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JPICS 09-10 Year-end Report
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JPICS 09-10 Year-end Report



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1.
  • 2. First semester
    SY 2009 – 2010
  • 3. Form, function, class web design conference
  • 4. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
    DATE: July 10, 2009
    TIME: 8:00-6:00pm
    VENUE: Asian Institute of Management, Makati City
    RATIONALE: <form> function() & .class Web Design Conference is the first and only event in Asia for web designers by web designers. Initiated by the newly-formed Philippine Web Designers Organization, the conference provides a venue for discussion and learning of world-class standards, latest trends, current opportunities and challenges in the web design industry, and other emerging aspects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • 5. Attendees:
    Eleanor Beatriz G. Canave(President)
    Helenna Monique V. Santos (Internal Vice President)
    Ma. Christel F. Epetia (Secretary)
    Maria Minda C. Olarte (Treasurer)
    Members and Associates:
    Germaine B. Alferez
    Kristine B. Piczon
    Bianca Cortez
    Karen Balais
    Nicole Chua
    Roselle Joy Inarda
    Venus Cuenco
    Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 6. Narrative:
    The Junior Philippine Internet Commerce Society Officers, together with its nine (9) members, attended the first Philippine Web Design Conference, the Form Function Class, at the Asian Institute of Management, Makati City last July 10, 2009, Friday. This conference was held to gather all webmasters and both the professional and promising web designers. The Form, Function and Class Conference had five speakers in line: Nap Allan Lara, Rico Sta. Cruz, RegnardRaquedan, Jojo Esposa, Prof. Ricardo A. Lim, Aileen Apolo, Marco Palinar, Gail dela Cruz and Luis Buenaventura.
    Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 7. The event opened with a flag ceremony and an opening prayer. Form, Function and Class started at 9:10am, giving the floor to the first speaker, Mr. Nap Allan Lara. All other speakers followed and successfully gave their talk. The topics that were covered in the conference and their respective speakers were:
    Nap Lara: Javascript 101: DOM, Events, and Objects
    Rico Sta. Cruz: Breaking your Instincts: Common bad habits and how to fight them
    RegnardRaquedan: Web Standards, Accessibility & Usability: Experience is the Key
    JojoEsposa: Disabled Friendly Awards
    Aileen Apollo: Search-friendly Web Pages
    Marco Palinar: Death to Webdesign
    Gail dela Cruz: Industry Tips for the Web Professionals
    Luis Buenaventura II : Strawberries, smileys and sheep
    Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 8. Aside from the usual talk, an awarding was also held. Awards were given to “Disabled Friendly” Website owners. It was presented by the Philipine Web Accessibility Group, National Computer Center-Commission on Information and Communications Technology, Philippine Community eCenter Network, National Council on Disability Affairs and Liliane Foundation Philippines.
    Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 9. Before the conference ended, there was a Question and Answer portion where the audience could interact with the speakers. One of the JPICS officers, Beatriz Canave, was one of the participants to raised a question. She asked what is the edge of Filipino Web Designers.
    There were raffle draws held every after talk. The prizes were: Training Vouchers from Power Mac Center, Web Hosting Accounts for 3 years from, Shirts from Power Mac Center, and Adobe Books. Before the conference was over, two lucky participants had the chance to win an iPod Shuffle from Power Mac and a Php100,000 worth of Adobe Dreamweaver Installer Kit.
    Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 10. The Form, Function and Class Conference ended at 6:15 PM. The JPICS officers and members arrived at Miriam College 9:00 PM.
    Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 11. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 12. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 13. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 14. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 15. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 16. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 17. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 18. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 19. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 20. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 21. Form, Function, Class Web Design Conference
  • 22. First general assembly
  • 23. First General Assembly
    Opening Remarks by Mr. Danilo Reyes. He introduced the Organization.
    Introduced the officers
    Discussed the activities last year
    Discussed the upcoming activities
    Games were held
    Bring Me
    Longest “JPICS”
    Getting to know each other game “Curtain game”
    Prizes were given to the winners of each game.
    Snacks were also served
    Pizza (Lots a Pizza)
  • 24. First General Assembly
    At around 1:00pm, the officers of the Organization started the registration. Honestly, the officers were impressed that the members came before the registration started. As of 1:30pm, there were already 24 members present.
    The program started around 1:30pm. It started with an opening remarks from the Organization’s moderator, Mr. Danilo Reyes. He introduced a bit about the Organization and the e-Business track.
  • 25. First General Assembly
    The emcee of the program was the president of the Organization, Eleanor Beatriz Canave. She, and the other officers wore colorful clothes in accordance with the theme of the assembly, PopSplat. She introduced her co-officers to the members.
    Also as an introduction, the activities of the organization last year was discussed. The officers of the organization also prompted the members to attend the upcoming activities of the organization and assured them that all of the activities are worthwhile.
  • 26. First General Assembly
    Games were also held for all of the members’ entertainment and also for them to get acquainted. The games were:
    Bring Me
    Longest “Junior Philippine Internet Commerce Society”
    Curtain Game
    Prizes were given to the winners of each game. There were also candies that served as consolation prizes to the other participants. At the end of the games portion, everyone had fun and felt closer to one another.
  • 27. First General Assembly
    Just before the program ended, snacks were served. This has become a tradition in the Organization. There were pizzas and juices in tetra packs for everyone.
    The program ended with a closing remark from the President, Bea Canave and a closing prayer from the Secretary, ChristelEpetia. It officially ended around 4:00pm.
  • 28. First General Assembly
  • 29. First General Assembly
  • 30. First General Assembly
  • 31. First General Assembly
  • 32. First General Assembly
  • 33. First General Assembly
  • 34.
  • 35. Leadership and Servanthood
    Date: September 16, 2009
    Time: 8:00-12:00pm
    Venue: Paz Adriano Little Theater
    Guest Speaker: Francis J. Kong
  • 36. Leadership and Servanthood
    Registration started around 8:00am. There were quite a number of Business Administration students but attendance was still not good since the freshmen and sophomores were supposed to attend the Cheerdance competition in compliance to their PE requirements.
  • 37. Leadership and Servanthood
    The guest speaker arrived around 9:15am due to the traffic. The program officially started around 9:30am with a prayer. Nina Villanueva, the President of the Inter-School Business Association gave her opening remarks and introduced the speaker.
    When the floor was given to Mr. Francis Kong, everyone was at awe with the things he says. The extemporaneous speaker that he is, he gained the attention of all the students and even the Chairperson of the BA Department, Mr. Danilo Reyes.
  • 38. Leadership and Servanthood
    He ended his speech around 10:30am. The guest speaker left Miriam College since he has other commitments to attend to.
    But the program does not end there. Games were held and organized by the Student Volunteer Corps of the BA Dept.
    The program officially ended around 11:30..
  • 39. Leadership and Servanthood
  • 40. Leadership and Servanthood
  • 41. Leadership and Servanthood
  • 42. Leadership and Servanthood
  • 43. Leadership and Servanthood
  • 44. Leadership and Servanthood
  • 45. Business technologies
  • 46. Business Technologies
    Date: September 15, 2009
    Venue: MMJ Seminar Room
    Time: 1:30-4:30pm
    Guest Speaker: Mr. Allan Roy Calderon
  • 47. Business Technologies
    Since the HR Department also has a program held at the MMJ Seminar Room, the officers of the IBA and JPICS went inside to assemble around 2:00pm. Registration started around 2:15pm and they were allowed to enter around 2:30pm.
  • 48. Business Technologies
    The guest speaker’s talk is entitled Banking Services to Enhance Business Processes. It covered the whole of the banking process and the application of e-Commerce to the processes. His talk lasted for about 30 minutes. Then he opened the floor for questions from the students.
  • 49. Business Technologies
    At the end of the talk, the student were encouraged to sign up for an ATM account with BPI Bank near the Little Theater. The program officially ended around 3:30pm.
  • 50. Business Technologies
  • 51. Business Technologies
  • 52. Business Technologies
  • 53. Business Technologies
  • 54. Business Technologies
  • 55. Business Technologies
  • 56. Business Technologies
  • 57. Internet marketing bootcamp
  • 58. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
    Date: September 16, 2009
    Time: 1:30-4:30pm
    Venue: E-Business Lab (PA207)
    Guest Speakers:
    Angelica Geronimo
    Lauren Cruz
  • 59. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
    The program started around 1:30 with a registration. The members were asked to wait for the speakers inside the computer laboratory.
    The guest speakers arrived around 1:45. Right after, Mr. Danilo Reyes gave an opening remark to the members of the organization.
    The speakers were introduced one by one. First to give her talk was Ms. Fatima Tabliago. Her talk was all about Affiliate Marketing.
  • 60. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
    The next speaker was Ms. RaysanBatalla. She is a graduate of BS Information Management at PamantasanngLungsodngMaynila and currently the Junior Web Analytics Specialist at US Auto Parts Network Philippines dedicated for the Email Marketing Team. Her talk is all about Email Marketing.
    Next is Ms. Lauren Cruz. She is the SEO Project Manager at US Auto Parts Network Philippines, responsible for the planning and execution of search engine optimization campaigns in the different websites the company caters to. Her topic was all about Search Engine Optimization.
  • 61. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
    Just before the last speaker, snacks were given. The snacks served were cupcakes and tetra pack juices.
    The last speaker was a graduate of BSBA major E-Commerce at Miriam College 2006. She is formerly the Internet Marketing Specialist (April 2007 to June 2007) and Jr Web Analytics Specialist (July 2007 to February 2009). Her topic was all about Web Analytics.
    The program officially ended around 4:15pm.
  • 62. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 63. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 64. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 65. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 66. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 67. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 68. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 69. Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  • 70. Second semester
    SY 2009 – 2010
  • 72. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
    DATE: December 14, 2009
    TIME: 8:00am to 6:00pm
    VENUE: College Parking Area
  • 73. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
    The main objective of this booth is to give enjoyment and stress-moderation to those who would participate. Despite busy schedule and school works, students should still find time to slow down and enjoy. The game is not only open for the children but for all students as well. Each game play is worth P5.00. Each member is required to play four times.
  • 74. This Perya Booth will also serve as a bonding experience for the officers and the associates who will be working together in this activity. Moreover, a wonderful experience of the officers and associates with the members, children and other students who will be playing the game.
    E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 75. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 76. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 77. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 78. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 79. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 80. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 81. E-Shoot Mo! Perya Booth
  • 83. Career Development Talk
    Date: December 11, 2009
    Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
    Venue: Little Theater
    Guest Speakers:
    Brian Quebengco
    Karla Escoto
    Jam Meyer-Flores
    Allan Hizon
  • 84. Career Development Talk
    In celebration of the College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy Week, JPICS organized a career development talk for 1st year and 2nd year CBEA students with the aim of enlightening and guiding to the right career path. We invited speakers with specializations pertaining to the different courses of the students.
  • 85. Career Development Talk
    First to talk was Mr. Brian Quebengco, which oddly reminded us of a younger version of Francis Kong. He was a great speaker, talking about his life’s struggles and the ways which he overcame them. We were happy that the students were paying much attention to him. They were laughing at every joke and gives him an occasional nod every time they agree to what he was saying.
  • 86. Career Development Talk
    Next to speak was Mr. Allan Hizon. He is currently a new teacher in the Accountancy Department. He talked about the career opportunities of the accountancy students once they graduate. He is also loved by his students. They actively participated in his talk.
  • 87. Career Development Talk
    After Mr. Hizon, Karla Escoto gave her talk. She talked about the career opportunities of finance students. Her talk was short, only pertaining to the important bits and most important things that finance students should consider. When she was finally done with her talk, she was asked by the students to sing, which she gladly accepted.
  • 88. Career Development Talk
    Last to give her talk was Ms. Jam Meyer-Flores. She is currently the head of ProforaMedia, a virtual events company. She talked about the advantages of working online, where you can just do your work at home. We were also surprised that she is an alumni of Miriam College High School. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, her talked has to be rushed.
  • 90. E-Raffle Mo! Fundraising Activity
    e-Raffle Mo is a fund raising raffle of the Junior Philippine Internet Commerce Society.  What will be raffled-off is a Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband. This was held last January 20, 2010- February 3, 2010.
  • 91. E-Raffle Mo! Fundraising Activity
    A ticket to join the raffle will only be five(5) pesos. Selling of raffle tickets will be done with the collaboration of the officers and members. People who will be selling tickets will be encouraged to sell tickets to both members and non-members of the Miriam community. And with this, this activity is somehow an opportunity to promote the organization.  
  • 92. E-Raffle Mo! Fundraising Activity
    Sun Broadband Prepaid winner, RaisaPenafiel with JPICS Officers! 
  • 93. E-Raffle Mo! Fundraising Activity
    Ms Lupisan acting as our “DTI Representative” 
  • 94. OFFICIAL JPICS SHIRT(Fund Raising Activity)
  • 95. Official JPICS Shirt
    As part of our activity this school year, the Junior Philippine Internet Commerce Society will be requiring each member to buy and proudly wear our Official Shirt. The shirt was specifically designed to reflect the goals and defining points of the organization.
  • 96. Official JPICS Shirt
    Last December 10, 2009, the organization posted the proposed designs on Facebook and held an online poll to see which of the designs do the members like most. The poll is also open to alumni of the E-business track.
    Careful deliberation and pricing was applied. Since the organization is short of funds, it was then decided that the selling of the official shirt of the organization will be partly a fund raising activity and therefore will be sold for P250 each
  • 97. Official JPICS Shirt
    Approved Tshirt Designs
  • 98. Official JPICS Shirt
    JPICS officers and members proudly wearing the JPICS Shirt (Photos with Mr. Aran )
  • 99. Official JPICS Shirt
    JPICS officers and members proudly wearing the JPICS Shirt (Photos with Mr. Aran )
  • 100. UPLOAD @ Miriam CollegeDigital Marketing Symposium
  • 101. Date: February 27, 2010
    Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm
    Venue: ESI Conference Room
    Guest Speakers:
    Nino Carandang
    Janette Toral
    Joseph Charles Cruel
    UPLOAD @ Miriam College
  • 102. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    UPLOAD: The Rise of the New Rules in Digital Marketing is Miriam College’s first Digital Marketing Symposium. It is organized by the Junior Philippine Commerce Society-Miriam College in collaboration with the Internet Marketing (BAE -108) Class of Mr. Adolfo Aran III and with Miriam College’s Business Administration Department.
  • 103. Notable speakers from the field of Digital and Internet Marketing are invited to share their insights, knowledge and current trends in the field of Digital Marketing. Participants of upload are students and professionals. Tickets to the symposium only cost 150 pesos per head, inclusive of a seminar kit and food and entitle you to the chance to win exciting prizes in the program’s raffle.
    UPLOAD @ Miriam College
  • 104. Speakers:
    Janette Toral
    Considered to be the Philippine’s mother of e-Commerce, Ms. Toral is a notable, well-known author, speaker and consultant in the field of Internet marketing and e-commerce. In the symposium, she will be talking about e-commerce and how it is related to Digital Marketing
    UPLOAD @ Miriam College
  • 105. Speakers:
    Niño Carandang
    Mr. Carandang is a freelance photographer and graphic artist. He is magazine editor and also an editor of an online magazine. His part in the program is to discuss the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.
    UPLOAD @ Miriam College
  • 106. Speakers:
    Joseph Charles Cruel
    Know to his peers and friends as “Chay”, Mr. Cruel is a young executive in Smart Communications Inc. He is well known in the circle of marketing with his work at URC and SMART Inc. He is also a part-time faculty of the Business Administration of Miriam College. He will be discussing mobile and web marketing in the symposium proper.
    UPLOAD @ Miriam College
  • 107. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    Registration started around 8am
  • 108. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    The “early birds” were let to watch videos before the event starts.
  • 109. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    Mr. Danilo Reyes on his welcoming speech.
  • 110. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    Nino Carandang on his talk, Traditional vs Online Marketing.
  • 111. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    Our sponsor, Power Mac was given a bit of stage time to promote their products.
  • 112. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    The “Mother of E-commerce”, JanetterToral talked about E-commerce and Digital Marketing
  • 113. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    Some of the raffle winners. Prizes were from Power Mac and Avon.
  • 114. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    Sir Chay on his talk Mobile and Web Marketing.
  • 115. UPLOAD @ Miriam College
    JPICS officers and Team UPLOAD with the speakers.