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ED Reverser is an e-book written by Max Miller that can help men with erectile dysfunction to understand and apply a special method of eliminating their problem.

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Ed reverser reviews pdf download

  1. 1. ED Reverser Reviews PDF Download Fi all EXPO“ED: The A ie t “e et That Gi es YOU A P o e , Permanent & All-Natu al Cu e Fo E e tile D sfu tio . Now YOU Can Get Rock-Hard Erections On Command…Without Pills, Pu ps, I je tio s O “ide Effe ts…A d Be A Ma Of “teel In The Bedroom Every Time. Dear Friend, My name is Max Miller, and ED nearly destroyed my life. I’ll tell ou a out e a assi g a d athe sho ki g sto i just a o e t… But fi st, if ou’ e suffe i g f o ED, t ust e… You’ e ot alo e a d I totall k o ho ou feel. The good e s is that o this page, I’ goi g to sha e ith ou an unusual and ancient secret method that ot o l u ed ED…
  2. 2. But now gives me ulgi g, pulsati g “upe a - st le e e tio s that make my wife the most satisfied woman on earth. You age does ’t atte . Me f o to ha e raved about the effectiveness of this ethod… We also know for a fact that this secret works especially well for men who are 30, 40, 50 or even , f o the thousa ds of testi o ials e’ e e ei ed. It does ’t atte hethe ou’ e suffe ed f o ED fo ea s, o hethe ou’ e e e tl egu to go soft o a ’t get it up at all … A d it does ’t atte if ou’ e t ied pills, pu ps o othe ED t eat e ts like that, e ause this is ’t a out that… Because hat I’ a out to gi e ou is not a t eat e t. It’s not a temporary fix, that helps ease the symptoms... What You’ e A out To Dis o e Is A B eakth ough “olutio That Add esses ED At Its Core. Keep eadi g a d I’ll gi e ou a a to pe a e tl eliminate EDand reverse it back to your tee age ea s, so that ou go f o li p oodle to Ma Of “teel. Imagine the confidence surging through your veins as you instantly achieve thick, hard, throbbing erections that your wife will gaze upon with wide-eyed wonder... A d ou’ll e a le to a hie e this o o a d! Now, at last, this secret method is available to regular guys like you and me. Imagine the sexual freedom ou’ll ha e he ou a i sta tl o a d a o k-hard, pulsating erection to appear. And ot just a e e tio …o e that is e e o e pote t tha the o es ou spo ted as a teenager. But u like ou adoles e t e e tio s… Now YOU will be in complete command of your manhood. You o ’t pit h a te t at the wrong ti es… But the o e t ou a t to su o a e e tio , it’ll e ead to ake ou ife explode with pleasure and scream your name to the hea e s… Because YOU (and only you) satisfy her like other man possibly could.
  3. 3. A d ou’ll do this ithout pills… Without pu ps… And without painful injections or risky surgery. The first thing you need to know is that this presentation is sending shockwaves through the pharmaceutical industry. The reason is simple: Big Pha a akes i illio s of dolla s pe ea from drugs that treat ED, like Viagra and Cialis. O iousl these illio ai e d ug pushe s e e ’t goi g to e happ he the lea ed I as sharing a drop-dead simple ED cure that ould ake thei p odu ts i ele a t… A a topermanently reverse ED that is easy, safe, all-natural and permanent, with no harmful side effects whatsoever. But this e site is a di e t th eat to thei o ld ide o opol ... hi h is h … The Pharmaceutical Industry Billionaires Want This Website SHUT DOWN. I had to upload this website from an undisclosed location in a faraway safe haven... But hile ou’ e a le to see it ight o , this p ese tatio ould a ish at a ti e… a e e e hile ou’ e at hi g. This is why I must urge you to block out all distractions and give me your undivided attention. This eall is THAT i po ta t… Because I know from personal experience how devastating ED can be. Not just for you, but for your wife. And for your marriage. In fact, it was my own painful and humiliating history with ED that led me on a personal quest to find a cure and take back my manhood, no matter what the cost. Imagine Once Again Having The Instant, Rock-Ha d E e tio s Of You Youth… Re e e ho ou pe is used to e al a s e up fo a thi g? When I was a kid, getting TOO MANY erections was the problem! I’ su e ou a elate… aki g up e e o i g of g ade s hool ith a stiff ou ould pou d nails with. I’d ha e to u o e out i the sho e efo e I got d essed a d aught the us to s hool…
  4. 4. Then throughout the day, my penis would seem to have a life of its own and just stand up at the most inconvenient times... Ba k the , it as the ost e a assi g thi g e e a d I ished it’d stop… But fast-forward to me today, in my mid-fo ties, a d I’d gi eanything to have erections like that again! I as a ied to the lo e of life, Cha le e. We’d al a s e jo ed the ki d of se life that made other couples jealous. But the …o e ti e, it sta ted e o i g o e diffi ult fo e to get a e e tio . A d he I did get it hard, it just as ’t as fi as it used to e. I thought it as due to the st ess at jo , o a e u health diet… ut the , o th birthday, I realized my ED was becoming a serious problem. That Night, My Wife Wanted To Give Me A Birthday To Remember... The e she as o the ed i f o t e, ith he legs sp ead…BEGGING e li o top of he a d RAVAGE he … And there I was, frantically tugging on my shriveled-up manhood, hoping and praying it would sho so e sig of life… But it was as limp as a wet noodle! Tying to have sex, in my sorry condition, would be like shooting pool with a piece of rope. We tried everything to get my little soldier to stand up and salute. But for some reason the more she t ied, the li pe it got… Until finally, after almost one hour, she sighed and rolled over to get dressed. And as my wife walked to the bathroom, she glanced back over her shoulder and gave me a look I’ll e e fo get... A look of pit …a d disgust. Continue reading....go to next page
  5. 5. But as epulsed as she as ith e…he hus a d of ea s, ho ould ’t e e get it up fo he a o e… I Was A Thousand Times More Ashamed With MYSELF. This did ’t happe EVERY ti e e t ied to do it. But it as happe i g e ough to ake e startavoiding sex. Cha le e a d I ould e l i g i ed togethe , a d I ould tell she as i the ood to fool a ou d… “o I’d p ete d to a , a d sa so ethi g a out ho ti ed I as f o o k…a e use I ould think of to avoid giving another pathetic performance. One ti e I a tuall told ife I ould ’t do it e ause I had a heada he. That’s the lassi excuse women are supposed to give their husbands, right? And here I was, telling it to ife…how much lower can a guy get? While my wife slept, I would go on Google a d esea h p o le . I as ’t eall fa ilia ith the te ED u til I sta ted lea i g a out it. Did You Know 89% Of Men Over The Age Of 40 Suffer From At Least One Form Of ED? If ou a ’t ai tai a fi e e tio , ou’ e got ED. If you ejaculate p e atu el , that’s also ED. If ou ha e to at h po og aph i o de to get a oused, that’s a e o o t pe of ED. And ED affects men of all ages…
  6. 6. You might have had premature ejaculation issues in your younger years, and now, your erections are losing strength. Both problems are ED-related. To put it simply, without going into complicated medical language, a normal erection develops when the blood vessels in your penis become flooded with blood from other parts of your body. When you have ED, it basi all ea s that ou a ’t get e ough lood do to ou pe is to make it expand for an erection. No , this does ’t sou d THAT ha d to fi … But there is so much money being made by the pharmaceutical giants, with their pills and injections and other so-called ED t eat e ts…that the do ’t a t to p o ide a pe a e t cure. Why would they want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, right? So I Knew I Had To Figure This Out On My Own... I switched up my diet, eliminating all unhealthy foods and eating cinnamon, ginger, cloves, Gi se g, a d othe oots, f uits, a d ei d he s that e e supposed to so eho t eat ED… And since alcohol and cigarettes are said to be a big reason behind ED, I swore off drinking. (I was never a smoker.)
  7. 7. When none of those things helped, I booked an appointment with an urologist. He stared down at his clipboard, listened to me for all of 15 seconds, and sent me home with a prescription for Viagra. I hated the whole idea of having to take a drug to perform my duties as a husband... I was also turned off by having to secretly slip into the bathroom and take a pill half an hour in advance, and then wait for it to kick in. But I tried it anyway (without telling Charlene), because I was desperate to sa e a iage… And although it sort of o ked, the se … ell, it just did ’t feel ight. A few minutes into it, I could feel my blood pressure soaring and a pounding in my ears. I as stiff as a oa d, ut I ould ’t li a o atte ho lo g e e t for, and afterwards, I was up all night with a headache. After a few more awkward and uncomfortable Viagra-fueled sessions, my wife wanted to know what was up. A d so I ea hed i to the ightsta d… fa e ight ed f o a o i atio of the Viag a a d the u i g sha e a d guilt I as feeli g…a d I sho ed he the pill ottle. Be ause that’s asi all hat I as doi g ith ife. Cheating. I Was Taki g Pills Behi d M Wife’s Ba k, Rel i g O A Risk D ug To T To Fake It… I went straight to the bathroo , a d afte p o isi g he a d self that I’d e e take those pills anymore, I flushed the rest of them down the toilet. What the heck was I doing? I needed to take drugs just to make love to my wife? The whole idea of it was humiliating for me, and downright insulting for her. But that as ’t the o st of it... Oh, no. My ED nightmare was about to get a million times worse. Cha le e a d I had ’t t ied to ake lo e si e the hole Viag a de a le. Thankfull , I had a usi ess t ip s heduled ight afte that, hi h ea t I did ’t ha e to o about performing in bed for ten days. When I spoke to Charlene on the phone from my hotel room, she reminded me about our up o i g a i e sa …a d I p o ised I ould make everything up to her.
  8. 8. I told he ou ed oo issues e e just e ause of o k-related stress, nothing more. After this usi ess t ip as o e , I’d e o e ela ed, a d e’d e jo a ig ight of o a e. This is hat I told he … But I did ’t elie e I o d of it. My confidence was shot. I was actually scared that I might never be able to satisfy my wife again. I knew that I had no choice... I Was “o Despe ate, I Tu ed To M Last Reso t…The Hail Ma …The Nu lea Optio . On the night of our anniversary. I took Charlene to a romantic candelit dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant. I as a ious…s eati g ullets the hole ti e e ause I k e she’d e pe t a epi performance from me later on... And since I promised myself a d he that I ould ’t take pills a o e, I did the al ost- u thi ka le… I slipped i to the e ’s oo a d i je ted a e e tile sti ula t directly into my penis. A few minutes later, as we ordered dessert, I felt a painful cramping in my crotch. Jolts of pai shot do legs… My penis was swelling up like a flat tire hooked up to an air pump. A d it as ’t stoppi g! No it as a hi g a d th o i g, as if it as goi g to BUR“T… I darted a k to the e ’s oo ...u zipped pa ts…pulled out pa kage …a d sa that it as g otes uel s olle , a d turning black and blue. I Had To Get To A Hospital Before My Penis Popped Like A Balloon! So I ducked out the back door and sent Charlene a te t essage: “o ho e , oss alled. Big e e ge . “ee ou a k at the house. Charlene responded with a furious text:
  9. 9. “TOP LYING TO ME!! WHO I“ “HE?? Of ou se the e as ’t a othe o a … I adored ife a d I’d al a s ee % faithful. But now she was convinced that I was having an affair. How else could you explain me avoiding se ith he …a d he e did t , I ould ’t e e get ha d? Once the doctors made sure I was stabilized, I called her from the hospital, and told her the whole truth about what I was going through. Cha le e a e to the ER. I e pe ted he to e fu ious. But i stead…she tou hed e o the ha d and said, I k o ou ould e e heat o e. A d I ould e e do that to ou. We’ll fi d a a to get this th ough this. That Night, I Was Too Asha ed To Lie Beside M Wife. I Did ’t E e Dese e To Call M self He Hus a d… “o I g a ed a pillo a d slept o the li i g oo ou h. But I did ’t a tuall sleep a i k. I as tossi g a d tu i g, sta i g at the tele isio …a d thi ki g… Should I pack my bags, move into a hotel, and tell her to move on with her life and find another man? A REAL man, who could perform his duties as a husband? After all, women have biological needs. And as men, we have a duty to fulfill those needs. If your ED gets i the a , ou’ e ot gi i g the a hoi e...e e tuall the ’ll ha e to fi d hat the need with someone else. As I finally began to drift off to sleep, I noticed a show come on the TV. Something about ancient i ilizatio s… A d the fa e of histo ’s g eatest a d ost fea ed o ue o filled the s ee … Genghis Khan. Suddenly I was glued to the screen. I’ e al a s ee a histo uff, ut hat I as seei g as absolutely fascinating... Be ause Ge ghis Kha as ’t o l lege da fo esta lishi g the la gest la d e pi e i histo … He Was Also The Most Virile Man To Ever Walk The Earth.
  10. 10. He had six official Mongolian wives and married hundreds of other women who were the daughters of foreign rulers who submitted to his rule. A d that’s ot ou ti g his assi e ha e s of o e , hi h o sta tl g e la ge as his armies cut a swath across Asia and conquered new lands. But he e’s the part that made my eyes pop out: Ge ghis Kha spa ed so a hild e …the u e is esti ated i the THOU“AND“… That today, 1 in 200 men worldwide can trace their lineage to Genghis and his sons. And he did this at a ti e he Viag a, pu ps a d i je tio s did ’t e e e ist! Imagine How Much Sex He Was Having Each Day To Set THAT Kind Of Record? There are 365 days in a year, and most of that time, Genghis would be out pillaging villages and fighting wars... “o let’s sa he spe t ost of his do ti e ha i g se . He ust ha e ee eja ulati g o e than 20 times per day in order to impregnate THAT many women. How the heck could any guy get it up that often, that consistently? I jumped on the internet and started doing research. I found a scientific study published by Dr. Henry Chang, a Nobel Prize candidate who was a faculty member at an elite Ivy League university.
  11. 11. Dr. Chang was the guy who proved that 1 in 200 men could trace their DNA back to Genghis Khan. But according to Dr. Chang, there were other sexual supermen in ancient Asia. DNA evidence unearthed by the doctor showed that more than 800 million men alive today are descended from only eleven men. Genghis was one of them. Another was Giocangga, a Chinese ruler who died in the ea . He’s the di e t ale a esto of more than 150 million men today! The deeper I dug, the more I realized it as ’t just the a ie t ule s of Asia ho had these superhuman sexual powers. Look at Chi a. It’s had the o ld’s la gest populatio si e a ie t ti es. It’s as if the people i that part of the world have figured out the secret to male virility. So What Is Their Insanely Powerful Sexual Secret? I paid a isit to D . Cha g’s u i e sit to ask hi self. I as a le to at h hi outside the lecture hall after he gave a talk to his students. Dr. Chang had a full day of classes to attend to, so he told me to meet him that evening at the university library. It was there that he showed me a set of illustrated Chinese manuscripts, written sometime in the 1500s. As he went through the manuscripts, translating them into English, he explained that the Chinese knew of a male virility secret that was passed down from ancient times. In English, the name of this secret translated into I o Ho se. Genghis Khan, And The Other Conquerors And Emperors Who Sired Armies Of Children, All Used This Ancient Secret... And it was stupidly simple. It did ’t i ol e e e ises… It did ’t i ol e ei d outi es…
  12. 12. It did ’t i ol e eati g ei d he s o a thi g like that. It as like thei fo of “upe Viag a …e ept it was all-natural, and the results were practically instant and automatic. And best of all, permanent! D . Cha g told e that e e toda , this is the se et used e i Chi a’s e ote illages, where ED drugs are unheard of. Men who are totally impotent reverse their condition completely and permanently within days of using it. I s i led do otes as he e plai ed the details. I ould ’t ait to test it fo self. But I did have one question for the good doctor... Wh has ’t a o e ade this u e a aila le i the Weste o ld? I asked hi . If it eall does o k, it ould e a gold i e. D . Cha g said he ould ’t e su e that the u e ould e effe ti e fo those of us li i g i the Western world. Sure, it worked like magic for the ancient rulers…a d Chi ese illage s… But they lived in a virtually toxin-free environment. Men like us, on the other hand, have been exposed our whole lives to pollutants, processed foods, to i he i als i ou ate , i pesti ides… Even the chemicals in plastic water bottles have been shown to lower our testosterone. In other words, we might need a stronger, more potent form of this ED cure. I had to see for myself and I did as soon as I got home. I as ’t goi g to tell ife a out a of this et, e ause I did ’t want to get her hopes up… ut ithi i utes use usi g this, I ega to feel a a , pleasa t, ti gli g se satio do below. I ould a tuall feel the lood flo ei g t a sfe ed f o othe a eas of od …di e tl i to my rapidly stiffening penis. The Sensation Was Incredible! But the … It suddenly stopped. I was three-quarters erect when the tingling faded and my erected stopped growing.
  13. 13. “till…this as very p o isi g. Ma e D . Cha g as ight…this ethod ould e ui e some t eaki g, to get it up to a i u st e gth fo e like us. And so, I spent the next few months doing more research. More experimentation and testing... Except now, my wife Charlene was my accomplice. Once I told her about Dr. Chang and this se et p oje t of i e, she ag eed to o k WITH e. Afte all, I’d eed so eo e to test the esults o , ight? “oo , e e e aki g lo e agai . I still as ’t a le to get % e e t, ut I as lose… The e e e othe positi e sig s as ell. The loads I as shooting were much thicker and larger than before. And through further experimentation, I kept closing the gap on my ef a to pe iod. That’s the s ie tifi a e fo the pe iod of ti e ou eed to ait to e ha ge et ee eja ulatio s. At first, it would take me at least four or five hours to recharge... But Now, After Unleashing A Huge Blast, I Could Get It Up Again And Keep Going 30 Minutes Later! “till though, I as ’t getti g that o k-hard firmness that I remember having as a younger man. So I kept making adjustments to my method... A d Cha le e as o e tha happ to let e test out latest ideas. U til o e da …I fi all a ked the ode. I figured out the final piece of the puzzle... One simple adjustment to the method that created the effect of a triple-dose of Viagra on ste oids… Except the massive, throbbing super-erection I was gazing down at was 100% all-natural. I called Charlene and told her to meet me back at the house. NOW! For The Next 24 Hours, It Was Like The Sexual Olympics In Our Bedroom... Rou d afte ou d, i e e positio e ould thi k of…i ludi g positio s I do ’t e e thi k had ee i e ted… It was raw, animal lust. I’d e e see ife so tu ed o ! She craved me inside of her, begging for more, wanting it deepe , ha de , faste … And I deli e ed like a ha p…
  14. 14. U leashi g all of the f ust atio s a d sha e I’d felt du i g ED da s… PROVING to self a d to ife, o e a d o e , that a hood as ’t o l a k… I was a better, stronger, more potent man and more powerful lover than ever before! That as o e tha a ea ago. “i e the , I ha e ’t see a sig of ED o i g a k. A tuall , my erections and stamina only seem to be getting better! Now I Get Thick, Pulsating, Maximum-“t e gth E e tio s Like I Ha e ’t Had “i e I Was A Teenager... And whenever I want to u leash the east a d se d ife i to o it, it’s as eas as flippi g a switch. Cha le e a d I a e o e i lo e tha e e . Ou fa il is happie tha e e … Be ause I did ’t just treat my ED symptoms. I cured the problem permanently and actually e ou d se ual pote . No I’ Read To “ha e This “e et With You. I Call It ED Re e se … And everything you need to know to cure your ED today is inside this digital course, which you can view immediately on your computer, smartphone or tablet. By now, ED Reverser has helped over 16,300 other men. And their wives are as thankful as they are.
  15. 15. Every day, I receive gushing success stories from guys of all ages, from all backgrounds, all across the o ld, ho’ e e pe ie ed i edi le esults f o this d op-dead easy secret. You’ll ot o l lea the a ie t a d auto ati i ilit ethod that’s ee getti g e ha d for centuries, but also other medically proven methods to cure the root cause of your ED. This course will hold you by the hand and walk you through the steps, so within moments of getting your hands on it, you’ll e a le to e e se ou ED fo e e a d e o e a rock-hard stud i the ed oo … EVERY time. It’s d op-dead simple to use. And to make sure that your success is guaranteed, you can even contact us any time you want to ask a question about the course, or about your own situation. This is eall just the tip of the i e e g… Due to ti e li itatio s, I a o l tell ou a out % of hat ou’ll dis o e i side the full course—which also includes input from Dr. Henry Chang and a range of other ED and sexual performance experts. You should also know that although this is a new product, you are no guinea pig. Before I even set up this e site, e’d al ead t eated o e tha , e f o all a ou d the o ld. Remember, this is the ONLY course on the market that shows you the timeless sexual powers used by mighty conquerors of old, such as Genghis Khan. It’s Also The “e et Weapo Of O e Of The Wo ld’s Most Lege da Adult Fil “ta s— Whose Paycheck Depends On Him Getting It Up On Command. You’ll lea o e a out him in a moment, because we got him to contribute his own secrets to ED Re e se … Which has also been proven to work for thousands of everyday men around the world, between the ages of 22 and 88. The reason for this is simple... ED Reverser solves the problem at a core level. It is ot a te po a fi o a a d aid… O e ou ED p o le s a e e e sed, the ’ll e pe a e tl e adi ated fo good. No ifs, buts or maybes.
  16. 16. “oo , ou’ll e fi all e f ee f o the e a ass e t, the sha e, the f ust atio ...the nagging se se that ou’ e ot a e ough… “oo ou’ll e a le to sta d p oud, tall a d o fide t, k o i g othi g a keep ou e e tio down. “oo ou’ll e a le to sho he ho’s oss, a d gi e he the i te se, i d- lo i g se she’s been craving ith ou all alo g… Go e ill e the da s of e uses as to h ou a e ’t feeli g it to ight. Gone will be the days of uncertainty, about whether or not your wife is truly happy with you (and ONLY you). You’ll ha e pea e of i d, k o i g ou’ e the o e a o this ea th ho a o k he o ld and fulfill her every carnal desire. Would ’t that e a amazing feeling? I stead of the e a ass e t a d f ust atio ou’ e suffe i g f o ight o ? Be ause ou k o ou dese e ette tha this… And so does she. “o let e ask ou… What’s Goi g To Happe If You Do ’t Take Action To Reverse Your ED?
  17. 17. Ho a o e e uses a ou o e up ith to t to o e up the p o le ? How much more disappointment do you want your wife to endure because of your inability to rise to the task? How much more time and money do you want to waste on treating symptoms of ED, when you could cure the core problem and reverse your ED once and for all? Deep down inside, whether you want to admit it or not, you worry that the woman you love ight ha e to go looki g fo satisfa tio so e he e else… ith so e ONE else. And if she does, can you really blame her? Whe ou k o ou a ’t fulfill ou p i a dut as he hus a d? Let’s fa e it, ED is ’t a s all p o le ou a ig o e, a d just hope it goes a a . It eats away the intimacy you once had with your wife. It eats away at your confidence. Your manhood. And if left untreated, it could very well cost you your marriage, your family, and everything you hold dear. That’s h he ou look at the osts i ol ed i lea i g ou ED p o le u t eated, it a e o pletel de astati g…ph si all , e otio all a d fi a iall . Trust me, I Learned The Hard Way, And I Almost Paid The Ultimate Pri e… You know my own experiences with fighting the ED de o , and what I had to go through to ake su e YOU do ’t suffe that fate. A d I k o fi stha d ho just t eati g the s pto s o l p olo gs the pai . “o let e ask ou a se ious uestio … What kind of value would you place on a course that will eradicate your ED permanently, restore your manhood, and make your wife worship you in the bedroom as her own personal Sex God? “o e e ould gladl pa a fo tu e fo that ho o … And just think about the time and money you may have already wasted on pills, pumps or other nonsense... “tude ts of ou s ha e said the ould pa o e tha $ , just to get a ess to these se ets…
  18. 18. But the good e s is, I’ ot so e g eed pha a euti al e e uti e ho o l a es a out lining his pockets. I’ just a a e age gu like ou. I k o hat ou’ e goi g th ough... The o l diffe e e is, I as lucky enough to stumble upon the hidden ancient secret that allowed me to develop this ED u e. “o I’ ot goi g to ask ou to pa $ , . It o ’t e $ . It o ’t e e e $ . You only investment today is a refundable deposit of only $37. This is the bare minimum I need to cover the costs of keeping this website online. Please understand I do need to pay monthly server costs, as well as pay our customer support team to be available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But i the e e t that ou’ e ot ildl th illed ith the esults ou get from ED Reverser, your $37 deposit is 100% refundable. You can email us and get every penny back at any time over the next 60 days. I recommend that you access the course, swipe the secrets, try it for yourself, and THEN decide whether you want your minimal $37 deposit back. You’ e got a full da s to de ide. As ou a see, I’ e e o ed all the isk f o ou a d put it o o shoulde s. If ou ish to have your deposit returned to you in full, all you need to do is send us an email. You’ll see ho to o ta t ou f ie dl Custo e “uppo t tea o e ou e te ou e e s area and get access to the course.
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