно сидящая футболкаto influence влиятьto dye one’s hair красить волосыto put a label on smb наклеивать ярлык на кого-либо быть причисленным кto be labelled определѐнной группе подростковa hooded top куртка с капюшономjewellery ювелирные изделияfake поддельныйmake-up макияж, грим
  9. 9. Baggy jeansSkateboards Hooded tops Loose T-shirts Silver оr black metal jewellery or chains
  10. 10. Black clothes Black and white make-upDyed black hair
  11. 11. Fake The children of the street. “gold”jewellery Baseball Fake Adidas caps оr Nike trousers Yeah,ah’m It’s cool. alrigh’,innit ? White socks
  12. 12. We come from rich families.We wear shirts instead of T-shirts,trousers instead of jeans.
  13. 13. It is bad when you put a label on yourself.When you put a label on yourself you let itinfluence your tastes, your interests and your lifestyle.You should try to be yourself and hope that otherpeople will respect you for that.
  14. 14. I am absolutely positive that… What do you think ? It is obvious that… It is good to be part of group. It may be wrong but I think… People join subcultural groupsOn the one hand… on the other because they hand… don’t want to stand out. Personally I think… It is bad to be labelled. I feel strongly against it.
  15. 15. Is it easy to be young ?At this age all feelings and emotions are strong, allproblems seem important and unresolved.It’s important and difficult to get a personal place in themodern society and world, to take serious decisions andmake the right choice.
  16. 16. MisunderstandingParents Friends Teachers Bad habits DrinkingSmoking Drugs alcohol
  17. 17. Money Interests Fashion and and Entertainments clothes hobbies Education Where ? Should I get it?State оr private?
  18. 18. Leisure and spare time Hobbies , Rest Duties interests Communication Interesting Happy оr and Internet, mobileunhappy love prestige job phones
  19. 19. Are there Do you pay any Would you much attention subcultural like to join to your image groups in any to show whatyour school? particular your interests group? are? Who Have you got influences any problems your taste, because you interests, chose to be lifestyle? alone?
  20. 20. Think over the information of the lesson and write down your ideas and your opinion :1.The problems of young people.2.Is being labelled good or bad ?3.Subculture of my school or neighborhood.
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